I had been planning to date a transvestite for the first time for some time. The delay occurred due to some prerequisites that should happen together: my wife traveling, finding a transvestite well endowed, effeminate and who was active and passive, who attended in the morning, had no frills and was very naughty. During this time, I went searching the classifieds, calling and when I found something interesting, I visited in person and paid the price of a meeting just to check the veracity of the material, when I found one gifted, I made an oral program to check the size of the tool. I didn’t want any unpleasant surprises at the time, as I planned it to be a memorable and very pleasant date.
After several phone calls, asking about physical characteristics, cock size, among other things, I finally found the combination that I liked the most. Her name was Renata, she lived in a neighborhood close to mine, she was 1.80 m tall, her breasts were silky, medium, her hair was straight and black, due to the light, tanned skin, with tiny bikini marks, like a gym healed, thick legs and a 23 cm dowry, which I had the opportunity to suck and measure when hard. She was active and passive, she kissed on the mouth, she had no frills, she told me she enjoyed being naughty and seemed very naughty to me at the preliminary meeting.
Her price was R $ 100.00 in advance for the program. I proposed that I would pay the R $ 100.00 in advance as she wanted and another R $ 100.00 if she satisfied me, made me at our meeting. She gave a very naughty laugh and told me that she would reserve a whole morning, exclusive for me, that she would give me a deal so neat that I would fall in love with her. With everything already planned, the opportunity came when my wife was away for two days for a company training.
I told Renata the previous afternoon and got there promptly at 8:00 am. She welcomed me as we had already agreed: showering, wearing a small black baby doll with spaghetti straps that extended to just below her butt, a tiny black lace panties, hang glider style, all buried in her butt and completing the set a black bra to open at the front. Her hair was tied in a ponytail, without makeup and very fragrant.
I, in turn, had showered, shaved and had an intimate shower. She already knew that I wanted a program full of slutty and kisses, so that I could have a very tasty sex and that I would like to be very well eaten by her at the time, in all the positions that she knew and achieved.
As soon as I entered, she closed the door and paid for the arrangement. She then pushed me gently against the wall, gave me a delicious kiss on the mouth and then went with her tongue down my neck to my ear, where she said: now I want you to feel like the most desired man on earth, because from here little by little you will feel like a deliciously pissed off and eaten by me. That speech and his tongue on my neck and ear made me shiver from head to toe.
Without wasting time, she took off my shirt, went down with her skillful tongue over my body and sucked alternately on my nipples. The contact of his tongue on them, made me shiver and filled him even more with lust. While sucking, she deftly opened my belt, pants button, zipper and lowered my pants to my knees. She took her mouth to my cock, which was already totally hard inside the underwear and started to bite it slightly to provoke me, so she pulled the underwear down a little, exposing the glans and flicking it, turning me on even more.
Continuing, she pulled my underwear up to her knees, held me by the ass, with one hand on each buttock, pulled me against her and grabbed my dick without using her hands. She gave me an intense, loving and neat blowjob. She was in no hurry, it felt like my dick was ice cream and she wanted to taste every inch of it. The warmth and wetness of his mouth around my cock was delicious. I moaned for lust and pleasure.
Without stopping to suck me and without touching my cock with her hands, she led me and took off my sneakers, one at a time, then my socks, finished taking off my pants and underwear, leaving me with only my shirt, which I even though I quickly took it off, getting naked at last. Renata stopped sucking me and told me: I will make you come in my mouth first, so when I eat you, you will take longer to come and we will have more time for our pleasure. I will eat you a lot and full of slutty, as you told me to wish.

She, who was squatting in front of me, sucking me, lifted one of my legs and placed it on her knee. Then she stopped sucking me, got a lubricant, which I have no idea where she was or where she came from, licked two of her fingers, then she skillfully and lovingly sought the entrance to my tail, which blinked involuntarily, through the contact of her cold fingers and molasses.
Renata took my mouth again without touching it and sucked me very tasty. It was incredible what she could and could do, as she was able to swallow it easily, almost whole, and then take it out of her mouth, until only the glans remained inside, at the same time that her fingers started to explore internally my tail, which was thirsty for slutty.
When his fingers started to enter my ass, I shivered with all the lust, even though I felt a slight discomfort, at the moment of the beginning of this penetration. Without her stopping sucking me and still not touching her hand on my dick, she gradually and slowly introduced her fingers into my ass, which opened and accommodated them inside, with greed and pleasure, until finally they were already totally bogged down for the first time inside me.
Renata started a back-and-forth with her fingers on my tail, which flickered with lust, making me shiver with pleasure and making me moan even more, because the sensation they caused when entering and leaving me, was very pleasant, at the same time. a time when I was not neglecting the delicious blowjob I was making on my cock, which was long, reflecting the lust I felt.
