Brunette Gyn

I want to share with you this fact that happened to me a few years ago. Well, I’m going to use the fictitious name Ana for myself, because today I have a family and I want this fact to remain a secret for my family and friends.
I am 37 years old, 1.59cm, about 46 kg, I am what they call fake skinny with shapely legs, stiff butt, big breasts that modesty aside look great with my bikini marks, I have long black curly hair even though I brush and it almost never stays like that with the constant request of my husband who likes him curly.
I live in Goiânia and I was previously married for eight years and from this marriage I had a beautiful son and I thought I had a happy family and that was my perfect world, but I found out that my ex-husband cheated on me with the maid who worked in our home on the days when I was traveling for work, as I started working at a very young age and when I was 10 years old I already worked at a family home and worked until I managed to get into a government program for young people in a company that provided services for the state and then after finishing high school I took the public exam and became effective of the state and traveled to earn extra hours and give more comfort to my family, but after this betrayal I also discovered that he had given me a blow and stolen everything that we we had, from the car, the motorcycle, the money in the joint account and even the furniture in the house he took, leaving only the things of our son and moved to the state of Mato Grosso, I was living on favor and receiving help from friends and family for a long time until I managed to pay the debts left by him on the credit card and loans consigned to my payroll where the salary entered and was already blocked to pay the various loans made in my name.
I spent eight years discredited in love and not having any relationship, so I spent more often going to work trips under the state government program and I had the privilege of visiting several cities in my state and I learned again to have pleasure, to live, to go out dancing, have a beer and chat with co-workers after hours. On one of these trips I met my ex-boyfriend who I will call him George, he was 38 at the time, an engineer and had a stable financial life, but despite being a good person he drank a lot and this affected his professional and social interaction, considering that he always liked to go to those very simple bars and live with humble people there and have them as friends, but he was fun and I had spent so much time alone that I clung blindly to this passion, we started going out almost every night to bars together with his inseparable friends who did not leave him, since, George always paid for everything and there is no shortage of friends wanting to take advantage.
After some time of dating I found it strange that he hardly came to me for sex, although we were together almost every night on weekdays, and on the weekend he didn’t go out with me and said he went to football with friends and there he was place for women.
One weekend I was going to my mother’s house, which was in Conjunto Itatiaia, which is a neighborhood where I lived. As I did every Saturday, I went to the aesthetic center where I do tanning and did my desired bikini marks and waxing, then at a friend’s salon where I paid a month I brushed my hair, nails, eyebrows and such .. So I went on to arrange dinner and accommodate my son at my mother’s house as I always did on the nights I went out dancing with two long-time inseparable business friends, since I wouldn’t have my boyfriend as usual on the weekends.
The girl in the salon took a long time to brush my hair and it was getting dark so I had to hurry up.

I went home to take a shower and get ready that from there I would go to the appointment, when I finished and left the house I realized how long it had taken me getting ready and the night had already arrived, it was quite dark, I kept walking down the dark street lit only by the few lights of the posts that were not burned, listening only to the sound of crickets in the distance and the heels of my sandals on the asphalt, the night was hot, I looked at the sky and it was black with few stars, the moon was rising and I plunged into my thoughts about how I would finish dancing all night and that delicious shrimp serving that served there and made my mouth water to think … and that as I had cut my hair this afternoon it should grow even more despite not believing in these things of lunar phase, it made time pass while i walked down that street without a soul beyond my life, my jeans were glued to the outside barriquinha with a black bodice that left my back showing min There are little marks on the back and the low waistband of my pants, with my hair down and well done, I was beautiful modesty aside. But to cut a path I passed a pasture that separated the neighborhood Jardim Pompéia where I lived and Conjunto Itatiaia where I grew up and my mother lived as usual and everyone did, and after entering and following the trail and only then I realized how much weeds were tall, much taller than me. I felt a chill in my stomach, but I kept going, after all I lived in that neighborhood since I was a child and everyone knew me nothing bad could happen to me there … my mistake!
