Mayara Nascimento

Whenever my son got up in the morning I noticed that he had a hard-on, he always wore sweatpants, and he certainly didn’t wear underwear because it was a very large volume, and very clear outlining the shape of his member when he stood hard cock, which appeared to be neither small nor thin. I was a widow for several years and in that time, despite my desire, I never had another man, and seeing my son get up early every day like that, made my xaninha wake up after several years of hibernation. It was looking at that volume that a scorching fire was burning inside me, arousing my lust and the desire to try a dick again, and why not my son’s. Thinking about it, and to awaken his desire for me, since he noticed my gaze at his member, every time he appeared in the morning in front of me with that volume as if to provoke me, I decided to join his game, if that it was a game, and I started to wear more provocative clothes. Shorter skirts, dresses with more generous cleavages that just bent me a little to show my breasts to him, small shorts and tucked in the ass, and those mesh that I wore without panties just to leave my pussy well marked and divided in kinda showing my son how hot his mother was still, capable of arousing the lust and desire of men. I wanted to show my son that I wanted to be a whore for him, and I would dress like that. It was by doing so that I started to get very horny, I started to provoke him to see if he was courageous, he took the initiative to come over me and catch me, I was willing to allow him to touch me and even touch me. My pussy would get wet and melt just by imagining my son grabbing me, kissing me, subduing me and completely dominating me, I would be his and let him do what he wanted with me, he wanted to give me body and soul, and feel the delicious pleasure of having my son own me. Seeing my son like that every day became a real torture for me, I was no longer holding myself so hot, one day I was getting ready to go out, I wore a long dress with nothing underneath, I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when he came in only in his underwear, I noticed by the mirror that his dick was very hard, inside a white underwear almost transparent that perfectly outlined the size and shape of that dick, I focused on the same position looking in the mirror without taking my eyes off his dick. I realized that he also didn’t take his eyes off my ass, I leaned in a little more so that it would be even more evident, my son passed behind me, brushing his dick against my ass, I didn’t show any reaction, he came back passing from the same way and this time making light pressure with his dick on my ass, I stayed the same, and maybe to make sure I wouldn’t reject him, he came back a third time and this time stopped behind me pressing his dick on my ass , making it pulse stirring and poking my ass. I gave a little push back and a light shaking on that delicious stick, it was enough for him to be sure he could go on, he grabbed me and kissed the back of my neck, took his hand on my breasts and squeezed my already hard little breasts, I shivered and I let out a groan of pleasure, my son was doing what I wanted most, for him to bump me up and make me feel that hard cock in my ass. His dick got so hard, it looked like it was going to get in my ass, and so we stayed, I almost came with that hot sensation, moaning softly, and wishing that dick would penetrate me at that moment. He murmured softly saying: Oh mom how hot you are !!! I was horny and wiggled while he continued to hold me and with his dick rubbing against my ass. It was so good that feeling that I continued, rubbed my ass very hard and upturned on his hard cock, I didn’t want him to stop but at the same time I wanted it all inside my ass, and my lust just increased, I took my hand back and my son already had his dick out of his underwear. To prevent him from coming and dirtying my dress, I lifted him up to the waist, spread my legs wider and leaned further, allowing him to penetrate me. He put his dick deep in my pussy leaving it very honeyed and leaned against the door of my ass, I tried to relax to facilitate the entry, my ass was blinking, all happy wishing for that stick, he gave a little force and the head passed, one more forced and the rest went in without any resistance from being so horny that I was, and wanting to have that dick in my ass.

He held me firmly around the waist and punched without, every punch that even lifted me, that my boy had virility, suddenly I felt his dick thickening and widening my asshole more and more, my son accelerated his going and comes skinning my ass and howling, he poured a river of hot cum on my rectum, I tugged yummy on my son’s cock feeling like a real teenager, and with a hand on my pussy rubbing my hard clit, I ended up cumming with him. From that day on, I never stopped, now he knew how his mother liked to take it in the ass and in the pussy and was always in the mood for a good fuck, now I dress myself more and more just for him, who despite eating my pussy several times, it was really addicting, it was in my ass, I became a specialist, and I feel a huge pleasure having that thick stick invading me, almost every day, sliding in there, until I feel a little pain deep inside, and then he spurt that lot of sperm right there at the end, I love sleeping with my ass stuffed with my boy’s cum. Giving to a child is a unique and very pleasurable experience, every mother should try it, I’m sure they would not regret it, on the contrary they would always want more, repeat the dose.

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