I was reading the erotic stories, and I was very excited by the stories, I had no doubts, to call and ask a favor to my husband’s friend who works at the bar to bring me a bottle of water. I pretended I was too late from work and didn’t have time to buy.

He asked me every time that he could bring me only after midnight, well that gave me time to continue reading the erotic stories which made me even more excited.

When the time was approaching I ran to the bathroom and took a nice shower I dressed in a transparent dress without panties and waited for him to arrive, when the doorbell touched a light touch my pussy vibrated and was wet, when I saw him at the door I had no doubt, I wanted it was giving and I very much invited him in, he in a simple gesture came in and gave me a look from the bottom up.

Very excited, I took the housewife’s turn asking if I had had dinner, but he soon said that he had already had dinner, so I sat down and crossed my legs letting him realize that I was without pants, which made him very embarrassed. He practically got up saying he needed to leave because he was tired, so as I could do nothing but accept, I went to the door. When he got to the door, I leaned my ass against his dick and I felt that it was hard, without much bluntness I took his dick and squeezed it and pulled it out and sucked it and told him that he wanted to eat me I took his hand and passed it in mine pussy and in a mop he stuck his finger in my pussy and said he was very wet, in a burst he leaned me against the wall and sucked me all over, he leaned me over and stuck his dick very slowly as if he wanted to bother me, even though I really wanted it was the pressure of coming and going very strong.
He kept doing it until he got the rhythm and pumping, and he was telling me his bitch you want to be eaten because I’m going to have to eat and tear you all away with all this lust until your pussy is swollen, I was delighted with what you told me until I enjoy that hot cock.

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