I heard footsteps on the same path I was following and tried to walk faster to get to the other side, but the sound was fast approaching, I looked back trying to see who it was and saw nothing in the dark made me want to run, but how run with that 15 feet jump ?! I tried to walk even faster, I felt my heart race when I heard the sound of the grass swaying next to me and then I saw the figure in the dark and a man quickly passed me and I gave a startled scream and he gave an ironic smile without stopping or looking for me passing quickly by me and his arm brushed my shoulder on the narrow path and I felt a strong mixture of alcohol and dirt so he followed the path and disappeared into the darkness.
My legs were shaking with fright and my heart was racing, I kept walking more slowly now trying to calm down and wanting to get out of there, looking at the headlights of the cars on the road on the other side of the pasture, I was halfway there when I saw that someone was crossing the trail again and as I had already gone through the scare I imagined to be someone who just like that man and I was cutting the path, as he got closer I realized that it was the same man who was returning with a lit cigarette and how he was walking very fast and there was a bar near the other end of the pasture, I imagined that I had bought cigarettes and was returning and I just got closer to the side, so that he would not touch me again when he passed, because his fullness was terrible, it seemed that he did not bathe for days. He came over and I walked away for him to pass and he passed without looking at me and I scratched his nose in an involuntary act by the smell and at that moment I felt his arms holding me from behind, I screamed and he covered my mouth and pulled me back on the trail I tried to go out struggling while he pulled me into the bush and then I saw the glow of something and I felt it put on my neck, it was a knife like that used in the butcher shop on the white handle and touched the blade cold in my neck and tell me to keep silent or I would cut my throat.
I smelled the strong smell of alcohol and cigarettes with him holding me from behind and his face glued to mine talking in my ear. I scared him a lot and I asked him not to kill me because I had a son, I asked him to leave, I felt my legs go wobbly and I didn’t move and I couldn’t even cry. Up to that moment, the fix of what was happening had not yet fallen,
He sent me to accompany him with one hand holding the bow on my neck and with the other arm going around my waist holding my arm and holding the other by my wrist, I felt his body all glued to mine as we walked on a narrow distance from the avenue of cars and so we went into the bush to a place where the bush was already crushed looking like someone had been there before, at this moment I realized I would be raped at least there and I started to cry and ask, please, to let me go , but I received a slap on the face in an order to shut up and seeing it changed and afraid of what might happen I obeyed.

He started to run his hand over my body, palpating my ass, my breasts and seemed to try to stick his fingers in my pussy over the pants which made the seam of the pants hurt me and I pranced my butt in an involuntary act and he smiled behind me with the knife blade around my neck enjoying watching me force my ass against him in an urge to try to get rid of his hand on my pussy. I felt his dick rubbing my ass over his pants while he squeezed my cunt even more just to see me squirm and force my ass back trying to remove his hand and how I was without panties, because all my panties were small and how I would dance they kept getting in the butt and it bothered me so when I went out to dance I didn’t wear panties and the seam of the pants caught right on top of her and it hurt a lot when he tightened it ..
He started trying to remove my bodice, but it was braided and he couldn’t let go and he got nervous started to force the knife in my neck in an attempt to pull the bodice to loosen it I felt he was cutting me and I asked to help remove the bodice , he accepted, but first he warned me that if I tried to escape he would cut my throat and since he was not from there nobody would know who it was or his whereabouts. I agreed to be quiet, because I knew I couldn’t run faster than him, because he was much bigger and stronger and I had seen how quickly he passed me, so I started to open the bodice, but he was very excited and badly I had time to open the half and already pulled the bowl down and started to suck my breasts, and say they were big and call me a hot cow and say I was in the right place, because the cow was climbing in the pasture. He squeezed my breasts as if he had never seen one and gave hickeys to their nipples that I thought would rip them off and controlled me not to cry out in pain with each hickey he won.
