I am a teacher and I teach mainly in technical schools, public and private, where students are between 16 and 19 years old, on average. I am 26 years old and I am one of the youngest teachers in virtually all schools. And at this age, as we know, students are discovering their sexuality, so never strange when issues of this nature are raised during class, whether in a serious way or through jokes and jokes. I have always taken the teaching profession very seriously, and I understand that it is part of my job to guide them in everything that is important for them to make informed and informed decisions.
Because of my style, which involves interest in modern bands, cinema and the arts in general, the classes for which I teach always understand me as the coolest teacher, and therefore in line with many subjects that interest them. It is natural, I never made an effort to establish these relationships.

In between, I rarely go to the teachers’ room. I prefer to go to the canteen, keep talking and observing their behavior, seeing how their personalities develop. Obviously I notice the most beautiful girls, but I am married and I always thought that, in a way, it would be a little cowardly on my part to try something with students.

Almost all the “tribes” come to talk to me: from rockers to evangelicals. In particular, I prefer to talk to the more politicized, or those a little more mature, who can already think about other subjects than the typically teenagers.

On a certain day in June this year the school was a little empty as many students were participating in school games in another unit. Isabela, one of the girls I always talked to, was alone, without her class. She is short, certainly less than six feet. He is 18 years old, with very light and pink skin on his face, dark hair, wavy and cut at the shoulders, has big brown eyes, decorated by glasses with black and relatively thick frames, a big and really beautiful mouth, with lips that seem drawn. Isabela has a medium and very round ass, almost always covered by mesh pants with the school logo. But what makes men fall for Isabela is above the waist. Her breasts are big, much bigger than her colleagues, and her waist is very thin, which makes her body disproportionate in the best possible way. I had never seen Isabela with a cleavage, as it was forbidden at school. But even under t-shirts you could tell they were incredible.

That day I was passing through the corridor and she was going in the opposite direction. He stopped to greet me (as he always did) and gave me a kiss on the cheek, something I had never done, which left me a little disconcerted. I had never smelled it either, and I realized that it wore a very sweet and sweet perfume. She started chatting nicely, about what she had done over the weekend. She told a little about her boyfriend, a moment when she was less euphoric and with a downcast look. To my surprise, she ended the conversation by saying “bye, teacher kitten”, gave me another kiss on the cheek and entered the classroom.

The following week, Isabela retweeted something that I had posted, and then she sent me a DM to talk about it, which was just an amenity, something about a movie being shown, I don’t even remember. But the conversation soon became her boyfriend, who I didn’t know and was a little older than she was. She started to complain, but in a very general way, and I tried to guide her as much as possible. She realized that I had some experience and was in the mood for conversation. At that moment Isabela started to give intimate details of the relationship.

  • He’s very nice to me, but he seems a little distracted when having sex. I like him very much, but I wanted him to give me more attention, sexually speaking.
  • Explain better. What he does? What does he not do?
  • He doesn’t like to suck me very much. In fact, it seems that he doesn’t like it even if I do it, it’s strange. He just likes to have normal sex, and he comes quickly.
  • But do you?
  • I don’t know, I mean, I think so. But I think little, I always want
    more. I masturbate every now and then, but I’m not sure how to do it, or I’m not motivated enough. Do not know. It’s frustrating.

I didn’t know if her talk was really true, or if she was interested in me and using it to get closer. Anyway, I kept talking to try to help you.

  • And your teacher wife, does she enjoy?
  • A lot, and in all possible ways.
    This answer of mine generated a silence. His response, which was always instantaneous, took a few minutes to come.
  • She’s lucky.

This time it was me who took a long time to answer. I didn’t actually answer until the next day, during class, when she met me at break.

