The fastest shag of my entire life.

Married Curious

Hello everyone! My name is Giselle, I am 30 years old, I am married, I have a 10 year old daughter and a very wonderful husband, with whom I have very good sex. Since our courtship, I had never been unfaithful to my husband, and that idea never crossed my mind.
A few months ago I went on vacation with my husband. We lived in Curitiba and spent a few days in São Luís do Maranhão, since we wanted to exchange the cold for the heat. My mother volunteered to stay with our daughter, so that I could be more relaxed with Vinicíus, my husband.
Before we traveled I tried to find out a little more about the culture of the people of São Luís, and of Maranhão in general. I was struck by the fact that there are many blacks, several of them very beautiful by the way. I was also excited about Reggae, and told my husband that I wanted to dance a lot when we got there.
We finally traveled, and I was enjoying the beaches, the places, the people. Wow! I was fascinated. We had the opportunity to make several friends, and it was just one of these friends who indicated a Reggae show that was going to take place on one of the beaches near our hotel.
I insisted on my husband and he finally agreed to take me. We watched the show and danced a lot. The men looked at me with much desire, since I was a white girl in the middle of that immensity of men and brunette women. It was enough for my husband to get away from me and a naughty black man would approach me and take a cone.
I was just in a bikini, very tiny, and a crochet beach skirt, dancing very provocatively, and that was enough for silly hands to squeeze my ass all the time. I had already lost count of how many fingerprints I had taken in my pussy. And, oddly enough, I was loving it.
Of course, when my husband was by my side, the guys were more attentive and kept some distance from me. It was about 8:00 pm when I invited my husband to go to a closed place that caught my attention.
I realized that the place was a kind of nightclub, very closed, dark and people came and went all the time, almost all dressed as we were, that is, bikinis, shorts and other short and provocative clothes.
I went in with my husband and soon we were looking for a table to sit on. We spent a while drinking, talking and watching a Reggae band that performed. The place was really dark, with only a little lighting on the stage and in the bar.
The dance floor was very crowded, and it didn’t take long for a guy to come up and invite me to dance with him. My husband made a face on the spot, but the boy smiled and asked him if I could go. I looked at my husband and he understood that I wanted it too.
With my husband’s permission I went to dance with the boy. My husband is not jealous or suspicious of me, but I think he was afraid of the encoxadas that I was going to take in the middle of that world of dancing people.
We started to dance and I soon realized that the boy was all sweaty, but he smelled, with a very exciting perfume. He was black, like most other men, no more than seventeen or eighteen, and strong, with well-muscled arms and legs.
At first we were dancing right there, next to my husband. But, after a few minutes the boy was pulling me and we mixed with the others. I looked at my husband and he was focused on watching the band play. The boy also noticed, because he started to press me against his body.
Wow !! The sound of the music, the sweat of that scented boy, the way he held me around the waist, his member growing in his shorts and touching me. All of this was driving me crazy. It didn’t take long and he put his mouth to my ear, asking my name.
I said my name and he said his. Then he kissed my neck, very close to the back of my neck.

  • Hey !! … were you crazy? … my husband can see! – I said, showing a certain fear.
    He just smiled and held me even closer to him. The naughty guy already had an erection that seemed to want to rip his thin fabric shorts. I know that boys at that age are really horny, but he was awesome. We had been dancing for only two minutes and that dick was getting harder and harder.
    The people around us didn’t even seem to care, and my husband drank quietly, looking hypnotized as he watched the band play. The whole situation started to look fun, and I decided to “play” a little more with that naughty and horny boy.
    I am a pediatrician, and my life has always been monotonous at work, and without many new things in my marriage and family life. So, the idea of ​​having a little fun there in that dark club seemed very good to me. My husband was distracted, drinking his beer. Why not?

The boy dragged me a little further to the bottom of the club and pressed me against the wall. The darkness and that sea of ​​people dancing and laughing contributed so that no one cared about what we were doing. He really grabbed me, making my hip and little crack look right at the height of his cock.

  • Guri … my husband is going to kill you, you know? – I said smiling in his ear. The kid’s cock was as hard as an iron rod. I started to moan uncontrollably as he held me tight by the waist and kissed my neck. I hugged him, with my arms around his neck.
  • You are very hot, lady … !! he whispered in my ear. I was wearing a bikini whose bottom was really small, barely covering my entire shaved pussy. I lifted my skirt and placed my pelvis right on top of his cock, and we were moving slowly. My intention was to make him even more horny. – Ohhhhh … we can’t do that … !! – I groaned and tried to speak. But it was too late. His hands were already on my ass, squeezing my buttocks and making me shudder, I was so horny. I felt the bikini’s panties being pulled upwards, getting into the crack of my ass.

