Hi my site loves. I’m a little girl and decided to participate. I live with my husband in the neighborhood of Prazeres and we have a simple life. I am currently unemployed and he works as a Microbus Driver. I saw the photos and reports of two married friends who are frustrated. Although different from them, I feel a little like that. I’m only 24 years old and a lot of fire in my ass. I always gave my ass. Even for my father’s brother who fucked my very tasty ass. Since young I give the ass. But my husband doesn’t like it either. I also thought that this was going to change with the wedding, I know I’m even pretty I love taking care of my hair and I know that my butt gets the attention of males. With my husband I wear very normal shorts. When I go shopping or at the bakery I pull on shorts and panties to get right inside my ass and then start my fetishes I like to tease my married neighbors as well as the males in the public market nearby. I know they are crazy when I have my panties and shorts all pounded so I do it seriously but whoever sees a woman on the street like that already knows that she is a married whore. I give my ass a lot, I have two fixed lovers but I also gave it to a pizza and water delivery man when I answer them so I know they can’t resist. Despite being fast they love to fuck my ass in the bed of the same horn. Of course I’m afraid my husband will suddenly arrive, his schedule is a little crazy. But I am very naughty and horned and give my ass willingly. I get broken into like the horn doesn’t reach my ass I don’t even worry about them suspecting it. He always knew that I gave my ass and liked it and I will not stop taking a stick in my ass at all.

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