On a sunny afternoon. I was at recess with my schoolmates when my cell phone rang. It was my boyfriend asking me if I would leave early. He was euphoric saying that his parents traveled and would only arrive at night. Therefore, he was alone at home. Finally, we would have a few moments to relax in your room.
Even with dating in crisis, I was bristling with the invitation. I told him that I would have the five classes, but that I would try to escape infiltrated in the middle of 903, which was released after recess. My luck was so great that my class 902, was next to the class that would leave early due to lack of teacher. I would only have to be smart because Mr. Zé from the lobby knew me. I knew my class exactly. I had to be very careful not to be caught running away again.
Luiz was waiting for me outside in his little silver goal with the sound on at the highest level. When he saw me coming out of the lobby, he opened that nice smile with that naughty kid look, seeming to say to me: “today I can get you right”.
I got in the car and we got out as quickly as possible. When we got to the house, Luiz put the car in the garage. I jumped out of the car and ran after him in the game of tag. I entered the house through the kitchen and went straight to his room, throwing myself face down on his bed. I had my butt upturned just waiting for him to lie on me and brush his hard cock right in the middle of my gut. Too good!
I was still in uniform. I was wearing jeans and he was wearing cotton shorts. The scrub-scrub gave a warm evening start. Luiz pulled my hair to the side to kiss the back of my neck and whisper in my ears. Making me shiver.
With a little difficulty I tucked my hands under my body and opened my pants. He got up and helped me take my pants off with my panties together and I stuck my ass up for him with my legs slightly open.
The little pig opened my fat ass, stuck its nose in the middle of my sweaty ass, sniffed and licked my ring with taste. He stuck his tongue inside her pussy licking drool from a virgin girl. He moaned in ecstasy, I was delirious with pleasure.
He loved to catch me without a bath with a sweaty pussy. He loved the smell of the unwashed pussy, it was his tare, he went crazy. Then he rubbed his face willingly on my ass from behind. The more he sucked my ass and the pussy from behind the more he pranced his ass. It was so yummy I almost came. I stayed close, my heart even started racing.
On that day, he did a great job with the tongue. The bastard waited when I was almost at the point of orgasm to remove the rest of our clothes. He really wanted to drive me crazy, prolonging the excitement with our caresses. Then he came back to suck me horny the virgin pussy. I really couldn’t take it, I came a lot in his mouth. When the sensation of orgasm comes from inside my bowels, moistening, throbbing hard, my goddude !! I’m going to delirium !! I lose control !! And that was the first cumshot!
I was still on shaky legs when he got down on his knees between my legs. He put a pillow under my butt, pulled my legs up and smeared my baby with a lot of gel. Then he prepared the position by placing my feet on his shoulders.
Luiz looked me in the eye and smiled with a pervert dog face. The bastard was putting it in and out very slowly until everything came in. I felt the ring opening and his cock slipping tight into my rectum. When everything came in he punched willingly.

At the same time, that I was putting pressure, rubbing my clitoris, it was so perfect that I had another delicious cum with him fucking my ass. My cum was so strong that I shuddered and cried like a wolf. He in the swing of my mind-blowing enjoyment, he couldn’t contain himself and he enjoyed tasty inside my ass.
It was kind of wild. The lust was so much that his dick did not fall, my lust remained and he remained so excited that he took my legs off his shoulders and made him stand daddy mom to rub his cock in my pussy that was still under the effect of cum. The damn thing was so drooling that his dick slipped on it.
Delicious that hard cock sliding into my pussy. The lust did not relieve. We didn’t give ourselves time to fall off. We continue our game of rubbing the cock in the pussy. My, how it throbbed !!
In this game we kiss a lot, we caress each other. My boyfriend’s cock slipped, slid between his big lips, until it clicked into the sealed door. I got so horny at that time that I grabbed her ass with nails and claws, holding her body in position, causing her cock to press firmly on her little head.
I was in such an ecstatic moment of pleasure that the only thing I wanted at that moment was to have that perfect cock entering my pussy for the first time.

He responded to my call and forced the head of his cock to enter the soaked pussy. Luiz repeated the same ritual of invading my ass. Putting and slowly pulling your dick into the pussy door until you forced it harder. I felt it tear a little, it hurt a lot, it burned and only the little head came in. So, Luiz came before he even penetrated me completely.
His lust was so intense for him, that he couldn’t resist and came in the door. I will not deny that I was a little disappointed, after all he came before filling me all with his tasty cock. My boyfriend came so hard that this time his dick withered right away. He fell on me. I was crazy! The sad thing was that our time was running out and there would be no time to finish that day what we started so hotly. I needed to leave, it was already time for me to get home, I couldn’t be late, my mother was a lioness and watched my schedules, so I got up from bed, to get dressed and go.

When I look at the bed, I have a surprise, there was a blood stain on the blue sheet. I was even more thoughtful. Luiz broke my gourd, but he didn’t fully penetrate me. The son of a bitch came at the speed of light and the worst, with his head stuck in my pussy. So, at that moment all I had to do was put on my clothes and run home before my mother’s pitis.

Already at my house, very indignant for not having been fully penetrated and much less having enjoyed my boyfriend’s hot cock, I go to the bathroom to pee, when I take off my panties, I see her bottom wet with some more blood and soaked Luiz’s milk. It beat total despair. I could have gotten pregnant that day.

The bore was that I was in doubt, was I still a virgin or not? !! It bleed a little, but my boyfriend’s cock didn’t fully penetrate. Unfortunately, we didn’t finish what we started. Our courtship ended a few days after our adventure in Luiz’s room. So, did I remain a virgin or not !?

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