I always had to give my butt, but I never had the courage, because I’m married and getting involved with another man is complicated! This new year I saw the ideal opportunity to give my ass (not to another man, but to a dog), my brother went to travel with his family and left me the key to his house to take care of the black man in the photo, an authentic one turns tin.
I took my wife’s panties and went to my brother’s house to take care of Negão, change the water to give ration and my ass too lol.
Despite being a can, he is very well taken care of, stays inside the house, climbs on the bed on the couch … My sister-in-law takes good care of him. I put my wife’s panties on and called Negão to bed, he is two years old and he never crossed paths he expected the first time to be with me lol.
I started to suck his cock, but he didn’t seem to like it and he was wondering at me, but it was decided that this dog would eat me that day. I went to the kitchen and got a can of condensed milk, and I put it on my ass that I was anxious for something hard inside, in the kitchen I was like a bitch and called him.
Negão came a little suspicious, because he certainly wasn’t used to it but he had instincts, he understood what I was wanting. The dog started to lick me, with his tongue on me, my body trembled with pleasure, especially when he licked inside my ass, I wanted his whole cock inside me, Negão licked me harder and harder so I was rolling around in his snout and he kept licking me, his rough tongue was making me feel incredibly delicious.
I was on all fours anxiously waiting for his dominion over me, but the dog did not stop licking my ass that was open and being offered to him as a trophy. Now I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to have that stick inside me. I grabbed one of his paws and pulled it against my body, and he understood what I wanted and climbed on my ass, trapping me by the strongest short paws like a real stallion, and started lunge trying to hit the hole, tried too long without success.
Until he got it right !!! Aiiii… What a delight, Negão stick !!! I screamed softly as if he understood what he was saying. He held me tighter around my waist and punched me hard, I was delirious with pleasure, Negão moved quickly back and forth, and I helped even more to go deep inside me, pushing my hips against the your body, that is, with your stick all jammed.
I had to have imagined that dogs always stick together, and to have researched before, his cock started to grow opening and widening my ass, When I felt the heat of your cum filling me from the inside flooding me like a river !! ! And I had an orgasm like never before! I screamed with pleasure and feeling all that shit inside me. It was as if I was there like a bitch, a bitch in heat being dominated by a dog. (after researching I saw what the knot was) I was already engaged for about 20 minutes and we stayed with our backs to each other, but it was very good to feel that invader in my body thirsty for sex.
Then there was a burning sensation but I was still enjoying it, a delicious feeling inside, his knot was wilting, wilting and shrinking in size, until he managed to free himself from inside me. When it came out, so much fucking came along that I don’t even know how I managed to hold it in my ass for so long. It was so much that my legs ran down the kitchen floor.
I got up with difficulty, my legs were limp, but even so I went walking sideways and cleaned up all that mess and the Negão always by my side, because I knew that from that moment on I would be his dog.

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