The teacher doesn’t like Delay


Alice woke up and lazily turned to the side, blinked a few times until her eyes managed to focus on the clock on the nightstand, when she managed to focus she saw that it was 7:20, turned over on the bed, stretching.

  • Ahh no, not again !! – She jumped from the bed towards the bathroom, took a quick shower and went to get dressed, took a black tube dress, a blazer of the same color, put on a black Louboutin with a matte varnished finish and the classic red sole was the highlight. He quickly chose the accessories, earring, necklace, ring and watch, all made of pearl with small studded zicornias. He dried his hair to make it look almost natural smooth, waved a simple light makeup and was ready. She picked up her Dior “C’EST DIOR” calfskin bag that is part of the new fall 2017 collection and looked in the mirror, she was ready, her eyes automatically went to the clock it was already 8:05, she should be in class already , took his smartphone and opened the application that, at that moment, would be his salvation …
    She left the elevator, on the wrist the hands marked 8:25 even though there is UBER, in a sigh of courage she advanced towards the door of the room, her pleading eyes crossed that of the serious professor, despite the disapproving look he waved with her head, she lowered her eyes for no more than 5 seconds during the first step towards the usual place. As he passed behind the professor, he almost smiled when he identified the Olympea by Paco Rabanne fragrance that she left as a trail wherever she went. She knew it was one of his favorites and that he loved it when she dressed well, but he couldn’t let that interfere with his judgment, she was late again and he had warned that he would not tolerate delays. His mind went back to the class in front of him waiting for the lesson to continue. Each time he looked at Alice, she gently lowered her head and looked at him again as a sign of respect and performance for him.
    The business law class had already lost its grace, he could only think of which of the several possibilities he would choose to punish it. Her mind no longer focused, and she provocatively, thinking she had managed to get rid of the punishment, bit her lips and pencil while crossing her legs and continued the rest of the class. In a fun way, he dismissed the class by finishing one more class and the university students started to pack their belongings and head to the next class that would be a jury trial. Alice accompanied the other students being the last of the class to leave the room, the teacher was saying goodbye at the door when she went out quickly and almost skillfully he took her by the arm and pushed into the room again locking the door. Immediately she knelt with her head down, waiting for the first order of the one who besides her teacher was also her owner.
    The professor opened his drawer, took the handcuffs and ordered her to lift both arms up, she immediately obeyed him and handcuffed them and instructed her to keep them stretched. He took her by the body and made her support her belly in the wallet and pinned her arms to the back of the chair, lifted her dress skirt and could contemplate a black lace lingerie that contrasted with her fair skin, her thong wedged between the nadagas, he stroked one side and the other, well the thumb held the thread away and you can see her ass with the pleats almost intact, he always admired how it didn’t matter how much he rolled up the hole after 2 or 3 days he looked like a virgin again. Spit in the ass that immediately reacted by blinking and “swallowing” the spit, he repeated the movement and the ass reacted again, this time his thumb massaged the entrance, she bit her lip to keep from moaning, after all he had not yet authorized her show pleasure. She was crazy and he loved it. His thumb started to apply pressure as if asking for passage, she relaxed and dilated and he took the opportunity to stick his finger in, started a back and forth with his thumb while the other fingers squeezed her ass hard, the thumb of the other hand started dancing boldly for her ass asking for passage too, and she did. The teacher alternated the entrance of the fingers when one came out the other put, she was already wet and wiggled on the finger that was invading her. The teacher noticed her giving the first signs that she was almost at the height of pleasure, removed one of the fingers caressing her ass and when she was almost enjoying the first lash, she arched her body.
  • I said I wouldn’t tolerate delays, did I? – He asked preparing the next lash.
  • Yes sir! – A new lash came with the answer
  • And yet the dog was late?
  • Yes sir! – Another lash.
  • Do you like to catch a dog? It can only be that you insist on being late instead of waiting in the room as its owner ordered you.
  • Sorry sir! – Again she arched her body this time he gave two lashes in a row.
  • I will give 5 lashes alternating sides. You are being punished for not following my order. I want you to count each one, did you understand that?
  • Yes sir! – Upon receiving her positive response he tore the piece of lace that covered her sex and applied the punishment as he had promised. She counted and by the end of Thursday her ass was red and burning. He put away the punishment instrument, went to her. And she caressed his face and kissed his cheek. She looked at him when his hand came to rest below her chin and gave it a light pressure. His face was serene, his blue eyes were deep, penetrating, and at that moment they were pure emotion, desire, passion, his lightly tanned skin and very dark hair made him unparalleled in beauty. – Thank you sir for the punishment, your servant has learned her lesson. – He smiled with thanks, they could finally have pleasure, his cock was already hurting due to his erection and his underwear was already slightly melted with the pre-cum.
  • He took off his pants and the stick jumped straight out, he stepped with one foot on each chair that was beside, one on the left and one on the right, held on the backrest that her arm was attached and the stick fit in the entrance of the pussy and stowed once quickly and hard, took the pussy completely soaked and fit the dick in the entrance of the ass, kissed her back and buried the dick at once she moaned loudly, he tried to stifle the moan with a kiss. He remained immobile until she got used to the 20 cm thick stick that was in her ass, when she relaxed he started a slow coming and going, taking advantage of every inch that came and went, she reared her butt more and he increased rhythm, she whispered asking for more and the more she asked the more he shoved it. Bitch, bitch, dirty, slut, that’s what he called her and she answered “yes sir!”. Every time he asked if she wanted more she would stick her ass up or roll in response. The balls hit her pussy and when they walked away, they took along the thread of honey that dripped from that woman “Take a stick from the teacher, my dear student”, she moaned asking for milk and saying she would come in the ass. Both of them couldn’t take it anymore when he felt his ass swallowing his whole stick and nibbling with contractions he couldn’t stand it, his swollen head and the pulsing stick inside her ass started to release jets of cum inside that ass and she feeling the liquid hot came more, the liquid already dripping on the thighs left the scene even more luscious, panting he let his body fall on hers, both smiled, when his dick had softened tired he took it out of her, she licked and kissed to clean the rest of enjoyment he dressed, wiped it with his mouth and dried it with a towel, unlocked the handcuffs, kissed her on the mouth.
  • Today I will pick you up at home, let’s go out. 19 hours will be there. Do not be late.
  • He locked the drawer again. He picked up his briefcase and left

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