He tried to put his hand in my pants, but it was too tight, he didn’t go in and told me to open her buttons, I started asking again to let me go and I got another slap in the face, but this time with a lot of force and fell on the floor and he told me to get up and open the buttons on my pants, which I did without questioning anything else. I felt my face burn with the slap and I couldn’t believe it was happening a lot of things in my mind in flash of seconds so I felt my face go numb then with another slap and an order to lower my pants, and I realized there was got out of my mind in a few moments.
That was when he saw the tanning marks and the whole shaved pussy went crazy with lust and put me standing with my legs open with my breasts sore and out of so many hickeys and my pants lowered on my ankles and started to run my fingers over my clitoris and the nail caught him and it felt bad and I felt like taking his hand away and by preservation instinct I held his hand and got another slap on the face, but this time lighter and he told me to put my hands back and not disturb or I would be beaten for real. My eyes were already getting used to the darkness and I could see where I was and see it better. He must have been 1.78 in height and about 80 kilos. He looked young at about 25 years old, but well punished by life and he was not handsome, besides having a bad smell and a breath of drink mixed with horrible cigarette dressed in those dirty jeans and that one. shirt that was once white, it looked like it was a month that was dressed in the same clothes.
He continued to touch my cunt and I with my hands behind me as he ordered and with my legs spread wide open he knelt in front of me and started to lick my groin, I felt disgust at that wet tongue drooling on me and licking me like a dog, until he started to suck my cunt, my legs disappeared for an instant and I almost fell on top of him, I tried to disguise him and he noticed and told me to put his hands on his shoulders, who was kneeling between my legs using the my pussy like a feast, but I didn’t want to and I stood there with my arms behind my legs spread without being able to react to the hickeys on my clit and the tongues that it looked like he would swallow my pussy by sucking it.
As much as I tried to fight that feeling, because I thought I could not feel pleasure in forced sex, my body said the opposite, I tried to control myself and my mind said it was wrong to feel pleasure in it and it was disgusting, but my body was shaking all over and no longer obeyed me, I felt my wet pussy run and not just from the licks that disgusting tongue gave her.

I tried to control my breathing so he wouldn’t notice and focused my thoughts on something else in an attempt to not feel pleasure, but I couldn’t, and a very strong spasm came when he started rubbing his tongue over my sprout and it disappeared in front of me when I saw it I was cumming in his mouth and trying to disguise it for fear of being beaten if he noticed then I heard his voice in the middle of my legs saying: Come on, slut, I want to see you cum, you bitch!
He opened my pussy with one hand and sucked my sprout, sucking it and I felt like I had swallowed my sprout with that disgusting mouth and I couldn’t take it anymore and I came in his mouth standing there and my whole body was shaking and he kept sucking me , I felt all the muscles in my legs trembling, jumping, I tried to balance myself standing up, but I couldn’t do it and I fell back into the crushed bush without force. For a moment I felt my body relax, and I looked at that dark starless sky and the fear was gone, I was in a kind of trance, I hadn’t enjoyed it in a long time, and I had never reached such a strong orgasm with a man, only on lonely nights when I touched myself in the bathroom or in bed fantasizing various situations unimaginable for a respectable woman, even a rape had sometimes fantasized about thinking of a beautiful coworker she had seen that day or even a stranger, but never I imagined really going through a situation like this, I had already won a few bucks on the bus always packed on the way home from work and sometimes I even made it easier for them to sniff and me and even masturbated when I got home reminding them of rubbing their dick on my ass over my pants while riding the bus or trying to smooth my breasts with my arms at every turn the bus made, but it had never been more than that.
When that feeling of stasis passed after the orgasm, I saw that he remained kneeling in front of me looking at me with his legs spread open, exhausted and sweaty and he stayed there for a few minutes, I even thought I had finished using me.
