Confession, a real story


A girl who does not want to reveal her name, I will call her ”Ana”, a fantasy name, told me her story in the chat. At first she fell in love with a colleague’s dick and then …
I was twenty-eight years old, and five years earlier I left my hometown to find a job in a large metropolis in Brazil. I found work as head of the department for contacts abroad with a large automotive company. My partner Francisco, an engineering graduate, enlisted in the Brazilian army, with the rank of lieutenant. So he was often transferred from one part of the country to the other and I lived most of the time alone, dispersed in that great city.
Since I was hired, five long years have passed, the facts of weekly and sometimes fortnightly meetings with Francisco. He arrived on Saturday morning and left on Sunday afternoon.
Within that space of time, we had our romantic relationships, in a very agitated manner, with the reciprocal intention of making up for lost time. Of course, during the week, I was abstinently sexual and received calls from several friends and colleagues who, knowing that I was alone, wanted to take advantage of the situation and take me to bed.
So, maybe it was written on my face, as of Tuesday I was really excited and had a crazy desire to fuck! This exhausting and frustrating torture lasted five years, until finally Francisco managed to leave the army without paying the heavy fines provided for those who asked to leave ahead of time and for that reason shortly afterwards he got an important job in Goiás, our state of origin, I quit my job and after due notification, I left with my love for our native state.
Now, however, I would like to start the story five years earlier. As I wrote earlier, I was hired by this company and the first day of work, I showed up at the firm and one of the owners took me to my office. With me was a tall girl, a little chubby, nice and friendly. Me, my name is Ana and I am physically thin, but with the shapes in the right place, blonde with short hair, a beautiful ass and beautiful legs too. Light eyes and a very feminine face.
During my first day on the job, I was introduced to almost every other employee. One of them was “S… o” he, in the middle of the morning, came down from the first floor, I saw in front of me a man of about forty years old, bald, over six feet tall, healed, a handsome, smiling face and very youthful too. So, you can consider me a freak, horny, but from that man the first thing I noticed was the size of his dick. He was wearing jeans that turned almost white at that point.
As time went on, talking to the girls in the warehouse and in the workshops, I realized that they were all curious to know if that overpowering bulge was simply padding or if it was really an unusual-sized cock. Some studied a plan and assigned one of them the mission of “touching” the colleague in the middle of the legs, perhaps due to an accidental cause, pretending something completely unintentional and accidental.
It happened then that a busty girl named “D… a” when she saw our man coming, pretended to trip and put her hand on S… o’s penis. Of course she apologized immediately, but unfortunately, the contact was very quick and she had no way of knowing whether it was a real penis or not. Then, one afternoon, a woman, already quite old with the name “A… .a” told us that she would solve the problem. When I saw her leave her “S… o” office, I ran to the stockroom to watch the scene. He, who was responsible for the purchases, came to talk to her for work reasons and she, without any reason, touched his cock – pinching it between thumb, index and middle finger – right on the tip. He looked at her curiously, incredibly surprised, asked her what the hell she was doing and she smiled and said she was just kidding. In short, that thing they saw in their jeans was not padding but it was definitely a big dick!
I have some memories of what I, in those years, had been up to to provoke him, to see him stick hard in his pants, and I have to say that sometimes I did it.
For example, once I had to do a job on the first floor, I sat at the table in front of him and then at the table with the PC. The table had a separator and he couldn’t see anything, but the PC table was discreetly open and so, I, who always wore light and very short dresses, pretending not to know that he could see me, stood with my legs open showing my very small panties that barely hid my sweet intimacy.

