Hello guys, yesterday I saw the material of a married friend here in Recife on the website. She likes anal but her husband doesn’t show up in her hole. I am Andressa and I share the same drama with my friend Valéria. But I have shared this for more than 20 years where I always gave my ass but it was more than 20 years ago that I got married and my husband doesn’t like it in disgust. And then I get satisfied with bananas whenever I’m alone, I saw Valéria’s movie and I loved it. But I have been doing this for so long that the bananas I use are the long ones my husband even thought it was a year since I bought so many of them. He said it’s because I’m enjoying it but in fact he doesn’t even imagine what I do when he leaves for work. I also use butter, I use it a lot on the ass and on the banana, I stick it in and feel it dilating my hot hole. It looks like it’s going to rip but it gives a fucking pleasure and I stick it out. I love the ones that have big stems where I stick them until they get lost inside my gut. I masturbate until I come a couple of times, then I pull her slowly and forcefully to put her out. This is too good, and the husband’s son of a bitch wastes my ass. I never cheated on him either, but I really want to feel a real cock here on my ass.

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