It was incredible the skill that Renata showed, because she sucked my cock, from the head to a little more in the middle, making a back and forth with her hot mouth, without touching it with her hands, at the same time that she put her fingers in my ass, which was already totally relaxed around them, that came and went, in and out of my tail and already made me yearn for her cock, wondering what it would be like when its 23 cm, were coming and going inside me.
Renata then stopped sucking me, took her fingers off my ass and said: let’s go over to the couch, I want to finish extending your ass, relaxing you to the gauge of my cock, because I will make you come very tasty. She stood up, pulled me by the hand, to the sofa, placed me half seated, half lying on it, so that my back was supported on the back, but my ass was supported on the edge of the sofa. He asked me to raise my legs, like roast chicken, and for the first time, touched my cock with his hands, poking me tenderly. She smiled while doing this and said to me: I will make you enjoy a lot, get ready to have your wishes and fantasies fulfilled.
So Renata lubricated three of her fingers, placed them at the entrance to my ass and asked me to help, relaxing my little ring, rolling my hips in the direction of her fingers, in order to help her introduce them and went back to sucking my pricks. The sensations that it provoked me were wonderful, I moaned with pleasure, my cock and my ass pulsed involuntarily, so much so that I started to roll gently on her fingers, wanting to feel them again inside me.

She went very patiently, shoving them into me and as they entered, my ass widened to receive them. I wiggled more and more on them, because it was very tasty and this, I was pushing their fingers deeper and deeper into my sweet tooth, which wanted them until the end at that moment. I could feel my ass opening and widening to receive them as they entered. Feeling better than that, only when your dick was completely buried, in and out of me.
I moaned with delusions of lust, while Renata pushed her three whole fingers into my ass, to widen it and relax it, preparing it for what would come next. When at last her three fingers were whole inside my ass, Renata stopped sucking me for a moment and told me: ready my tasty, your ass is ready for my dick, now I will make you come very tasty, because when I eat you, no I want you coming as soon as I put my dick in you, like most men do, when they give it to a transvestite.
Renata kept her three fingers in me, started to rotate them this way and that. His mouth wrapped around my dick again. I felt its warmth around my cock, which was then gradually swallowed. She increased the pace and intensity of the suck. With one hand, she held the base of my cock, exposing it totally to the pleasures of that mouth, with the other, she kept three fingers inside my ass, making them turn inside me, producing unprecedented sensations, but that made me crazy and they would make me come.
The back and forth of her mouth on my dick was mind-boggling, she knew what she was doing very well and was an excellent professional. I was delivered, delirious and totally on account of that cat, who had a huge bite and who was going to eat me next. I couldn’t resist such a provocation and I succumbed to a delicious cumshot. The pleasure started with my cock, which extended by the sensations caused by his fingers in my ass and was taking over my body, making me shiver, stiffening, until my cock started to throb, my ass to blink, a wave of shocks and Pleasure swept my body from the bottom up and the first jets of cum were sent into his mouth, which didn’t stop enveloping my dick in no second, until there was nothing left to suck, my cock would stop throbbing and my ass blink, indicating that my enjoyment was completely gone.
Renata took her fingers from my ass and my cock from her mouth, came to my mouth and gave me a kiss, already without my cum in her mouth, but still with her taste. It felt like she wanted to swallow me with that kiss, she stuck her tongue in my mouth, horny. I felt his hard cock touch me and press me. Then she started licking my neck, went down to the nipples, sucked them alternately, came back to the neck and stopped at my ear. There the wing bit the tip lightly, gave a few strokes and spoke in my ear: now it’s your turn to give me pleasure, suck me very tasty, as if mine were the last stick on the face of the earth, make my cock hard and very honeyed, so I can get you hot in a little while. She got up from there and stood in front of me, still dressed in that wonderful way.
I stood up, hugged her tight and gave her a long, delicious kiss on the mouth. She was a show, her skin was smooth and totally shaved. While I kissed her, I took out the baby doll, leaving in front of me a wonderful specimen of transvestite, with that authentic body of a woman, but with a great “detail”, which interested me a lot. I was a bit stunned contemplating its beauty and the “abundance” of its forms. I went back to her, where I started to return her caresses. First biting and licking his ears, then I went down the neck, shoulders, until I reached the part of her silicone breasts that was outside the bra. I licked and bit them both very lightly.
I went back to kissing his mouth and unbuttoned his bra, releasing those wonderful silicone turbines, which nonetheless were round, firm, with a bikini mark, pointing upwards, worthy of the envy of many women. I touched them with my hands, feeling their size and firmness, I lowered my mouth and sucked like a calf, alternately, one and then the other, trying to enjoy those wonders.
