Naughty Writer

If that couch knew how to talk, I’m sure it would be – I’m luscious and marked with a nice sex … It all started on the afternoon of July 2020. As a routine after Sunday lunch, we took the comforter and lay on the couch, relaxed watching the movie. Sex became complicated in this period of the corona virus, the desire and pulse for each other was uncontrollable. – Do you hear love? – No, what brunette? – My parents are sleeping. – That didn’t wait! While she was lying on my chest, she looked at me raising her head and said: – I have a gift! – Do you want? – Really brunette ?! – You will like! She gets up slowly, calm and silent in a mysterious way, placing the comforter over her shoulder. Her seductive gaze catches me as I watch her slowly pull off her pants. Putting his arms up, the duvet falls on the floor. Now that she removed her white blouse, under all those fabrics, was a blue String lingerie, shaping that chocolate body. – Wow, that brunette delight. – I loved the gift! – Calm down my love… – Because this is only the beginning! I sat on the couch, she straddled me. His kiss sucked my neck. Pulling my hair like a domineering. She is in control of the situation. – Is it tasty bastard ?! – I like you so damn much! – So come? – No need to ask …! I lifted her up and laid her on the couch. I pulled on the bottom of the lingerie, just like when I kissed her body. My mouth led to the middle of his legs. – Our bastard! – Suck very tasty! – I’m wet for you. – Squeeze my boobs! I love whoring. It was so stiff and upright, it looked like I was going to rip my pants. – Morena, since you liked showing your sky ?! – Now I’m going to fly into it! His flesh was so wet that I went inside at once. Slow and strong, to know that I had already arrived. As time passed, it got hotter. I removed my pants entirely – This is a dirty thing. I straddled her holding those full breasts, pulling her back. I held his neck with the other hand. I hit it hard as the sofa started to move. – Punch on my big dick! – Punch yes you bitch! – Call me a bitch, call ?! – Take your whore, very strong! The strong sound of our bodies debating, we forgot the detail that your parents were there … – Danesse! Sex is worth taking a risk. – Come here dirty! – Wow, how strong! – I’ll make you enjoy tasty! – Lying down? You know I can’t! – Today is the day to achieve! – Wow what decided ?! – For you I am! I lay on top of it. I linked my arms under it, holding it on her shoulder. I approached my thigh over hers, looked into her eyes and said: – Brita, my brunette. – Brita? I did not understand? – Jackhammer, I whispered maliciously. I hit it hard and fast like a jackhammer. His eyes were happy and his contraction was out of control – where did you learn that from ?! I was so fast, when she spoke I had difficulty. – I will enjoy love like that. – I’ll enjoy you bastard! – How fast! – I’m coming, ca… – There is! Fuck! – How delicious, you kid! My cock was throbbing, pulsing, wanting to implode. I couldn’t take it … Uncontrolled escaped quickly, which spread my enjoyment on the thighs, belly and on his face, not even the couch escaped that jet with pressure. That luscious setting with that strong smell, will be a delicious and dirty memory in our history.

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