The Dog Broke My Ass

mmourasp 1982
An acquaintance has a dog, a large Border Collie for the normal size of the breed. Since he was a puppy, I treated him like my male, letting him smell me, jump on me, lower my eyes to him, or being submissive, lying on my back for him, letting him play riding on my legs like if you were a little dog.
A year before what I’m going to tell, more or less, he was 1.5 years old, I was four for him the first time, and he even tried to get in, hit my ass, but I didn’t let him get too far because my acquaintance was lying in the room sleeping. He leaves home a little.
My acquaintance went out with someone else to buy a business, and I saw the possibility of taking real dog rolls. I was imagining his cock the way I felt last year, not too big, a small knot that wouldn’t get me stuck. So as soon as he and the other left, I called the dog into the room, dropped my pants and stayed on all fours for him. He didn’t understand what was going on in principle, but when I lay on my back, he came with everything he wanted to get into.
I was on all fours for him again and he straddled my back, I already pulled him on top of me and fitted the end of his cock to my ass.
He punished without mercy, punched the whole cock, and I pulled him very close, and he was going deep and pumping hard, until he gave an unbalanced back and made him leave. It was the time that I felt … I was stuck with him, and it hurt like hell when he tried to pull. I took out my cell phone and started shooting.
I scared a little, thinking that my acquaintance could come back quickly, and I got stuck with the dog. I tried a few times to force the bow and the knot out of me, but it was really tight.
I stood for a minute, about a minute, holding the dog so he wouldn’t try to leave, feeling liquid running down my ass, being filled by the fucking dog.
I took courage and forced my ass to take the cock out of it, as if I was forcing to evacuate. It hurt like hell, and the knot and its roll came out of my ass, like a huge thing tearing me up.
It started to drain a lot of cum out of him, he went down and started licking my asshole. That was very horny. He was licking and I was forcing his cum out. Then I got up, opened my ass for him and he continued to lick.
I started to suck the dog’s dick that was fucking leaving a little while, and to clean his dick. Then I got up to go to the bathroom to clean myself and clean the room, because soon my relative would return.
As I took the rest of the fucking dog off the toilet, I felt the damage. I was hurt, broken into by my dog. I heard my relative coming in, cleaned myself up as much as I could, put a toilet paper on my underwear, because I was bleeding and blood leaking, feeling my ass was broken in, and patience.
I came back as if nothing had happened. But now I feel like I belong to the dog, that he is more macho than me, that I’m a bitch too.
My ass just healed a couple of days later.

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