Also on that occasion, I teased him more by dropping, apparently distractedly, a hand between my thighs touching my pussy, spreading the loincloth a little, so that he could see it.
I saw him get up, the cylinder that expanded to his right, an incredible stick, oh how I wanted that time to follow him to the bathroom, where he, certainly excited, was going to masturbate.
However, a strong bond of true and loyal friendship was born between us. He liked me and I, because of his great exuberance, liked him, but unfortunately, almost to the end, he considered me just and always a great friend and colleague.
With the birth of friendship, I often talked to him about the various problems, including those related to the couple formed by me and Francisco. I told him about the distance, the lack of sex, the size of my partner’s chopstick, about many things also very intimate and personal. Together with my friend and colleague, I spent unforgettable days and nights, especially during exhibitions abroad, where friendship reigned. I remember that once, in Paris, on Boulevard Sebastopol, he took off his jacket and sheltered me from the cold, hugged me and we walked for a long time hugging each other. So there was no shortage of opportunities, and while I was away from Francesco and he was away from his wife, we could have had sex a lot of times. I tried to make him understand something, quite explicitly I let him know that I wanted to have sex with him, but he, confessing his admiration, perhaps to respect friendship, never wanted to try anything other than a tight hug or an accomplice wink. .
So my penultimate day of work arrived, I took cakes for lunch, soft drinks and sparkling wine, colleagues gave me a gift and everyone toasted together wishing me good luck for my future work experiences. I greeted each other one by one and left my friend and colleague “S… o” as the last. I said in front of everyone that “last but not least” was going to greet the big “S… o”. I hugged him very tightly, and he greeted me in his powerful, equally loving arms. Even tears came and we held each other for a long time. When we separated from the hug, the cafeteria was now empty. The next day, I would have to work until noon, then with the owners’ permission I would leave it for my new experience.
I remember that, at nine o’clock in the morning, I went to the first floor, in his office to make some photocopies. I was wearing a red dress, as always, very short, I was turning my back on “S… o”, he was sitting at his desk, the first copy was wrong and I crumpled it up and threw what was next to the copy machine. I was actually a really bad basketball player and the paper ball fell out of the trash. After throwing the paper and making a mistake, I want to show that I did it on purpose, I bent my outstretched legs to get the crumpled paper, aware that the dress would have climbed over my buttocks.
I stayed in that position for a few seconds longer than I should have, and when I got up I noticed his presence behind me. He hugged me from behind, grabbing my breasts with strong hands. Trapped by that male hug, I just turned my face and found his lips that rested excited and feverish on mine. I opened my mouth, while he left me momentarily free, I turned and he again held me against him, he was feeling his masculinity against his stomach, we kissed again, and then he took me by the hand and literally dragged me into the meeting room, closed the door behind us and got me up, making me sit at the table, took off my panties bringing my pussy to the edge of the table, with one hand unzipped it, then loosened the belt, dropped the pants on the floor and made out his magnificent cannon, that huge stick that he had wanted so much. He touched the giant head of his cock in my little hole, he entered me and started to fuck me very tasty.
My God! What a difference between Francisco’s little toothpick and the giant “S… u” stick, I didn’t understand anything since the first second, he whispered to me that it was too tight, I told him I was dying, that I was enjoying it too much, said him never to stop, I made him an oath that he would follow me to the ends of the world. He made me come a couple of times, then a moment before filling my pussy with his sperm, he asked me for a confirmation of what I had known for a long time, he wanted to know if I was always taking the pill, I answered with a yes long and he filled me with a river of hot cum. When he took the stick from me, he put his hand up to prevent the descent of his sperm from staining the table.
He helped me clean up and cleaned his dick, so I hugged him and kissed me hard, told me to love me forever and that’s when I told him that I loved him from day one.

I saw that he was wearing his pants, I quickly went down and grabbed him in my mouth, while I felt that someone was looking for him in his office. I didn’t care and started a nice blowjob, trying to use all the methods and techniques to make him come more. He, at one point, grabbed me by the hair and made me get up, then turned me around like I was a branch and made me put my breasts on the table, patted my ass, right after that I felt that powerful stick leaning against the tiny hole in my ass, with his fingers he dipped saliva in and out of the ass and then pushed the cock in.
I was already giving my boyfriend’s ass, but my sphincter was not used to this huge cucumber. He struggled painfully until he overcame my anus ring, pushed again and started to fuck me hard in the ass. he spoke softly to me, words of fire, that I had a wonderful ass, that he was opening, penetrating, that would have filled my intestines with cum. At that moment I understood why his punching was getting faster and faster, that he was about to come, so I took my hands back to open my buttocks better and he stuck it inside me until the balls.
I felt that suddenly he took the stick out of me, took me by the hair, made me go back and squat: his dick that now had a strange bitter taste was in my mouth again. He came in my mouth, I felt hot cum flood my palate. Soon afterwards he took the cock out of my mouth and masturbated and splashed sperm on my face, which I eagerly licked. He made me sit at the table again, lifted my legs in the air and insinuated his mouth on my ass and my wet tree frog. Then I started to lick my clitoris, my G spot, I was not able to resist it for a long time and it was my turn to wet his mouth and face profusely.
We left the meeting room one by one. I turned directly to the bathroom while he went straight to his room that was next to the room of our sin.
At noon, I went up to greet him and, unfortunately, he was with the director, I hugged him warmly anyway and left. In the street, before getting in the car, I looked towards his window, he was there to greet me with his hand.
The moral of the story is: Better late than never! Of course, if it had happened before ………… ..

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