I couldn’t say any more. While one of his hands squeezed my ass, the other caused his cock to come out of the leg of his thin fabric shorts. “Good heavens! I can’t do this!”, I thought, terrified. But my pussy was all luscious, and I can’t reason well in these situations.

  • Deusssss boy … don’t do thatooooo … !! – I said, trying to fight my wishes. He didn’t even care, just gave me a kiss on the mouth and I felt his fingers pulled my bikini panties to the side. There, standing and facing him, squeezed against the wall of that dark club, I relented. I opened my legs and it happened.

His dick slid between the wet lips of my pussy, and I opened my legs more and more.- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh … forgive me, amorrrrrrrr … !!! – I spoke softly when the boy’s stick found the door of my little cave and sank into me.

Wow !! The cock came in all the way, making my legs tremble. I rolled over, trying to fit in even more. I looked for his mouth, and we kissed deliciously, while he hugged me tightly and started a paced and steady back and forth, increasing the rhythm with each mess.

  • Waitaaaaa … w-w-need … w-w-see my m-m-husband … !! – I managed to speak and pushed him a little bit, making his cock come out of my pussy and be swinging between my legs. He noticed my despair and stuck his dick in his shorts again, while I straightened my bikini panties.
  • You come back? – he asked.
  • Y-y-yeah … my deussss … how crazy … yeah … I’ll be back … !! – I said and laughed completely embarrassed. I got a little dizzy in the middle of that sea of ​​people dancing and having fun. When I got close to my husband I saw that he was talking to two girls who were trying to sell him something.
    “There’ll be time!”, I thought and ran back to where the boy was. I leaned against the wall and he hugged me again. We stood face to face, holding on. Immediately he pulled the stick out again and I pulled the bikini panties to the side myself.
  • Meteeeeeee, my queridoooooo … put it very tasty in that pussyaaaa … !! – I groaned and said, while the boy’s cock made way for the pussy. I had never had sex standing up like that, facing each other. I opened my legs and threw my hips forward to allow a very deep penetration.
    This time the boy really got into me, stronger, harder. My crack was open as wide as I could, because no one had ever stuck a big, thick stick like that. Furthermore, until that day I had only had sex with my husband.
    A fire came over me. I put my hands on the boy’s buttocks and pulled him against me.
  • Fodeeeeee … yummy yo … fodeeeee … faster … by favorrrrr … faster … !! – I said and groaned loudly. The music covered my moans, and the people around didn’t even care what was going on.
    The naughty guy was perverted, and his pelvis was beating hard against my belly.
  • Ohhhhhhhh … my deussssss … I’m cumming … I’m cumming … !! I shouted and hugged him tightly. I was having one of the most delicious orgasms of my life.
  • Nooooooo … noooooooo … please … !! – I tried to stop him. But I was enjoying it so good that I couldn’t stop it when he tore off the top of my bikini and fell over my breasts. Wow !! The boy sucked my breasts in such a way that a new orgasm hit me, leaving me with weak legs.
    The nipples of my breasts are large and pink, and the boy suckled on them, alternating between them. In the meantime, the dick was going in and out of my pussy, without giving me time to breathe. That standing and facing position, and leaning against the wall, made it easier for his penis to touch my “G-spot”, because I started having orgasm one after another.

The pleasure was so great that I started to cry and felt an uncontrollable urge to pee. I felt an abundant liquid coming out of my pussy, very different from normal orgasm. I know that when a woman’s “G-spot” is stimulated, she literally “ejaculates” like a man.

  • It’s already good … p-p-I need to go back to my m-m-husband … please … !!! – I said and tried to get rid of the boy. At that time he grabbed me even tighter and, biting my ear, gave me stronger bombs, from the bottom up. He was going to come! He was going to come inside me!
    “I’m in my fertile days … I’m not taking anything … I’m going to get pregnant !!!”, I thought desperately.
  • Tiraaaaaaa … tiraaaaaa … don’t come inside … will get me pregnant … god in heaven … tiraaaaa !! – I said and the bastard didn’t even listen, and he kept getting into it.
    I had no alternative, and I did something that hurt my soul. I put my hand on his belly and pushed him back. Then I took his cock with the other hand and jerked it off quickly. What madness !!! It only took about five whacks and his dick spat cum all over the place, hitting my crack, my thighs and my stomach.
    I quickly fixed my bikini (both the top and bottom) and my skirt off the beach. I almost ran to the bathroom. With the help of a girl I found a bathroom in the back that had a shower.
    I washed quickly, removing any trace of the boy’s cum on my body. Then I went over to my husband.
  • Hey … were you hot? he asked me with a smile.
  • Yes … really hot, love! … but it’s over! – I said and hugged him, giving him a long kiss on the mouth.
    This was the first and only time that I cheated on my husband, and only for about eight minutes at most. Even today I am dying to repeat the dose. I have had many opportunities, but reason spoke louder than emotion. Who knows on our next trip to Maranhão?

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