Exchange of couples to spice up the relationship


I never thought that a couple exchange would happen in my life, since I was always a very jealous guy. I married a hot 10 years younger, she is 25 today and we started dating when she was 19. My wife is a busty blonde to stop the traffic, I never even liked my friends coming here at home because I know how much the guys live drying it.
After a long time together I ended up getting used to it and relaxing and working hard, leaving her a little alone at home. At that time we ended up changing condominium, going to a slightly better neighborhood, and soon my wife befriended a neighbor called Manuela, a very hot brunette, but who has a dirty face, which made me a little worried about mine chat with her every day.
Every time I came home, this Manu was there with my wife, I heard them both laughing and talking, until one day I caught them in a very dirty conversation and I listened a little before entering. My wife was commenting on how she missed having a shag like those that would break out all the time, and that I always arrived tired and didn’t roll as often as she wanted.
She even said that she wanted to see me fucking with another and that if he did, Manu would be the chosen one. My wife also commented a few more things, but I decided to go home, said good night and was thoughtful about it. I never imagined that my wife would want to see me with another, and that made me horny. That same night, I picked her up, started kissing her ear, her neck and grabbed her delicious breasts. She immediately shivered, let out a sleepy moan and then turned around and we started to kiss hot.
I climbed on top of her and started rubbing my hard cock in her pussy. She automatically spread her legs and started licking and kissing me hot. I took off her nightgown and panties, and put my dick in her pussy at once. I started to punch tasty, I moved hard on top of her, giving some delicious pumps that made her moan and scratch me all over.
The next day I talked to her about her hot friend, who thought they were really hot together and would like to see them make out. My wife was shocked, asked if it was serious, I said yes, then she said she was thinking the same thing, but about having sex with the three of us. I asked about Manu’s husband, but my wife said that they were a very liberal couple, and that they could be with other people, as long as it didn’t disturb their marriage.
The next day before leaving for work, I asked my wife to call Manu to have dinner with us, and when I got home at night, the two of them were very hot, dressed in a sexy way, but nothing exaggerated. The smell of their perfume invaded the entire environment and this has already made me very horny. I greeted the two, went to take a shower and took the opportunity to play a handjob, to pay more if I had sex.
We had dinner, the weather was going on all the time, then my wife brought us some beers to drink and after a lot of drinking talk, the two of them got together and started to kiss each other. I got crazy with lust, my dick got so fucking hard, I was watching the scene, but not for long, I wanted to participate, I came up behind my wife, kissed, touched her body, then I went to her friend and put her hand in that ass yummy of it.
Soon the two were taking off my clothes and taking off theirs. I saw the naked sluts making out with desire, I stayed in the middle and it was delicious. I told the sluts to get on their knees and started sucking my dick, which by now was throbbing like hell. They kissed and sucked me, both with naughty faces. We stayed in the room, my wife lying down and Manu on all fours giving a suck on her hot pussy. The naughty stuck her tongue and made my wife moan hot and squirm all over.
Seeing this delicious scene, I took the opportunity to eat this bitch of four. I saw your pussy all honeyed and my dick slipped for good. I started punching yummy hard, holding her around the waist and squeezing her ass. Our room was filled with delicious moans from them, and an intense heat and a smell of sex began to rise that only made my lust stronger.
-Oh friend, your husband is very tasty huh? is leaving my pussy broken into!
-Delícia, right friend? but that tongue is really tasty in my pussy.
We kept screwing, I took my dick from her pussy and started punching it in the ass. The naughty went crazy with lust, so I couldn’t resist and increased the pace of the fuck, getting in to leave that ass all broken into.
-What a fucking good ass! very tight as I like it, I’ll break you all your bitch!

They moaned, and the naughty made my wife enjoy tasty. After coming, my wife started to play and lick her friend’s pussy, while I still ate that ass. As I had already jerked off, it took me a long time to come, and I made the bitch reach orgasm first.
After that day, I started to eat hers always, until my wife ended up convincing me to make a swing with the other’s husband. I ended up being friends with the guy first, then I started to enjoy the idea. I fucked his wife while the guy was watching, and he ate mine at the same time, right next to me.
That made me very horny, while we fucked them both, they kissed each other tasty, put their hands on each other and we punched. When I came, I took the stick and filled his wife’s mouth with my milk. I felt that the guy liked it, told me to enjoy it tasty that his wife was a whore.
While she was cleaning all my cock, my wife started to suck the guy and received a nice cumshot in the mouth too, and it was a fucking experience. On Sunday we make pasta and change women, it ended up improving my marriage a lot, to the point that my wife innovated more and more in bed.

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