I continued to descend my caresses through that body, passing through the navel, then arriving in the panties, which already had a growing volume. Renata then sat on the sofa and spread her legs, exposing her “sex” even more. I licked the inside of her legs, the edges of her panties and bit her cock, half soft, half hard, over the panties. Renata groaned and said: go kitten, suck me and make me moan with lust, with my cock in your mouth! I’m dying to see what you’re capable of.
I will have your panties, with your help, in one pull, bringing you to your knees, gravity took care of the rest.

In this I was able to contemplate that picona, object of my desire, that even the half-bomb already impressed by the size. I took it very carefully and tried to put it all in my mouth, all at once, to the surprise of Renata’s delirium, who moaned with lust, when she felt the warmth of my mouth around her cock.
Since it was not completely hard, I was able to initially snap it up entirely. I kept running my tongue over my head and felt that phallus grow, harden and take shape inside my mouth. As it got harder, the part I couldn’t swallow came out of my mouth, until it was totally hard. I took it out of my mouth and was able to contemplate all its beauty and extension.
Renata had a beautiful bite, thick, white, few protruding veins, very straight, pointing upwards, the head was a little purple and slightly thinner than the rest. I took it with my hand and there was a lot of bite left without touching it yet. She realizing that I liked it, she teased me saying: did you like my “dowry” you bastard? Is it the size you wanted? Prove that you liked it and suck me, making me crazy with lust. While you suck, imagine that what you are feeling in your mouth, will feel in your ass!
I fell in my mouth in that wonder, I sucked only the head, then I went down until I felt it touch my throat. I took it out of my mouth and licked it like a popsicle, I bit the hard body slightly, I snapped it again, making back and forth movements, from the head, to the middle of that cock, simulating a penetration in my mouth, pulling out moans and more teasing from Renata: this kitten, very tasty breast in my cock, you know how to suck very well, how delicious, I will eat you like never before eaten, suck my cock and feel in your mouth what I will soon put in you!
I was hallucinated with lust and sucked her cock with pleasure. Every time his cock came and went in my mouth, he groaned with lust. I tried to suck on that big cock, as I like to be sucked on mine, I tried to whip and suck like a professional whore, to make her very horny. Her cock was drooling all over my saliva, and very hard. I kept sucking, making them moan, until his cock started to throb in my mouth. Renata moaned louder and held my head, preventing me from sucking it and asking me to stop, because if I continued that way, I would soon come.
She pulled me up and gave me another delicious kiss on the mouth. She was horny and told me that she loves the taste of cock, mixed with that of kissing. Then she said to me: ready kitten, now I’m going to make your dream come true. In fact I had never been eaten, I had already stuffed objects in my tail and masturbated, but I had never experienced a hard and real cock in my ass, especially with a wonderful woman like her, clinging to the base of the cock.
Renata took a condom, dressed it quickly in her picona, sat on the sofa, with the stick pointing up and asked me to squat on the sofa, facing her. He held his cock, pointing up and asked me to sit on his dick: come kitten, sit here and wrap my dick for the first time with this tasty little tail of yours, I want to see your face when my dick enters you!
I crouched down until I felt his dick touch the door of my ass, Renata continued to hold his dick, keeping it in position. I straightened my legs for my greatest comfort and tried to relax my little ring, loosened my weight a little, making a piece of his cock start the entrance inside me, widening my tail, which I really wanted. I don’t know how much came in, but I didn’t feel a single pain, just a slight burning and discomfort caused by the penetration that was beginning.

Renata deftly and quickly reassured me: calm down, stay still a little bit until you get used to it, when you feel like it, let it in a little longer, I’ll be quiet and when you realize it will be with my whole cock inside you. She lifted her head, sought my mouth and began to kiss me, in a more loving and less intense way.
My ass got used to the width of that gauge, his kisses and caresses were relaxing me and I allowed myself to drop the weight a little more, receiving another piece of those 23 cm inside me. This time it was more relaxed and comfortable. I changed my legs and crouched in front of her, I kneeled, in a riding position, facing her, this change caused another piece of that bite to enter me.
She then said to me: no need to worry about getting more, this will happen naturally, try to ride me, in this position, take it easy and my cock will come in and out of you very smoothly. She held my hips with her hands and guided my movements, making me roll over her cock and her mouth sought mine to return to kissing.
I naturally started to ride her, still unable to fully receive her cock. While riding her, she kissed me and her cock, it was by the very movement of the ascent and descent, entering me more and more, I know this because I was able to feel it hard and entering, deeper and deeper into me, until some time later, my ass leaned against his body and I sat completely on his lap.
Renata stopped kissing me and said: Okay kitten, be quiet like this a little to get used to it and feel my whole cock in you. My 23 cm of dick are all stuck in your tail, from now on, I’ll make you moan with pleasure, like a little bitch should do when it’s food!
