I showed off and ended up fucked

Two months ago I moved into a nice apartment, but unfortunately with funds. In the following weeks after the move I started to unpack my things and as in this city it is a hellish heat I did it using shorts that didn’t hide much since my butt is big and round and the same happened with the tops that only covered part of my breasts that are really big. To be honest I liked it when I saw myself in the mirror with these clothes on, I felt like a cheap slut and it turned me on. To make the time go by faster I put a sound and I was doing the tidying up while dancing a lot.
I left to fix my room at the end and worked on it for about four days. On the second day I noticed a hiss and I was very curious to look out the window. I saw two big boys standing at the apartment window in front of mine but upstairs. The two looked at me with dirty faces, almost eating me with their eyes, I realized that they had been watching my tidiness for some time. I gave an embarrassed smile and left the room. I was ready to change my clothes, now that I had an audience, but I was very excited to show off and went back to the housekeeping, dancing very provocatively always near the window. The boys stayed there all the time and made a joke saying that they would fuck me up and make me their maid and force me to suck their dick. The more I went down they talked, the more I got excited. The boys started wanking and said that they would soon stick their cocks in my ass and pussy and that I would beg them to stop. I stayed in this little game until I finished cleaning my room, always provoking them a little more. On the last day, I changed clothes with the window open and let them see my pussy all scratch off. They went crazy and jerked off hand after hand.
I didn’t intend to go back to the game, since now my vacation was over and I would have to go back to work, not having much time for fun. So I kept my windows closed to avoid running into them. Everything was going well when I arrived at my building, after an exhausting day at work, I ran into the two boys in the elevator hall. I was shocked. I did not know what to do. Those guys had been watching me for days and now they were there, standing in front of me looking like they wanted something, and I had an idea what it was. I was not a virgin and I had already done crazy things, had sex with strangers and in unconventional places. I loved to show off and see that the men were excited about me, but making fun of someone in my building was an experience that I already knew and that had brought me many problems.
Well, I said hi and waited for the elevator. The taller of the two introduced himself – Felipe – and his friend, Carlos. He asked if I knew who they were and I pretended not to understand. Felipe was soon evicting that he had seen me dressed like a whore while tidying up the apartment and that he knew I was trying to fuck them. I made a face like “Are you crazy, my son?” and I headed towards the stairs. I would never go up to my apartment by the stairs, after all I live on the fifth floor, but I could take the elevator on the first and get rid of the boys. But they were eager to fuck me and followed me. As soon as we passed the fire door, Carlos, who hadn’t opened his mouth yet, grabbed me from behind. I threatened a shout and he covered my mouth tightly, whispering in my ear that I would not get rid of them without giving them what they had come for. Felipe laughed maliciously and came to face me saying that his friend was a very calm guy when he was obeyed, but when a slut didn’t give him what he wanted he became dangerous. I said it sounding casual, but the way Carlos squeezed me, I started to think it was true. Carlos released my mouth, turned me around and threw me against the wall. My things fell to the floor and Felipe took my bag and opened it. I reacted, telling him to leave, and I was slapped in the face by Carlos who said, very angry, that they were not thieves. They looked at each other and Felipe told me to take my clothes off. I turned purple and didn’t move. I got hit even harder and the threat of a third party made me start taking everything off. First the blazer, then the shirt and pants. I kept my panties and bra on, but they pointed out my underwear and I took them off too, staying with the heels on. My breasts were full with hard nipples, my pussy was all shaved, without a fur and my panties wet with lust. They picked it up and laughed, commenting how I really was a slut, I was already wet.

