It was early morning.
I entered the small office, shrouded in gloom, and what my eyes saw from that angle was just the silhouette of an overweight woman, with that thirsty body, with protruding folds that begged for bites.
My thoughts and my conscience went a little further … there was a perfect woman in her imperfections, bursting with lust and crazy to give. And I wanted to eat. Yes, now, right now.
I know that she noticed when I entered, I am not very subtle, but she pretended to be surprised when she felt my hands sliding over her shoulders, covered in a small thin dress, almost nonexistent. I felt his tense shoulders relaxing at my touch, a sigh of relief, kind of asking me to continue.
I did not listen to requests, I listened to my instincts and without any ceremony I slid my hands inside her thin little dress until I reached her breasts, which I palpated with desire. I was without a bra. Safada. Delicious. Horny.
At the same time that my fingers pressed against those already stiff pouting, my mouth explored his neck and my teeth… oh my teeth… they were already heading towards his right ear lobe. I bit. I felt his breath grow stronger. I pressed.
Tension now gave way to lust. Tense horny.
– I’m going to fuck you now.
– I can not I have to work.
– It’s not a request.
I stifled any other signs of resistance with a kiss, but not any kiss. I wanted to suck your soul through your mouth. I left her breathless.
As I kissed her, I moved my right hand very quickly towards her pussy. The body already understanding, opened the legs that gave way to pleasure. Hot, moist, thirsty. I held it tight and felt a moan through the kiss that was still lingering.
My finger wandering between the big lips, fast, impolite, indecent, immoral.
Another groan.
Another suction.
Two fingers entered without asking permission.
The body, once seated, was now almost lying where it would not fit. We went to the floor. I felt a little resistance when the warm back touched the icy floor causing astonishment mixed with fear. Fear of what? Of pleasure? She doesn’t know what she wants … I know. And I will give it to you.
I pulled away from my lips and before any protest could arise, I sank into the other lips. The big ones. The wet and slippery ones. Those who have the smells and smells of women in heat. The horny owners. I love the little ones, the big ones and just the lips.
It was the deadline of my tongue strolling between the big lips to meet the point of maximum excitement that, as if by magic, the pre-protests became just one sound: the sound of lust. The sound of will. The “I want more” sound. And I would give more, much more.
My tongue played as I wanted to go up, down, pressing, squeezing, sliding.
The mouth, of course, accompanied the subtle dance that was taking place and helped the language in its mission. A great little aid with bites alternating between light and not so light.
The previously lost hands were now pulling my hair in the opposite direction to my movements. They seemed to no longer want my language games there. I got the message.
My lips found his lips and the kiss came back suffocating, but this time accompanied by the taste. The taste of pleasure. Kiss with taste is another type of kiss. And a kiss.
While languages ​​shared familiar tastes, I opened my eyes. I found hers already open, already feeling.
Yes … it was right at the entrance.
Without taking my eyes off hers, I squeezed the kiss, held the bottom lip with a slight bite, and entered it very slowly, inch by inch until I reached the bottom.
I felt that body, previously tense, relaxing under mine. But no, not now. It wasn’t time to relax yet. I want intensity.
My fingers then wrapped around the short hair. Red hair. Flaming hair. And I pulled. Yes, I pulled back and next to the tug came another bite, now on the neck.
The bodies no longer knew what they were doing, they only knew that it was necessary to synchronize the movement. A cadenced movement. Constant. Firm. Required.
And finally they exploded with total pleasure. Inside. Firm. Tight. Relaxing. Softening. Breathless. Slippery. Going out.
And so it was. Without asking. Without advertising. With nothing more than necessary: ​​Just horny.

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