Best baby shower I’ve ever been …

Best baby shower I’ve ever been …

Another story told by a follower that I turned into a short story.
I didn’t expect much from that Saturday, I was in a bit of a fight with my boyfriend, but I agreed to go to a baby shower that would take place at his house, although we weren’t well, I came with a lot of desire to have a good sex, to satisfy my lust. The party was kind of boring so I decided to go to bed in one of the rooms.
I ended up falling asleep, I woke up with him beside me looking at me, running my hand over my body, I knew my weaknesses and explored them, I ended up not resisting, I ran my hand over his pants and I felt his dick already hard, I was already getting wet, I took his cock out of my pants and stayed on all fours, bent down, sucked me quickly and then came teasing my pussy, I had to moan softly and then I came and left the room for anyone to suspect.
I started drinking lightly while he teased me with looks, passing his arms over my breasts, you know that makes me excited, those teasing drinks ended up making me feel even more comfortable, he came close to my ear and told me that I wanted to suck, I wanted to make my grelinho totally wet, which would suck my breasts very tasty. I ended up not resisting, pretending that we were going to have a fight, so that no one would suspect anything, I called him to the room, he didn’t understand, but as soon as he closed, I jumped on him, and I took his dick out, took off my pants and I threw him on the bed, we could not waste time and soon I was fitting and riding, he helping me, as I was holding my moans he was increasing the speed of the movement and once again I came.
Deciding to leave, our tune was in other things and not in the tea, so joining the useful to the pleasant, as soon as we got home, I barely closed the door and he was already taking off my clothes, leaving only my bra and panties, I was crazy about horny, he laid me on the bed and was soon exposing my beautiful breasts, and very willingly began to suck my breasts, running his tongue around the stiff nipples, stopped and looked at me, and returned to suck, biting the nipples, sucking, I love it.
I was loving it, but I needed more, I needed to feel him inside me, I pushed him aside and dominated him, taking off his pants, underwear, shirt, leaving him completely naked, I thought about sitting down, but I wanted to taste him also, so I keep looking at him and licking my tongue just over the head of his dick, then kissing from top to bottom, I licked his head again and when he least expected it I fell on my dick, sucking everything, making him crazy, to the point of moaning very tasty, his moans excited me more and more.
But he also wanted to taste my taste, I was already completely wet, so he laid me down and over the lace panties that was starting to pass over my pussy, then I take my panties off with my mouth, I was crazy to feel his mouth sucking me, and as soon as the panties left, he came running his lips over my pussy, giving light kisses, and when I could least imagine, he sucked me very tasty, making his tongue run through my pussy that led me to madness, I was squirming in bed as I sucked. Then I started to suck and lick only the region of the grelinho, giving light sucks, I feel him touching me with his fingers too, and I was surprised when he started to penetrate me with his finger, that comes and goes combined with his sucks on my sprout , they were driving me crazy, I pulled him by the hair and we gave him a long kiss.

While he kissed me, the bastard put that nice cock inside me and started a very nice come and go, getting deeper and deeper, I was moaning in his ear, with every deep dive. I took advantage of it to suck my breasts while I put it, which I love, we didn’t take long in that position, because he wanted to eat me on all fours, I got on all fours and tasted really good, he was putting that tasty cock inside me, I could feel it all inside me, getting into it, I was moaning very loudly, while calling me “my little bitch”, “my naughty”, “hot”.
It was very tasty, but I wanted more, I wanted to sit and steal on that stick, so get out of position, and pulling him by the arm, I threw him on the bed, and I was riding on his dick, doing it willingly, seeing his face with pleasure. every turn, this increased my lust even more, he still took the opportunity to masturbate me, I couldn’t resist and soon I had a very tasty orgasm.
I rested a little and was immediately pulled by him, taking me to the living room, he wanted to eat me in a different place, he put me on all fours on the sofa and started again with more and more desire, even more delicious, he realized, and came close to my ear and asked me to put a little bit in my ass, I was so numb

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