  • Hi, how are you? – she asked. She was wearing a white blouse that marked her breasts and bra a lot. I couldn’t help looking for a few seconds.
  • Sure, everything. And with you?
  • I’m still the same … Any tips?
    I laughed at the situation and so did she. In the meantime, I was thinking of an answer.
  • Do it like this: invite him to go to the motel. Suddenly there he loosens more …
  • I tried, he doesn’t want to. He says he thinks it’s kind of disgusting, that he heard disgusting stories from dirty rooms …
  • Ah, but it depends on the motel, right?
  • I know, but he doesn’t like it. Can you believe it? I have been 18 for 8 months and have never been to a motel! All my friends are gone … I die of desire!
    She barely finished her sentence and the bell rang. We said goodbye and the day went normal. On the way home, I decided to send a DM to her, in a joke tone.
  • I’ll take you to the motel, that’s it, problem solved!
    The answer was immediate:
  • Hey! When?
  • Whenever you want – I replied, with a smile with a wink.
  • Tomorrow at 9?

It was a Saturday and my wife was traveling. Perfect.

  • Combined.

The hours were slow to pass, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But Isabela’s body was so incredible that it was worth it. If I could see your breasts, I would be happy already.

We went in my car, and Isabela just looked at me and smiled, with that fleshy and beautiful mouth. She was wearing a loose, not too short, strapless dress, and had a light neckline. Seeing her like this was already a novelty, because at school they did not wear this type of clothing.
We entered the room and she was very happy to be there. He moved the lights, the sound, went to look at the bathtub. He found a package with condoms and lubricants and came running to show me.

  • Thank you for bringing me here. It’s fun. And now?
  • Now we have to use every inch of that space – said that and pulled her close to me. Her mouth touched mine and I soon felt her tongue searching for space in my mouth. We kissed standing for a long time. His kiss was wet and his big mouth made him want to bite.

It is somewhat curious, because Isabela alternated moments when he seemed very experienced with others who were completely clumsy, but still maintained a certain grace. For example, when you bent down to take my pants off and did it looking into my eyes and with a tomboy face, but licking your lip. However, when my dick came out, she didn’t know what to do right. Sometimes he licked his head quickly, sometimes he jerked in the wrong way, moving the stick on the side and not vertically.

I said, “What are you doing?” She replied, laughing, that she didn’t know very well, but she wanted to learn. I was obsessed with seeing her naked, so I said I would later teach. She tried to kiss me but I lifted my head dodging just to tease her a little, and it was then that she jumped a little and crossed her legs around my waist to reach my mouth. Since she was small and light, I had no problem staying in that position, which left her breasts at an optimal height. The right handle was already half fallen, so it was not difficult to lower it for good. Finally, I was able to see her breasts. They were a foot from me, and they were really huge and soft. The halos were big, pink, almost white, and I stared at them for a few seconds before they filled my mouth. Isabela let out moans, and I confess that I lost track of time. It made my wish come true. I sucked on Isabela’s breasts as if there was no tomorrow. Obviously they didn’t fit in my mouth, so I alternated licking my nipples with more nervous kisses on the top. She kept her head on my shoulder, breathing hard and trying to kiss me when I took short breaks.

Her short dress was already waist-high, so it was easy to put her hand on her panties. I felt the heat coming from the region, and I took the opportunity to move her clitoris with my finger, still slowly. Isabela, who at school was a talkative and uninhibited girl, now responded with short sentences and spoke little.

“Today you’re going to come, and you’re going to come a lot,” I said.
“Finally,” she replied, with a beautiful smile on her face, before kissing me again.

I asked her, still with her legs crossed behind my back, to take off her dress. She did, looking into my eyes, and I finished taking off her bra. Okay, she was just in her panties, although I couldn’t see well. I laid her down on the bed, very well, and saw that her panties were of the short, white, cotton type and not very close to the body, which matched her style a lot. And there was a moisture mark near the clitoris. I kissed and sucked over her panties, she laughed and said she was tickling. I took off my panties slowly and together came out a pasty liquid thread that connected her panties to her pussy. Which, by the way, was not shaved, but her hair was thin and a little lighter than her hair color. Her pussy was small and chubby on the lips, which in turn were tightly closed. I was delighted. My cock was already very hard, so I took off my clothes and in an instinctive gesture I approached my cock to the entrance, made a slight force and stopped.