My mistake … he unzipped his pants and took his dick out, so I saw that it had only started and I tried not to look but I realized that he was masturbating looking at me lying there with his legs open,
He moved in the bush and I looked at him in the reflection because of the noise and I saw his dick, it was very thick and well compared compared to the two that I knew was my ex-husband and George’s, my eyes couldn’t stop to look as much as I tried, I found it huge and the more he masturbated the bigger he got and was scared so he started rubbing my body again while he masturbated with the other hand and pressed the nipples of my breasts and went down to mine cunt and rubbing it, but I had already come and felt nothing else, so he stuck two fingers in it and I screamed because it was already dry considering that I had come a few minutes ago and dodged the body on the floor coming back a little , he stopped masturbating for a moment and took the knife that was on the floor next to him and put the tip of it on my belly and he pulled my pants off and I was naked from the waist down, with my breasts outside the bodice. He told me to spread my legs wide and I was afraid of the knife leaning on my belly knowing that he would skin my pussy, it didn’t take long for me to finish thinking and he already stuck both fingers inside me until the end without mercy with that hand rough as a pawn, I felt everything burn and I controlled myself not to scream as he made a back and forth movement with those big, dirty fingers inside me, so he went one by one of the fingers until he put the four fingers inside of me, I felt his hand opening me all and it hurt a lot, he left the knife next to him on the floor several times while feeling and sucking my breasts and licking me like a dog licking a bone and despite the disgust he felt, that was turning me on and I felt my pussy betray me again getting wet and the more it wetted more intense was the back and forth movement that he did with the four fingers inside.

It hurt a lot and I felt like he was breaking into my little pussy that had never entered more than two fingers inside. I tried not to come and instinctively closed my legs in an involuntary act, but he told me to open them again calling me a whore and saying a lot of bad words in my ear while licking my ear and my neck holding my head by the hair forcing me to kiss him sticking that filthy tongue into my mouth, I was never a whore, but hearing that excited me and always wanted to have sex by listening to pornography in my ear, but not like that, but yes, with my boyfriend and I was ashamed to ask and seem vulgar. That got me bigger and when I saw it I was cumming again in the hand of that stinky pervert, and this time I didn’t hold it and groaned loudly and with his hand tucked up to my fingers inside my pussy and running my cum down my groin up my ass and licking his hand with my joy and when he saw that I was coming he put his hand in more violence and making the movements come and go stronger and faster and I squirmed all lying on the floor with my legs spread with my arms back like he had told me to give myself totally to the abuses of that pervert, and the only thing I could do was give myself to enjoyment and I did, but he continued to masturbate with his fingers inside even after I came and I was already without legs, out of breath, without any strength and even then he wouldn’t stop until my pussy once again betrayed me and surrendered to the new orgasm and I came again and even more intense, I felt my whole body tremble endlessly, until my voice didn’t come out and despite everything I liked it, it was a sensation that I had never felt before, not even when I masturbated alone and reached several orgasms that I thought was the maximum that there could be, I didn’t feel anything anymore, my pussy was numb from coming so much and just felt that she was swollen and should be skinned, but she was no longer in pain. I lay there with my legs open, totally surrendered to whatever he wanted to do without being able to show any reaction, while he licked me like a dog and kissed me hard on the mouth, although at that time of events I didn’t even fight to avoid his. bitter kiss of cigarette despite the disgust he felt and it was then that he realized the disgust that I was in kissing him, or rather, let him stick his tongue in my mouth wanted and screwed and rubbed my dirty hand of my pleasure in my face and while licking my ear and face again, he started rubbing my lips and putting his fingers in my mouth as if masturbating my mouth and said in my ear that I was supposed to suck his dick, because I had the face of a bitch and wanted to see that little mouth to suck rolls licking his dick like a popsicle.
I felt very disgusted, because if he smelled like that, imagine his dick as it should be ?! I asked him to masturbate and said that he had never done that and was disgusted, despite having already sucked my ex-husband and George, I lied in an attempt to move him and not do that, but he didn’t even want to know and put the knife again in my belly he pulled me by the hair making me sit in the bush and told me to open my mouth and said that if I bit him he would kill me and started rubbing the dick on my face, calling me a mouthpiece and telling me to suck on his dick and forcing the chick’s head on my lips until I open my mouth and he shoves that stinky, thick chick inside.
