That week I received very unwelcome visitors. It was about my cousin Dora and her husband Carlos. The fact is that I had been in love with my cousin all my teenage years and, even though I was twenty now, I did not like to see her with another man, much less inside my house. I no longer loved her, but there was still a certain wounded pride.
I was a failure with women, so maybe at some point I started to feel a great curiosity about being of the same sex. What would it feel like to have a blowjob? And what would I feel if I were eaten? Sometimes during my masturbation sessions I imagined myself satiating these curiosities, which led me to delicious orgasms.
But let’s get to the point. One afternoon I arrived early from work and only Carlos was there. As I arrived very tired and walked slowly, I surprised him lying on the couch with his dick outside masturbating slowly. He was a tall, black, thin man and his member seemed to follow these same characteristics. I was mesmerized by that vision; it was such a big and beautiful dick and my mouth started to salivate.
Suddenly he saw me and, ashamed, he tried to hide the limb quickly, but as he was completely stiff, his head was out of his shorts and the thin fabric marked the entire length of the limb. I kept looking and licked my lips without realizing what I was doing.
Carlos, very embarrassed and wanting to get away from the situation said that everyone had gone to the supermarket and that he was taking the opportunity to watch a comedy.

  • No need to be ashamed – that head escaping from the shorts attracted my eyes. – You can continue what you were doing.
  • I was just watching the movie, but I think I’ll take a walk outside.
  • No, the house is yours, you don’t have to explain yourself just because you were jerking off.
    “I wasn’t doing that,” he replied, very uncomfortably.
  • It’s just the two of us here, I won’t tell anyone. But since you’re so shy, do you want me to continue for you?
  • Continue what?
    I never imagined throwing myself at a man like that, but the sight of that hard cock made me so excited that I couldn’t control it. With a dirty giggle I approached and sat down next to Carlos. He looked at me suspiciously as if he thought I was being the victim of a bad joke.
  • The head I’m already seeing, show me the rest.
    He realized that part of the limb was out and quickly pulled his shorts a little more and covered him completely, the guy looked scared as a woman being harassed by a complete stranger.
  • If you don’t want to, that’s fine – I thought it wouldn’t happen, but, to take at least one cone, I smoothed his dick through the fabric. He flinched a little.
  • Dude, are you gay? He asked, very seriously.
  • I’m not. I just like to put my visits at ease.
  • I think you exaggerate a little.
  • How will you know if you haven’t tried my hospitality yet. Can I help you relax?
    Still suspicious, he replied.
  • I think so.
    I pulled his shorts down. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of someone else’s cock within reach of my hands. I took that thing, it was hot and hard. Ah, how good it was to hold that. I started to masturbate him slowly like he was doing before.
  • Is that how you like it?
    He smiled starting to get in the mood.
  • Who would have thought that you, as soon as you tried so hard to steal my wife, would hit me off.
  • And that’s just the beginning.
    Without warning, he falls into his mouth on that juicy piece of meat. Carlos groaned and his body shuddered, he really didn’t expect me to be able to do that.
  • You really like the fruit, don’t you?
    I couldn’t speak because I was too busy sucking. I was breastfeeding willingly, excited by the possibility of experiencing the taste of semen. But he didn’t come so fast, so I stopped to get some air. I took the thing out of my mouth very slowly, letting my teeth slide over the smooth head. He laughed with pleasure.
  • You won’t tell anyone, will you? – I asked while masturbating him some more.
  • Keep calm.
    His cock was already drooling and, along with my saliva, it lubricated the entire member, making it shiny.
    I licked that dick and then I started and kiss and lick the balls, then, in the final act of that blowjob, I stuck the dick in my mouth and sucked frantically, he moaned loudly and called me a bitch, which made me more excited. Finally he filled my mouth with a hot, thick stream of milk. I gasped, swallowed a little and spit the rest on the floor. So I stood up satisfied with a salty taste. Carlos had his eyes closed and was still moaning with pleasure. When he recovered he looked at me impressed.
  • I haven’t enjoyed it like that in a while.
  • And I still want to make you come much more.

I was already feeling like a dirty bitch, so I got up, stood with my back to him and, rolling around, took off my pants and underwear.

  • Do you want to eat me? But go carefully because I’m a virgin
    He laughed out loud.
  • Who knew that quiet and serious boy was so excited.
    He sat up and grabbed me around the waist.
  • Now just sit very slowly and it won’t hurt at all.
    And I was sitting. The cock went through the buttocks and found my little hole that didn’t even complain when it started being invaded. It was slow, at my pace, it hurt a lot as he progressed, but it was a good pain and I felt proud when I realized that that huge dick was all inside me. So I started to get up and sit down, their hands on my waist helped me to control the pace and prevented me from getting up too much.
  • I’ll get you all up, bitch.
  • Come inside me.
    He must have felt enormous satisfaction at eating the guy who wanted his wife, and I, on the other hand, felt like I was getting revenge on Dora. What would she think if she knew her husband wanted me.
    I felt a warmth inside me when he came. I stood up on wobbly legs and he stood up too, but only to take a breath. Carlos asked me to stay on all fours on the couch and I immediately obeyed. Now my ass was already relaxed and accepted it without any pain. Now he was the one who dictated the rhythm and the bastard ate me violently, I could barely stand on the couch. He also slapped me on the butt until I got my buttocks burning. And in the end, already panting and sweaty, he came a third time and came out of me. I lay on the couch, exhausted and bad feeling my body from the waist down.
    Carlos went to the bathroom, washed his dick and got dressed.
  • I think you better get up there, your mother is almost there.
    Half dizzy and staggering, I wiped the semen off the floor, fixed the sofa cover and went to take a shower. I jerked off in the bathroom and, with orgasm, came regret. I was embarrassed and promised that I would never do any of that, but the next day, when Carlos was leaving, I was excited again, so I dismissed the handshake and said goodbye to him with a wonderful blowjob.

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