Big ass wife

My name is Nina and I am 24 years old I am light and thin brunette but I have a big and attractive ass. My husband, Corninho, is 28 years old, also light brown. We have been married for eight years, well resolved and very happy. Have I ever made a cuckold husband what is too much? If the guy likes to be horned, it is nobody’s business to be horned is a state of mind for a few. I know my husband is happy being a cuckold. So I want to tell everything from the beginning to the present day how much more horns he takes the more passionate he gets. And when the horn is on his butt he gets crazy with lust to know and see. It started with a colleague of his two years ago, when I found out he had this fantasy! At first I thought it was a “flash in the pan” that would soon pass, I was wrong. After some time, I said NO, he stopped talking about it a little bit, because I wouldn’t feel comfortable having sex with another man. After a month he asked me to be a cuckold again, I keep saying NO, but he insists … I didn’t know what else to do, I wanted to do his fetish, but I was insecure, I was afraid, after I gave it to another man, our “sour” relationship, ending up in fights. I value my marriage very much the first time I met another man was with a colleague of my husband who spent a few days at ours at the beach house. Everyone was sleeping, my husband woke me up and asked to go to the room where our guest slept. I got out of bed, wearing nothing but panties and a transparent T-shirt, passed the door to his room, realized he was awake and started talking: – What a heat! I’m going to drink water … Want to? I went to the kitchen. He left the room and followed. We started kissing each other warmly, then we went to the living room sofa and he sat down and I started to ride nice on that thick cock, then he sucked me, put me on all fours where he fucked me hot, he enjoyed that hot fucking inside my pussy. I came like never before, I went back to the room all honeyed and I made my little bug clean all that shit by telling him all the details. He interrupted me: – You don’t even have to tell me, I watched everything and you didn’t even notice! After that night my husband’s friend and I fucked a few more times, sometimes at my house when the little buggy went out to work.

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