It was through a friend that I met Carlos, a gaucho of 3O years, 1.80m, cuddly more of those little forties, thick thighs, short hair and a short stick and Thick and by the way also very fragrant lol.
Our first meeting was in a bar, Carlos was getting more and more cheerful and naughty.
-I think you’re passing the bill on the beer, Carlos!
-I like beer very much and stay uninhibited!
-With me you can talk, at will, I’m used to hearing everything!

  • Delight, you are delicious!
    He stretched out his arm, and with the tip of his index finger he stroked my ear and like a scratch until the V of the neckline of my blouse, he put his finger in his mouth, saying:
    -Fuck, you are much more delicious than I imagined, delicious!
    -Rs rs rs rs, your song is very creative!
    -I wanted to taste your xaninha!
    -Well I said that you already drank too much, you are speaking with a soft tongue!
    -The soft tongue, licks your xaninha better, and just thinking, I was ready to break your ass! GARSOM, BEHIND THE ACCOUNT!
  • Do you want to leave, Carlos?
    -Yes, I’ll follow your advice, enough beer, now I have to eat!
    -What do you want to eat, where?
    -You, at the motel, look at the situation you left me! If you praised my line, I just have to say let’s go!
    I confessed to him that I was very excited too and that I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Carlos just smiled and said it was taking too long to make the invitation. He paid the bar bill and we went straight to the nearest motel. We entered the room and threw ourselves on the bed, quickly tearing off our clothes.
    His cock was already hard as stone, it only increased my lust, I couldn’t wait to prove Carlos’ competence, the wet pussy, already dripping with honey.
    Carlos came over me and attacked me with a spectacular tongue
    Licking every part of my hot pussy, bringing the honey on the tip of my tongue to my ring. He told me to stand on the bed and started to suck.
    I sucked my clit as if it were a soda straw, I was already ashamed to be clinging, however, with so many compliments received, today I feel privileged with the size of my clitoris.
    -Bitch that gave birth, what a beautiful thing, damn it is very nice to suck on this little girl’s piroquinha, if the piriguetes discover that you have a sprout of this size, they will not give you peace!
    -To talk, go, suck, it’s very good, hmm, very good, wooo.
    He looked gay, so much that he likes to suck, compared to porn videos, this was not for long standing, told him to lie down, and came with that stick, SHORT AND THICK (imagine, almost a 259ml can of Skol beer) drooling salty honey trying to insert it in my little mouth, and he didn’t leave my sprout for about five minutes, while I insisted on grabbing the stick, there was no way, my teeth scratched the roast and he gave up being sucked (try grabbing a can) )
    He put me on all fours, and had to go to the reception to ask for KY, my natural lubrication and the saliva was not enough to slip that cock, SHORT AND THICK in the tunnel of love, and while he did not arrive, he was sticking his fingers, widening my pussy.
    I think it hurt a lot more than when I lost the gourd, it was coming in, tearing, I cried a lot, I screamed a lot, thankfully it was no length, he was affectionate, he waited for me to get used to slowly start coming and going, I came a lot, as it was full of beer, it was hard to come, which allowed me to come I don’t know how many times.
    We took a shower and in bed, with the soft stick I managed to put it all in my mouth, for a few minutes, he took it off, said his teeth were hurting.
    He sucked more of my grelinho, very affectionate, confessed that he never in his life never ate an ass like mine.
    -I like you a lot, I really don’t, I read the report this week:
    “Didn’t warn me, that she was a virgin in the ass and was without the folds”
    -And it was with a little pyro that any ant takes to its little hole.

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