It was huge and the head almost didn’t fit in my mouth, but it didn’t matter and I held my head by the hair and stuck it tightly in my mouth making me swallow halfway, I felt it touch my throat and made me retch, I didn’t I could breathe and suffocate with him inside so when he saw that I had already lost my breath I would take it out for a few moments and barely give myself time to breathe and put the cock in my mouth again, did it for about ten minutes and I almost passed out without a few times with him literally fucking my mouth and making my mouth a cunt.

When I was no longer able to suck it, he took the dick out of my mouth and pushed me into the bush again, then he sat between my legs and put his fingers inside me again and removed it at once, I felt like my uterus was going to go out with his fingers, I didn’t have the strength or even to scream and I only helped my cunt by rubbing it in an attempt to minimize the pain and I realized that it was very swollen and flayed, much more than I imagined that his hand it had hurt my cunt a lot.
He lowered his pants and was dressed only on one leg and took off his shirt, he had a very nice body, he was strong and sunburned as if he worked in a manual service during the day and I even thought he was a mechanic, or a tire repairman. of the several truck tire shops in the neighborhood, considering that the neighborhood was between two highways and the traffic of truckers and wanderers looking for a ride there was constant.
I asked him again to put on a condom at least and he smirked and said he didn’t use it.
He lay on top of me, and tried to stick his dick inside my pussy at once, but he didn’t go in and he forced that huge head I tried to pull away and he lying on top of me holding me by the neck forcing the dick against mine until my head passed and went tearing everything up until I felt it hit my uterus and he kept pushing in trying to push it in more and it had entered just over half, I felt my pussy all filled by that huge dick, each taken and placed on him the leather of my cunt as he said go out with his dick and come in again, I was quiet in an attempt to hurt less, because the more I moved the more it hurt and it felt like I was tearing the lips of my pussy, it was so thick that it was almost not going straight in and as I was already skinned it hurt even more the cuts and punches with violence that I received from him without any mercy, on the contrary he seemed to like to see me feel pain and was even more excited with my suffering.
I didn’t see when he came and put an end to my suffering and I asked him to stop that he wouldn’t tell anyone and that I couldn’t take it anymore and it hurt a lot, but when I said it was hurting him more, he punched me and said that it didn’t matter if I talked to someone, because nobody knew him there and the chain for him was a hotel and it had been a while since he had eaten a chain butt.
I don’t even know how long he was eating me there, lying around playing and taking the dick and forcing it in an attempt to stick it all in my pussy, but it was too big to get his head in my uterus I think, I just know it hurt a lot where it touched. I felt his sweat running down my body and on my breasts as he rubbed his body on them in the coming and going punching my cunt leaving me impregnated with that horrible smell of sweat and dirt, my sweat mixed with his that hot night and my bodice everything was all wet with embarrassed sweat wrapped around my waist, my hair stuck to my sweaty back, and my breath that I could no longer control and made no effort to try in vain. I felt that animal breathing hard in my ear as I punched my aching pussy mercilessly and felt my breasts and in that I came two or three more times with him on top of me using me as I wanted.
I was completely surrendered to him despite the fear I had of getting some disease, considering that even to use a toilet I didn’t sit on it, even the one in my house that was rented and I didn’t know who had been using it before me, so I asked again for him to put on a condom at least to use me and he smirked and said that he liked to feel the leather of the dick brushing the pussy of the sluts and the little ring of the goats and forced the entrance of my ass with his finger and it hurt because his nail it was a little big, I gave an involuntary moan and he liked it and continued to play with my ass to see me moan, he said he was very horny to eat me on all fours.

At that time I froze, because if I was literally breaking into my pussy, I was already used to taking dick from the two men I went to bed with, imagine in my almost virgin ass that I only had dick once with my ex-husband and even then I didn’t I managed to go to the end!
