I’m more of a little girl from Recife, of course, married to a meek and conformed horn. I love to be sucked in my holes but with my husband I have problems. He even sucks me but has some restrictions. As I enjoy a lot with the pussy he doesn’t like it so it is awesome. When it starts to get good it stops and in the ass it’s the same thing. As clean as it gets when I get excited with a tongue in it, a natural smell starts to exhale. Most males go crazy but my husband doesn’t like it so he lets me do it. But I only accept super horny males by oral sex, even pussy-sucking males and only the experts. I love receiving cock in all my holes and in various positions but I do not dispense a long and delicious blowjob. I spread wide and the pussy and ass are flashing to the male so he can explore every corner with his hot and wet tongue. Feel the taste of my cum coming out of the pussy on your tongue more and more. When I suck my clit I get to ejaculate with lust, the male soon licks my ass. I love the males who get excited about it and send their tongues deep in my little leather ring. I look at their faces and see how delicious they must be. My first cumshots I always prefer with sucks in my ass and pussy then rolls everything.

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