Believer, hot and virgin

I’ve been helping a church girl for a few weeks. A beautiful little white girl to envy. She has straight hair just below her shoulders, small breasts and a medium butt. Mignonzinha style, her face is doll-like, almost oriental eyes and a fleshy mouth that just to remember the desire to kiss.
We met at the college where I study. She is very hard-pressed to learn, but engineering is not for everyone. So to help even more she offered my house. And he said that whenever she wanted to come, she could work only at night. But I asked her not to come too late because my wife is a little jealous of girls she doesn’t know.
Fortunately I found out that she lives a few blocks from mine and that she would always come. I always helped her without any ulterior motives because I love my wife. On a Wednesday she came all tearful, saying that life is not fair to anyone and that it seems that sin always pays off.
I was kind of confused by the situation and asked what had happened to her to stay that way. She tells me that she had lost her boyfriend to another girl in the church, one who was the easy woman type. And that when she asked him why he said it was because she had never had sex with him. And he couldn’t take it and ate the other girl who is now in love. When speaking this came another self-flagellation session.
I asked her to calm down, I got her a glass of water and said that he was an asshole who for a beautiful girl the way she is I would wait a lifetime and advised her to be patient. Because even all right she was very beautiful and even somehow sexy. A little more excited she smiled and asked if she could stay with me this afternoon but without studying, just relaxing.
I agreed I turned on the TV and sat next to her on the couch. I let her choose what she wanted to see. And she was leafing through the channels. Until he stopped at a channel on the cartoon network. She told me that she loved watching cartoons and that I should already be thinking she was too childish. I disagreed with her saying that she also liked it but preferred the old ones.
We talked about countless things until she was so relaxed that she lay on my shoulder like my first girlfriends did when they wanted kisses and cuddles. I don’t know why I didn’t resist. A mixture of homesickness and desire was established in me. I started to caress his back, his hair. And she, like a sly cat, stretched slowly. We hugged on the couch for a while without saying anything just exchanging caresses. Her scent was bewitching me. That flower smell before it blooms. I tried to resist stopping the caresses. And she looked at me and timidly asked why I had stopped. I said that if I continued I would lose control and would end up kissing her.
She came sweetly and kissed me. First a peck then a longer one. When I found myself again, I was already running my hand over my belly, behind my back, all under that shirt. I took off her bra, which belonged to the girl. Light pink. I took off her shirt and she started to pant, she looked like a kitten in purring. I laid her on the couch and kissed her from top to bottom giving small licks on her neck, breasts, and belly. She started to scratch my back, moaning softly and squirming. She started taking off her pants herself. When I saw the panties all soaked, I gave up trying to resist. And fall for that beautiful little mouth. Over the light blue panties I licked I didn’t want to miss anything that came from that pussy.
Oh how nice nobody ever did that to me. It was all she said before coming hard on my tongue. She, in the act’s lust, suddenly raised her hips giving me a blow job in the nose, stayed on the tip of her feet for almost 3 seconds and fell on the couch panting as if she had run the half marathon.
I put the stick out and she said she was thinking it was big (19 cm) and that her ex-boyfriend was much smaller. I said that she was not to be impressed by this, because we were just exchanging affection. She laughed and said that the way I got her he had never done. I asked her to stop thinking about him and have fun. Without thinking about revenge, if I wanted to continue it would be because I wanted to and not for revenge.
She made a sad face and said:
-Are you rejecting me? What did I do?
-Nothing Gabriela just do not want you to be thinking about that sucker. Not even remembering anything about him. I want to make you moan without being changed in your thoughts.
-Oh how silly you are. I’m just saying that you’re a lot tastier. You know, I felt an electric current running through my body. Something out of the ordinary, very tasty. You made me feel this way. I envy your wife, because I felt loved, I felt protected and safe. If you want to stop I understand.
As a stick to explode I said:

  • Gabi I came here and now look at my dick and say he doesn’t want you. Come here today I’m going to make you mine.
    She kissed me hot. And with his other hand, he was playing a rather clumsy but delicious handjob. I picked her up and took her to the bedroom. And I started another kissing session on the body, I got to her tummy and took off those soaked panties. And I started sucking again with her moaning softly and holding the sheets. I lifted her legs and started licking her ass and going back to her pussy, repeating this until she came a second time.
    With a limp body she didn’t even notice when I put the condom on and started to force her in. When I broke the seal of that beautiful virgin she moaned in pain. I let her get used to it and started a back and forth. Now we were no longer two individuals, we were just a body with two souls intertwined. Between screams and moans she came again. I changed her position and said:
    -Now it’s your turn. Sit here on this cock.
    Without waiting or finishing the sentence, she came over and sat slowly on the dick until she was buried inside it. With the strength of my legs, I forced my way into that beautiful pussy. I started pumping hard until I couldn’t resist and filled the condom with milk.
    We were dating for the rest of the afternoon until it was almost time for my wife to arrive … After she left I had to throw the sheet away because it was stained with blood from my new girlfriend.
    I changed all the bedding and tidied up the whole house.
    My wife was so amazed that she didn’t even notice that the sheet was missing.
    As for Gabi, after that day she continued to come for tutoring and a shag to, according to her, thank her for what I teach.

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