My name is Fabio and I am Antenista, I live in the city of Macaé located on the north coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro, I am 40 years old and due to the success I have with women, even though I am not a heartthrob, I believe it has to do with my sympathy, education and my ease of talking and making friends.
On a Wednesday morning my cell phone rings and it was another future client asking for a quote, her name was Dona Estela. Scheduled visit, I left the next day to the address indicated and to my surprise, there was a lot to do, as Dona Estela wanted me to remove all the old cables from the walls, open new points for the huge house she lived in and be an intermediary in her master signature with the cable TV operator, claiming that he couldn’t stand wasting time on the phone with the “boring” attendants of these companies.
The service would last at least 2 full weeks to be completed, I spent the budget and after approval, I started the activities in the first of the following week.
When I got there, I was greeted by the housekeeper, then Seu Rogério appeared, Dona Estela’s husband hurriedly greeted me and asked me to be comfortable, then left for work. I was replacing the cables in the rooms until at one point Estela appeared wearing those sleeping sets printed with thin fabric and I could see her beautiful curves, greeted me and went down a corridor and I continued doing my job. I couldn’t resist looking at her ass when she turned her back to me and what a delight, despite being a woman over 50 years old, she was a show, besides having big hair almost over her butt, blond and very fragrant, but, soon after enjoying the scene, I went on with the activities.
The next day, when I was in one of the rooms, Dona Estela calls me and takes me to the last little room she had in the back of the house and says to me:

  • Fabinho … I want that especially in this room, the channel package is the complete one, you know what I’m talking about?
  • I’m sorry, Mrs. Estela, but how can it be different from the others?
  • Yes, I want this room to have access to those “little films” that stir people’s imagination, adult films with erotic content, did you get it?
  • Oh sure, you can leave Dona Estela, I’ll be taking care of it.
  • I want to transform this room into a space to play with Rogério, he has been very “discouraged” lately.
    The days passed and already close to delivering the completed service, Dona Estela appears to me with a transparent white shorts, underneath a bikini of the same color, a straw hat with wide brim, sunglasses and said that the maid was missing and that she would take care of lunch at the right time (as she was there all day, always had lunch in their kitchen), however, she would be at the pool if I needed anything, just call her.
    It was exactly in that little room, opening a point for cable passage and when I looked out the window I could see Dona Estela taking off her shorts and sitting in a pool chair and starting to read a magazine, her body had its imperfections there, but , which prevented anything from being too sexy and messing with my imagination too much, the smoked glass of the window hid me and I stayed there for long minutes watching that delight, which after dropping the magazine, covered a towel on the lounger and lay down if with the butt up, only slightly she pulled the bottom of the bikini into the butt, very socadinho, certainly to leave a little sun mark that would drive Rogério crazy.
    She did a little bit of work and then went to the window to peek, I could see her in different positions and one thing that really caught my attention was her big breasts, very beautiful, white and protruding, they looked like they were going to jump from the top of the bikini .
    When lunchtime arrived, Dona Estela put me sitting on a chair by the kitchen table and with her back to me she started organizing my lunch on the stove, quite sure that she had forgotten to take her bikini out of her butt, because , she wore her shorts over and it was so tight, I could see that delight totally “bitten” by that wonderful butt, and of course I was delighted with the scene and when she turned around she pretended to see nothing.
    I worked this period at her house, I delivered the service and I regretted to myself, oh my, what a pity that I will never see that hot girl again, until one day my phone rings again and it was Dona Estela asking me to stop by her house because there was a part of the service that I did that wasn’t working properly, I went through the schedule and went to check it the same day.

When I got there, she was dressed in black lycra shorts and a white top, like gym clothes, those white flared socks and sneakers, when she turned and went in front of me to show where the problem was, I could verify that she was wearing a pair of panties totally stuck in the tail and I already started fantasizing and thinking about how good it should be to smell that tail, it should be very fragrant of everything, etc.
To my surprise, she directed me to the “special little room” and after we entered I asked:

