Hi Hi. Today I came to tell you about my biggest adventure that I had at the age of 15, and that I want to repeat until today.
Anyway, my name is Juliana (fictitious, of course); I am a brunette with long hair, with not too big breasts, but that draw attention and a well reared ass. I have been like this since I was 14 years old.
One of my father’s friends has a farm in an isolated place in MS and he always goes there to help take care of animals and plantations. At 15, I had never been to a farm, and as they invited me, I accepted immediately. It was me, my father, my mother, and the owner of the farm.
We got there at the end of a Thursday and would stay until Sunday. When we arrived, we just ate, showered and went to sleep, because we were tired.
On Friday, we went to take care of the animals. He introduced everyone to me and it was very interesting, as I had never seen cows, oxen, chickens and horses so close. And I’ve always had a thing about animals: no matter how angry he may be, I just touch them a little and they calm down.
Seeing this, the owner took us to a stable, which had a horse that would not let anyone get close. He was huge, brown with white spots and was stuck because he was very angry. It was time to vaccinate and bathe him; so the owner gave me a bucket of water, a type of shampoo and a sponge and said:
-See if you stay calm, and give a good shower. In half an hour we’ll be back.
And I stayed there, alone with that monster that would kill me with a kick. But slowly I saw that he didn’t care much about me, so I took it easy and gave him a bath. I saw that he was happy to be clean, with me he was very happy (even too much).
When I was finishing, I saw that his dick was very hard, and it was giant, it must have been a good 40cm. I had already sucked my ex-boyfriend at the time, but I had never seen such a big cock, and for some reason seeing that hard member made me very wet. Even with fear, I needed to experience it.
Apprehensive, I put myself under it and started to jerk that stick that barely fit in my hand. Somehow that big cock got even bigger in my hand, and I felt my pussy on fire. The reason told me to let it go, but the lust made me snap that big cock. I started to suck a lot, and I saw that the animal liked it, because it moved forward as if it wanted to get more. Unfortunately my parents and the owner arrived and I had to stop, disguising myself a little and left the horse with a hard stick.
The next day while they went to look after the vegetable garden, I escaped and went to see the horse again. As soon as he saw me it was very hard; I stayed under him and started to suckle. It didn’t take long, the big cock pulsed and released a lot of cum in my mouth. And as it was delicious, I swallowed as much as I could, cleaned up what fell on the floor, did a few last strokes on the horse and left.
The owner said that after seeing me, he was much calmer, nowadays they can even ride with him.
Unfortunately, I never went back to that farm again. But until today I dream about the day that I will return and besides sucking, I will put that monster in my pussy (and why not in the ass too).

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