To torture myself a little more, I started to suck my student’s cunt, now totally delivered: lying down and naked. I am not a gentleman with extreme experience, but I have always made my partners achieve enjoyment with oral sex.

I started licking my lips, feeling every inch with my tongue. Isabela, at that moment, seemed a little nervous. He stopped breathing heavily and stared at me, head bowed forward and body tense. I drew back, kissed the inside of her thighs, went up to her belly until I reached the nipple of her breasts. I gave a tender kiss and kissed his mouth as well.

  • What’s it? You look tense. Don’t you like to be sucked?
  • I don’t know, I never was.

I just smiled and said nothing. Then I went down her belly again until it stopped at the clitoris, where I licked and made some circular movements. First slowly, then alternating between fast and medium licks. This must have lasted about two minutes, until she let her head fall on the pillow, closed her eyes and started to moan. His moans started to become rhythmic, according to the movements of my mouth. I realized that she was happy and satisfied. That girl, beautiful and with an unbelievable body, was all mine. I licked her clit quickly, until I stopped and just pressed it with my tongue. A light pressure, which soon became heavy. Isabela closed her legs, pinned my head and started to squirm. I kept pressing my clitoris with my tongue. She took a deep breath and said something that I didn’t understand. Her moans stopped and she let out a muffled cry.

I continued to lick, now more slowly, her soaked pussy. There is no better taste than the pussy you just came. She ran her hand through my hair, and stayed for a while with her eyes closed and almost passed out. We stayed in this position for a long time. I would stay there forever.

Until she started to recover and moan again, still stroking my head. I lifted my body up, put my cock again in the mouth of her pussy and let my body fall on yours, slowly but firmly, without stopping. My dick came in all at once, and I started to get in, holding her breasts. She finally opened her eyes until the end, smiled and said: thank you. I just smiled back and continued. After everything that happened, I knew that if I got in quickly, I would soon come, so I slowed down. She stroked my back, and gradually I noticed that her breathing was becoming more labored again. I took her hand to her pussy and she quickly learned where to put her finger.

I noticed that she was making quick circular motions, and then squeezing for a while, just as I had done with my tongue minutes before. It didn’t take long and she came hard again, only now biting her lips, squeezing her breast with one hand and looking me in the eyes. I couldn’t take another second, I took my cock out of her pussy and pointed it at her breasts, she looked scared, but she soon understood what was happening and with both hands she joined her breasts. I don’t think it was the first time someone had enjoyed them. I let the first jet go straight into Isabela’s breasts, but the second and third got a little out of control and hit her neck, the side of her face and some of her hair. She laughed and looked at me a little embarrassed.

I didn’t say anything, I just watched and recovered. She ran her finger over the fucking face, feeling for how far it had gone. To my absolute surprise, Isabela put her finger to her mouth and sucked, like someone who sucks condensed milk from a can. She laughed again and said: it’s sweet and sour!

We went to the shower, where she again said that she loved the taste of my cum. I said: seriously? And she replied: why, can’t you? You seemed to like the taste of my enjoyment.
Hearing that made my dick hard right away. She saw it and bent down to suck. This time I was teaching her, telling her to lick the balls too, run my tongue over the base and everything. She did exactly as I ordered, and I soon told her I was going to come. She remained sucking, and I filled that delicious mouth with my cum. I asked her to continue sucking, licking, but more calmly and less forcefully, and so she did, until she cleaned my dick. First with her mouth, then she made sure to wash it with soap and dry it with a towel.

We stayed at the motel for another three hours, and we did what we agreed on arrival: we had sex in every possible corner.

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