  • What happened here? What’s the problem? (apparently there was nothing wrong, so the question).
  • Ah Fabinho, do you remember that I asked you to put here that complete package with erotic films and that you wanted to transform this little room into a special place for me to be with Rogério ?.
  • Yes, of course I remember.
  • Yes, the device is working perfectly, the signal and the image are great, however, Rogério is not “doing the job” as I thought he would, is it something to do with the position of the TV, or this sofa, I don’t know …
    Faced with that unusual question, I was unable to speak for a few seconds and Dona Estela continued …
  • Want to see something? Wait a little while I’ll be back.
    I had my head full of questions and I sat in a very comfortable armchair that I had in that little room and I waited.
  • Here, Fabinho, I brought Rogério here, served him a drink, turned on the TV and put it in a super spicy movie, dressed him up here, danced sensually and finally …
    Dona Estela made that gesture that points her thumb down to show that Rogério had not been excited about any of that and ended up having nothing with her last night.
  • Good Mrs. Estela, from what you are telling me, there is nothing wrong with my service, it seems that Rogério is the one who is having problems, maybe a vacation from work, I don’t know …
  • Fabinho, I’m sorry for making you waste time like this, but, I need a male opinion and by the time you set here at home I already see you with a close, reliable person and I need to know what’s wrong after all, because Rogério is not getting it?
  • I don’t see anything wrong, Mrs. Estela, neither with the room, nor with the TV service, nor with these clothes that you used on the day and not even with you, Rogério should look for a medium, I don’t know, there is treatment for this.
  • Sorry Fabinho, do you really think these things? Is there nothing wrong with me? How can you say that?
  • Dona Estela, you are a beautiful, elegant, thin, fragrant woman and you have a sensational body, dressed in these little things here (I took in my hand what was a thong, bra, corset, stocking … all in white and a satin ribbon with an embroidered rose) and by the way, what is it here?
  • Ah, this is like a necklace to finish the set, it’s quite sexy too. Are you going to say you never saw that?
  • The other things I’ve seen, but not this one, but if you’re saying it’s sexy, I believe it.
  • I’m saying no … it’s sexy! Do not believe???
  • I believe because you are saying (laughs).
  • Wait a minute Fabinho, your face seems to doubt what I’m talking about.
    She took all those things and left the room, I kept my heart racing, will she do what I’m thinking? Ahhhhh my God, I am not Rogério, if she appears here dressed like that, the stick will rise immediately and then it will be difficult to hide the lust I feel for her.
    Said and done, after a few minutes Dona Estela comes, enters the room, dressed like that … tanguinha, corset, necklace, stocking, high shoes and a mask that outlined her eyes, loose hair, the inclination that the thin heels the shoe gave to her body, projected that reason even higher and she after shaking those beautiful blond hair a little asked me:
  • So, Fabinho, is the necklace sexy or not?
  • Dona Estela, do you like to hear the truth?
  • Of course, naked and raw, you can talk.
  • Sorry, but, it is impossible to know how your Rogério didn’t look … I don’t even know how to speak!
  • As?
  • Ahhhh Dona Estela, like this, like this …
  • Speak boy.
  • I took my dick over my pants and showed her the volume and said:
  • So Dona Estela, just as I am now!
  • She made a face of astonishment and said:
  • Nossaaaaaaaaa Fabinho, what a beautiful thing you have there, it looks like a tense bow (laughs) your woman must use and abuse this hot thing right?
  • Ah, Mrs. Estela, I’m sorry to talk about Mr. Rogério, but if there are two things I can’t deny the woman is water and cock.
  • Wow, how wonderful to know that … does it mean that it is just asking that you give or is it exclusive to your wife?
  • Good Mrs. Estela, until now it has always been her exclusive, but, seeing the lady’s story, I ended up feeling sorry for her.
  • Hummm with pity is it? Do you mean that in my case, if I asked you for water you would give it to me?
  • Sure, I’ll get it right now.
  • Hummm good friend you are … and let’s say I asked you for cock? Would you give it to me too?
  • Well …. is that ….
  • Would you give me dick or not, Fabinho? Because that’s what I need, I want cock, will you give me yours? I need it inside me and now!
  • I didn’t answer anything to Dona Estela, I just nodded in agreement, she came over to me, crouched down, loosened the belt on my pants, lowered the pants, sniffed my dick over her underwear, rubbed her face, gave little bites, and little by little he took my dick out of his underwear and started to suck it as if he had never done that in his life.
  • It was a day of very good sex, I stayed for many months looking after Dona Estela, who became more beautiful and attractive and very creative each day, as she appeared to me in every outfit and to my total surprise, days before they went to live in another city for account of his Rogério’s work, Dona Estela confided to me that he knew everything and that all the fuck we gave in the little room, in the bathroom, in the couple’s room and in the kitchen were filmed with a hidden camera and that only when we had sex in the pool and on the barbecue grill, there were no videos, she asked if she could take it as a souvenir and I said yes and that if it got too hard she would come to the city to pay a few visits and so we agreed.
  • Best of all, I was able to really fulfill my motto of never denying water or biting any woman.

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