Motel stories: overcoming divorce


When I divorced Sandra, life was not very easy. Between divisions of assets and time with children, lawyers and removals, after a relationship of 20 years I was devastated. Instead of going to enjoy life, I went down on the job, and that was all I did. It had been almost 1 year since I separated, and I hadn’t slept with anyone. It wasn’t right.
Until a good friend went straight to me: “You will only be able to get better when you sleep with a totally unknown person”. I have the truth that if my life is not the most satisfying thing, if I receive advice that can improve it, I will try it. And so I did, on a Friday after work, I decided to go to that nightclub on the other side of town that I had never been to before.
I have always been a fan of more mature women, Sandra herself was 3 years older than me. So among young women, the one that caught my attention was the one who, instead of staying on the dance floor, enjoyed a drink on the counter, observing the environment with an air of superiority.
I approached and started to talk about it. I discovered in this woman that her name was Raquel, a very confident woman, who had already gone through some relationships, was successful and liked to enjoy the night life. She was in fact excellent company, and so talked about that it really made me, for that time, take my head off so many thoughts that had been weighing me down, to the point that I was talking really wanting to get to know that interesting one more, and not just looking for sex.
However, the unpredictable Rachel was a woman at peace with her libido, desires and everything. And it didn’t take long for that sexual part of her to appear. Amid hints and smiles full of her ulterior motives, I opened up sexually and corresponded to this sensual game that was already something far away for me. And it was, incredibly, pleasurable. She leaned towards me, as if to get my drink and whispered in my ear: “I want to make you come”. Of course, that caused me a bit of a strange feeling and I was embarrassed, but at the same time, with that feeling in my belly that chills your whole body and fills you with lust. As I was already there and willing to follow my friend’s advice, I pulled her around the waist and said I would settle the score. She said she would go ahead and wait for me at the nearest motel, Motel Dallas.
I had never been to Motel Dallas, and I confess that I was impressed how, besides good taste, its environment really induces sensuality. When I entered the suite she had taken, she was in the shower.
Shortly after, she came out and stopped the door, her hair wet and sexy, wrapped in a semi-open robe. She asked me how she was looking. I said, “Just stunning.” She smiled. Then, she approached and with the tip of her feet, she opened my legs creating space to fit that slim body between mine. Noticing my erection, she just smirked, as she lifted the tips of my penis fingers up to my chin, then fixed a look of desire deep in my eyes. I pulled her closer, kissing her intensely, while we undressed.
We exchange oral just delicious, without worrying about the hours, just enjoying every moment and the growing and almost uncontrollable lust. When I finally got into it I couldn’t take it anymore. All that seduction, oral sex so much tastier than I was used to, added to the sensation of penetrating a vagina so different and the hardness so repressed made me enter a state of clearly noticeable pleasure, and it seemed that the more excited I became , but Raquel was also, as if she was flooding with pleasure when she saw the pleasure she gave me. Like she said, she made me come, and very tasty, just like I did. But his greatest achievement was to put my head back in place, and wish for more new and delicious experiences.

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