Jimmy watches his beautiful wife Talita wear a pink underwear with some difficulty while talking to him

  • The contract is very good. You know how it is with the politician. In that case, he is also a judge at the state supreme court. He’s behind the firm that won his state’s publicity bid. It will be the same as Aróssio with Embratel.
  • But why do I have to go to his hotel to sign? This looks like a sofa test!
  • No, not my dear! The judge is a very serious man !. The point is that it cannot be seen in a public subscription view. You understand right?
  • Well … I hope you are not selling my body!
  • No! I don’t even want you to think so …
    Talita at twenty-two years old has become a national celebrity and in almost all Latin-speaking countries. Everything is due to her beautiful and exotic body, which unanimously finds it comparable to that of the model Hellen Roccha.
    She now fixes the bulky breasts inside the dress and does not stop squeezing the nipple of one of them who is still sensitive because he was sucked, almost to become raw, by her lover Leo.
    This happened an hour ago, while Talita was riding him in the same chair where her husband Jimmy is now sitting!
    Leo was her private driver and also the breaker. His dexterity and his waistline, along with his natural charm, made Talita fall in love with him. Before she was in love with her father’s partner, a man almost thirty years older. It was with him that Talita became a complete sexual female and that thanks to her sexual furor!
    But suddenly, Leo appears, who was two centimeters shorter than her, of rustic and poor origin, married to an evangelical woman.
    We are not going to talk here how Talita seduced him, but it is clear that every initiative was hers, because even today he does not believe that he is eating his famous employer.
    A small complication arose when Talita, who had an irresistible compulsion to give the cusinho, wanted him to take the initiative!
    Talita did not want Léo to think she was a total depraved. Deep down, deep down, like any woman, Talita longed for Leo to win her, to love her … but with a certain brutality.
    So, right from the first time they fucked, Talita tried to stay in every position where her beautiful ass popped out of her eyes. Leo, he never imagined that he would have at his disposal such a famous ass and still belonging to his mistress. Of course he wants to screw that sexual goddess, but he was afraid that Talita would be offended if he mentioned it. But just thinking about the possibility of eating her cusinho, his lust seemed never to end and Talita, as much as she admired it, still didn’t feel fully satisfied if he didn’t ask her to eat the cusinho!
    The next day of this first fuck, Talita and her team were in a television studio and during one of the recording intervals, she managed to take Leo to one of the dressing rooms and while kissing him, he looked for his cock, trying to unzip his pants.
  • You bastard! I can’t get close to you without feeling this crazy complexion !! – Talita whispers as she is kissed back and Léo helps to loosen his balls out of his pants.
    -Aaah! I can’t resist this roll … this texture! I have to feel the … taste!
    Léo holds his female boss’s face with both hands and kisses her passionately. Talita melting all over, manages to fit his cock between her turned thighs and rubs one another giving a wonderful kneading on that hardened column of muscle and blood!
    The excitement is enormous in both. It is a matter of seconds that they will come! Talita breaks the kiss because she needs to gasp and breathe at the same time. Then there was the first act that Talita so expected from her employee … from her male!
    Leo, still holding her face, makes her gently bend down, implying what he wanted his mistress to do to him urgently!
  • Go … go, Dona Talita, my little bitch! Give this warrior my suck! That fuck that never … never really, imagined she would have her lips around him!
    Talita is squatting in front of Léo with her hands resting on each thigh. Its little mouth is half-open, almost leaning against the glans gland and making small jumps. Talita raises her green eyes and wipes her tongue over her lips, hoping he will lose self-control.
  • You would like me to suck you, wouldn’t you? … until you came in my mouth? Do you want? You want to come in my mouth, do you?
  • Yes! Yes! I … then I will … I will do everything! Everything you want!
  • But … Isn’t that a sin? Do you put all that cock in my mouth and choke me until I come inside it? Do I have to swallow? I will?
    Léo no longer controls himself and does exactly what Talita wanted. With one hand he puts it behind her head and with the other hand he holds her roll, making sure that Talita’s lips are oval around the tip of her head!

Talita closes her eyes to better taste the velvety glans that fill her entire mouth. She already feels a bit of bittersweet milk on her tongue that tries to curl up on the big head of her little employee!
But, she wants to suffocate herself! She wants to feel clogged, violated orally by that man, by the male she is in love with!
Léo admires his mistress’s face advancing forward, making his log disappear as he advances, makes a quick stop and advances again, until he reaches the base of his cock and her chin caresses his scrotum! There, Talita remains sucking desperately as if looking for air and feeling the whole roll swell, foreshadowing that it was going to explode like a volcano!
Baba is already starting to run between her lips and the thickness of Léo’s scroll. Kneeling in front of her, Talita has just had her first orgasm while keeping the whole cock inside her mouth that goes all the way down her throat. Leo thinks she is choking and choking without having the strength to stop the blowjob.
He stops, very little missing from his explosion of sperm inside that beautiful woman’s mouth and carefully slips his roller off his beautiful mistress’s lips!

  • No! Not yet, Leo! Enjoy! Enjoy in! Let me swallow your cum!
    Leo realizes that he can do anything with that woman! Talita belongs to you. He owns you now! He knows that even her ass is his!
    He bends down, takes her arms and raises her. Talita is still surprised by his sudden movement, when she abruptly finds herself turned and her breasts are crushed against the wall. Her dress is lifted and she feels when her panties are pulled to the side and her male’s cock fits in the butt of her big ass! Then Leo explodes!
  • Aaaaah… you bitch! Your beloved ramp! Aaaah… I’m… I’m coming… coming! What an ass! What a bootie! I’m enjoying it! I’m enjoying … again!
    Léo’s mouth is glued to the neck covered with Talita’s hair as he gives her hoses and hoses of sperm between the pulps of the bootie!
    She feels grateful for the strong shoves that Léo’s whole body gives her while the warmth of the sperm reaches above her buttocks and already begins to trickle down.
  • Talita! Talita! Are you in there? They will start over in five minutes. – Leo and Talita hold their breath for a few seconds when listening to the voice of Melissa, the secretary.
  • Yes. I’m here relaxing in this dark. Go, go tell them that I’m coming!
    A minute later the door opens and a recovered Talita walks calmly so that no one notices her emotional state.
    It was agreed that Leo would stay in the dressing room as long as possible. But, through the semi-open door, he sees Talita’s dress with spots stained by her sperm, on the back and in the furrow between the buttocks.
    Immediately, he runs to a drinking fountain, fills a glass and, a moment before Talita enters the scene, he comes close enough to pour the water on the spot where the sperm spots were!
  • Oh! Sorry, Talita! I stumbled and …
  • You stupid! Look what you did! Clumsy hillbilly! Come on Talita, come on! We only have a minute to exchange for another dress!
    Talita understood Léo’s attitude perfectly and surreptitiously winked and smiled at her with the promise that next time, all the sperm would be kept in her pocket.

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