Hello to all friends. It is dangerous for me to participate here on the site but I couldn’t take it. I am a married and frustrated woman Despite living well with my husband. I don’t think he can imagine it. And I have a modest demeanor. And so everyone in my family and friends sees me. But I have too many fantasies and too much fire I see many of the site like a woman’s butt I love giving my butt too much. I am not a goddess I see many women with perfect body on the site Huge asses. But I know that my hair and face attracts males And I give a hot ass Mainly because I like it. But let me tell you my secret My husband doesn’t like anal at all. He doesn’t even put his finger on my ass, I told him that before I did anal. I thought he was going to be interested but nothing done. I thought I was going to get used to not giving my ass, but whoever is horny in the anus is hopeless. Then I gave in to work friends and even friends of my husband, where of course he doesn’t even imagine it. As he does not touch my ass, he will never notice it being broken into and even leaking sperm. I have arrived several times from work with my ass broken and leaking sperm in my panties. I wash right away when I take a shower he doesn’t even realize how much I like to give my hot ass. I’m really sorry he doesn’t like it, I really want to give him his ass. But if you don’t want to, I give it to friends because it’s too good to be penetrated on all fours in a motel bed. Feel the male grab me by the waist and stay in and out with my dick in my ass.


  1. Damn, that’s a shame. A lot of women don’t like it. I would love to be with someone who seems to enjoy it as much as you. Very arousing to hear about you getting used like that. Best of luck.


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