Felipe left the stairs with my things, including my clothes, while Carlos started to run his hand over my body, squeezing and slapping my breasts and laughing as they turned red, saying in my ear that I was a cheap whore and that they would finish me off. And me getting more and more wet and giving myself into their hands. A few minutes later Felipe came back and immediately put his hands in the middle of my legs, laughing when he saw how his hand got wet. He stuck it in my mouth, making me suck all my fingers until I didn’t have a drop of my fluid. Carlos slapped my ass and sent me up the stairs very slowly. I went up and they came beside me, patting my ass and my breasts, running my hand between my legs and pressing them against my pussy. We reached the first floor and they stopped me in front of the door and opened it. I huddled to hide in fear that a neighbor might see me, but I was slapped and scolded and stood, hands at my sides, as Carlos had told me to. They sat on the steps and kept saying that when the door closed they would force me to kneel and suck their dick. A few minutes passed, no one came and they closed the door and put me on my knees. The two were already out and hard, both were big and thick, but Felipe’s was too big. Carlos took me by the hair and was shoving his dick in my mouth, while Felipe put his in mine indicating that he wanted a handjob. I felt Felipe’s hands playing with my breasts and moving my hand on his dick while I sucked Carlos todinho’s dick, putting it as deep as possible in my mouth, sucking his head, making controlled movements coming and going faster and faster by him. The more I sucked the harder his dick got and the deeper he tried to stick it in my mouth. He almost stuck his cock in and held my head to keep me from moving away, I couldn’t breathe and was turning red when I felt a jizz in the back of my mouth. He released me and I sucked in the air, the cum ran down the corner of my mouth and before I had time to recover, Felipe’s cock was already stuffing into my mouth. I sucked it as best as I could, but that cock was too big and barely fit in my mouth. I sucked his balls, used my tongue to caress my head, licked all that monster and when he came, he took my head, told me to open my mouth and kept hitting the dick in my face spreading cum all over my face and made me swallow my that had fallen into the mouth. Then he sat on the step next to Carlos and told me to clean myself with his hands, licking to get the cum that had drained out.
When I finished we went up another step, but this time they made me run up the stairs, my breasts bounced and my fluids ran down my legs. They told me to stop on the next floor where the same ritual was performed, this time also, no one came. Felipe told me to put one leg on the stair railing and I was exposed. Carlos pressed me from behind, supporting my body while Felipe took his dick out, hit a hand to stimulate and when he got hard again he was shoving in my pussy. I was well oiled because I was already extremely horny but I thought I would not enter. I felt a little pain that made me moan loudly and they loved it, laughed and called me a bitch, bitch. The cock went all the way in when Felipe pushed him in hard and again I groaned in pain and pleasure. Carlos ran his hand over my body, squeezed my ass and my breasts and I felt his dick getting harder and harder inside his pants. Felipe continued to fuck me hard and told me to moan loudly and roll my ass to fit right. I moaned and swayed, but it was not because he was bossing me, but because I was exploding with so much lust and because although I was loving being fucked by him I was feeling a pain caused by that mast breaking me. Carlos grabbed my hair and gave it a strong tug, turning my face to him and giving me a kiss that looked more like an attack. Felipe came and I felt the cum running down my thighs. They reversed their positions and Carlos stuck his cock in my pussy at once, but without any problem after it was rolled up by Felipe. I swayed and groaned the same way I did with Felipe, much more out of obligation than pleasure. I was exhausted, my legs were weak especially the one that was supported on the stairs and I only kept standing because I was between them. Carlos came and more cum ran down my leg. The three of us sat on the steps for a while without saying anything, regaining our strength.

They had a spike, that even before I recovered a little bit they were already on my feet and telling me to go up another floor. I did this, without the slightest encouragement, I asked if they didn’t want to come to my house, but I got slapped on the ass and they said that the slut doesn’t give a hunch, but that they would go to my house, yes, but walk by walk. I realized that it would be a marathon and decided to draw strength from my soul to enjoy every moment of that experience. On the third floor they didn’t open the door, they just made me wank them. They sat and I kneeled. We took a long time on this floor because the clubs were not able to stand. When the situation was improving a resident opened the door to put the garbage of the day at the foot of the stairs and caught us in that situation. I was petrified, purple, I couldn’t turn around, but Carlos and Felipe laughed and greeted the guy – Marcos – asking if he wanted to join them. I was in a panic. One more I couldn’t take. And what an idea that, at most, the resident would call the police and have us arrested for indecent exposure. But he said he would love it and asked what the conditions were. Felipe laughed and said that the only condition was to fuck me as much as he can the way he wants. Marcos slammed the door on the house and immediately ran his hand over my body. He grabbed me by the hair and gave me a kiss on the mouth. Carlos stood and we went up another floor, he and Felipe went ahead while Marcos went up grabbing me and running his hand over my body.
We got to the fourth floor and Felipe opened the door, pushing me into the elevator hall just for the amusement of Marcos, who was laughing and getting excited seeing me there, submissive and exposed. Then he sent me back and asked what Marcos wanted. He sat down, put me on my knees with my butt high, took the stick out and made me suck. Compared to the other two, his dick was quite normal. I sucked, stuffed everything in my mouth, licked the balls and the head, while Carlos and Felipe kept slapping my ass, competing who slapped her that made her blush and laughing. Then they spit on the fingers and played with my ass, surrounding it and sticking and pulling a finger, then two and three and making me roll in their hands. I was even forgetting that Marcos’s cock was in my mouth when he took my hair and pushed me deeper. The cock went so deep that I choked and started to cough, but he held my head and kept the whole cock inside it until he came. Then he closed my mouth with his hands and made me swallow.
We went up another floor and Felipe took the key to my house out of his pocket and let us in. He and Carlos went straight to my room and threw themselves on the bed and shouted at Marcos to have fun with me that they would rest. Marcos threw me on the couch, took off his clothes and lay on me. He licked my breasts and took nipples on his nipples, went down until he reached my groin. When he realized that she was fucking sick he stopped and told me to take a shower. It was the best bath of my life, I was feeling dirty and tired and that gave me an injection of cheer. I went back to the living room and he was waiting for me with a hard cock. I lay on the couch and spread my legs wide for him to stick his dick deep, I was wet again and I couldn’t hide my excitement, I let him fuck me, moaned, rolled and even came. When he was satisfied, he turned aside and fell asleep. I went to take another shower and when I looked at the time I got scared. It had been three hours since I arrived at the building and met the boys, three hours of a lot of sex, lust and pleasure.

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