I thought and shouted to see if anyone who happened to be passing by in the pasture or even in the bar on the avenue heard me, but the music was loud there and they certainly couldn’t hear me, especially since the bar was even more distant from the place to where that pervert took me and I could only hear the music that played far away. I was indignant, because in that pasture there were people crossing all the time, but just when I needed it most, no one came and I did not hear if they wanted voices or footsteps of a living soul passing through the trails and it seemed even agreed.
I felt my cunt drain every time he took the dick at once and put it back inside me hard, but I didn’t know if it was blood or something else that came out of it.
He put me on all fours helping me to get up and turn around, because my legs no longer obeyed me and I leaned my head on the floor on my arms, he started to lick my cunt and I felt a relief with his tongue passing through it moistening it and I was quiet so as not to stop, because it was refreshing after so long taking a hand and a giant cock inside it, it was very tasty I confess and I even started to get wet again with him calling me a little dog and licking my skinned pussy with affection.
I was almost cumming again when he smoothed my grelinha with the dick’s head and started to stick it in and said that this is how you eat bitches, I felt that dick fill my whole pussy and hit my uterus with every punch that he gave, but he no longer felt pain, he was anesthetized and swollen. He told me to prick his ass and I did it and he put it in me with such force that I felt his bag hit my pussy, so I realized that he had stuck all the dick inside me and I thought he had torn me all up, and we stayed like that for a long time with him eating me on all fours and sometimes pulling me back and putting me on my knees with him on my knees.
We were both sticky wet with sweat and that strong grip he gave me and the virility he had in sex and that neither of the two men I was with had ever had, having sex with them for a maximum of fifteen minutes and a few minutes later I was already asleep and I was frustrated in bed as I did several times.
I was feeling pleasure, it would be hypocritical to say that I was not enjoying it like I had never before with that strong sex that left me groundless with every orgasm I had, although it was not the ideal sex for my concepts, but that I got excited feeling those strong thrusts in my little pussy, with her hands sometimes feeling my breasts as if they were the last in the world, sometimes holding me by the hip and pulling me back while eating me with strong punches in my skinned pussy and my sweat dripping from mine. neck down the coast, my hair nailed in the sweat on my back with the brush I had done hours ago and it was all spoiled, but it didn’t matter at that moment I felt wanted by a man and this was new to me, because there was never felt it before.
He ate me like this for long minutes until I came on all fours and I felt my pleasure drain and melt my ankles with me on all fours and he sated his tare in my foursome, all delivered to him, continued to punch her against his body my ass hard every time I stuck the whole dick inside me pushing me forward until I couldn’t stand it and I lay in the bush with my back to him and he continued to eat me lying down, I felt the bush stick on my sweaty body as he he kept coming and going inside me until I came again so weak that I think he didn’t even notice, because I couldn’t show any reaction, a few minutes later he punched me very hard that he dragged me into the forest and let out a I howl like an animal and then I felt the hot spurt of cum inside my pussy that was and he gave me some more strong punches and I felt that hot goo run down my groin.

He took the dick out of me and lay next to me, I didn’t have the strength for anything and I couldn’t sit down, imagine getting up. Then I felt his arm pulling me close to him and hugging me, placing my head on his chest.
We stayed there for about fifteen minutes without saying anything just listening to the silence with a country music from the bar far away and some car horn on the avenue on the other side of the field with him stroking my hair.
I thought about asking why he did this to women, but he had a serene face and didn’t want to break that peace, even because I didn’t know what he would do to me afterwards. Then he broke the silence and asked me my name and said that he had seen me several times, including walking with my son and thought I was hot and said he would not hurt me and that I could leave whenever I wanted. I told him I would stay there a little longer if he didn’t mind, both because I thought it was his bluff and because I couldn’t get my pants on so weak that I was and needed some time to compose myself. He hugged me, gave me a kiss on the head and we continued in the same position as we were with his head on his chest, I no longer smelled the bad smell I felt at first, maybe because my nose had already gotten used to that horrible smell nausea, or maybe for now I also have that fullness impregnated in my body, but I stayed there with him smoothing my hair and my back for some time, so I asked if he would help me put on my pants, because I was too weak to that and he helped me carefully and untied my bodice and he tied it back, I got up with his help and I heard a noise from my pussy and I felt it drain, then I realized that he had come inside me like a horse and I was full of fucking him and it kept running down my legs, but I was very relaxed and a little zen, I think that after all that stress I went through and so many orgasms I was half past I tried to take some jumping steps, but it was hard to walk r straight on that narrow dark trail and almost falls, but he held me, I took off my sandals and he pulled me to him again and gave me a hug and a kiss on the mouth, it was so fast that there was no time to think or frighten anything , I kissed back, because I wanted to get out of there right before he changed his mind and wanted to kill me and he left with my sandal in his hand, following the path trying to transmit tranquility while I distanced myself from him and as I walked I heard my pussy making a noise and then jets of cum out of it and run down my legs, I was afraid my pants are wet, but I tried to hide it and didn’t look, even because it was too dark and you can’t see anything there on that trail.
I didn’t look back and I don’t know if he stayed there looking at me or where he went, I just know that I went on my way towards my house again, because I didn’t know what time it was and I couldn’t go see my son, sweaty and dirty from sex , while I walked I felt my pussy all swollen rubbing against my pants, my legs were very shaky and I felt like I was walking with my legs open and I felt his sperm run down my legs inside my pants, but luckily there was no one in the street and wondered what time it could be for this deserted street. Several times I thought about stopping and sitting on a sidewalk for a while to rest, because it was difficult to walk, but I wanted to get home and take a shower and tried not to think about what had just happened to me, I only knew one thing, no one from my family and friends would ever know what happened tonight, I just walked with difficulty towards my house and it seemed that it was more distant than usual.
When I got there, I was afraid to go in, because he said he already knew and it was a big lot all walled and I lived in a shed that was at the bottom of the lot and to get there there were some trees and it was very dark, but I was like that even looking everywhere, even seeing nothing in the dark. I went into the house quickly and already undressed and got under the shower, I knew that if I wanted to report the rape I would not be able to take a shower, but I just wanted to scratch that page of my life and I would be ashamed if someone in my family or someone friend knew, and I would be known for the raped. Never ever!

I turned on the shower and stayed under it for a long time just letting the water fall on me without thinking about anything, just cleaning myself, I started to put the soap on me and saw the hickeys on my breasts and the nipple of a cracked ache with the hot water I put soap on it and it hurt even more, but nothing compared when the soap water ran down my pussy, it burned a lot and I almost sat on the floor in pain. I ran my fingers and saw the size of the hole he had left in me, the guy had literally broken me in and was very swollen, even more than I had imagined and very red irritated, but even so I insisted and put soap on it trying to clean that fuck and remove all traces of that disgusting dick from her, I think I spent almost an hour in the bathroom soaping myself and cleaning what was impregnated in me, but the smell was etched in my mind and it didn’t come out even though I washed myself. I wrapped myself in a towel and went to bed, looked at the clock radio and thought he was wrong, because it was past two in the morning and I had left the house it wasn’t eight at night yet, and I realized that I spent more than five hours in the hands of that pervert.
As much as I tried not to think about it, the scenes, his voice, the smell, I couldn’t get out of my head and I could even feel his movements eating me on all fours from behind, not to mention my pussy that hurt a lot, so I remembered that I had a vaginal ointment in the clothes closet drawer and I passed it, I felt a huge relief refreshing myself and blacked out.
I woke up the other day that was Sunday and for a few moments I thought it was a nightmare I had, but when I moved on the bed to get up I felt my pussy hurt and I had the lucidity that was real, I went to the bathroom and almost cried with pain when I urinated and it burned everything, but as I was in a great urge to urinate I continued and put in my mind that I would not stop my life or stop doing anything for that fact, I opened my legs and forced myself, because I was experiencing pain and pissed with desire despite the In pain, I got up, dried my pussy, put on my panties and went on with my life

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