I almost couldn’t believe it, I was sitting on my lap, facing a big woman, with a feminine appearance, well cared for, long hair, with 2 wonderful turbines that brushed my chest, flat belly, gym healed, with beautiful little marks and tiny bikinis, at the same time that I felt inside me, a big, hard, 23 cm stick that had come in whole, up to the stem and without any pain. My ass was relaxed and totally open, around that picona. I could feel it whole, waiting for me inside, almost in my belly.
I felt the full extent of that picona, with its 23 cm inside me, I felt it hard inside my ass, which received it with immense pleasure and with a certain gluttony, wrapping it up and warming it up. She then held me by the hips again and made me roll, back and forth on that dick, without taking it out, so that she continued until the stalk buried in me and with my wiggles back and forth, if there was a little bit outside, it would naturally be swallowed.
It felt like he wanted to make sure that he was really and totally into me. The sensation of that shaking gave me a wonderful pleasure, my ass flashed around her cock, I felt clogged with rolls, totally relaxed to receive her and around that picona, it is a delight, who has already done it! That experience alone gave me immense lust. I couldn’t imagine what was coming.
She asked me to get off her, saying that she was going to eat me in all the positions she knew, before I came and that I should resist without coming too and accompany her. She took me by the hand and took me to her room, asked me to lie on the bed on my stomach, with my legs wide apart. He then asked me to separate my buttocks with his hands, positioned himself behind me, aligned his cock again on the door of my ass, released the weight of his body and started to push him, inside which was the place where he never should have left.

I felt that cobona, coming and going, deeper and deeper, stiffening, poking me in, entering and entering, until her body touched mine again, indicating that she was once again, completely in me, at last , Renata fit her body over mine. I could feel his prick stuck in my ass that was fully open to receive it and flooded with his cock, his body leaning against mine, his breasts touching my back, his tongue and the warmth of his breath on my ear and neck , that shivered me from the feet to the head.
She pulled my head back a little and kissed me again. Then she started to move her hips up and down, making his cock go in and out of me. She kissed me, squeezed my shoulders, hugged me and ate me. I was totally surrendered and dominated, feeling a great pleasure with that, in addition to the natural excitement of the fetish that is a woman with a dick, even more as big as hers was.
You were amazing how there was no pain, I just felt pleasure, just the sensation that the comings and goings of her cock caused in my ass, pulling me moans. She put it in, kissed me, stuck her tongue in my mouth, moaned and said: yummy, what a delicious ass you have, very warm and soft, I will eat you very tasty today, you will fall in love with my dick, your ass never felt nothing like what I’m going to do with you today. Feel my cock in and out of you, you like it don’t you? I know you are, I feel you flash on my dick, your face is pure lust and your moans too.
I was really horny, feeling all that, I never imagined that it could be eaten that way and I was really loving it, for me, at that moment she would never stop eating me. Renata then held me and rolled her body along with mine, so that we were on her side, she from behind and me in front, she asked me to lift her leg that was on top, she did it all without taking his dick out of my ass , hugged me and put me back in, in this position she got a little stronger and faster, but I felt that her dick did not fully enter me, as in the previous one, even so it was very tasty and pleasurable.
In the position we were in, I was already perspiring and Renata was too, the result of the “party” we were doing, she was screwing me and I was submitted to her whims. Renata took his dick out of me, kept me lying down, only now she asked me to lower the leg that was raised, pulling it, to flex the knee. I then lay half on my side, with one leg straight and the other bent, she then sat on the inside of the thigh of the leg that remained stretched, directed her cock again towards my ass and made it disappear all the way in. with just two thrusts.

I felt her balls rubbing the inside of my leg, she held me by the bent thigh and stuck it to the stalk inside me again. This position gave me a different and very tasty pleasure, I don’t know if by the way her dick entered me or where he touched inside when he got into my ass, but I warned her that if it continued like this, I would not be long to come . She said that most of the men she ate enjoyed that position.
Then she stopped, took it out, laid me on my back, asked me to get up and hold my legs folded (I got roasted chicken) and put everything back in my ass. I felt that hard iron, widening my tail and entering my ass, until his body touched mine again. Her cock was now completely in me again, I could feel it inside, opening, rolling up, eating me, it was delicious, because she ate me with an enviable mastery and cadence. She put it in and took it out, as if I was the last ass in the world, she really was willing to give me a lot of pleasure, I think I feel it too. I felt her cock coming in and out of me, she seemed insatiable and willing to deliver.
Still roast chicken, she started to hold me by the ankles, pulling me even closer to her, making her stick – if it was possible – to enter even more inside me, now she pulled me and ate me with more force speed. Every time his body found mine, indicating that his dick was whole inside me, it made a noise, indicating the strength of the mess. Renata was a sex machine skilled at eating ass. She knew how to do it and I was loving it.
To finish in that position, she took my legs and lifted them up, resting them on her shoulders. I then lay on my back, with my legs straight and straight, resting on his shoulders. My ass was wide open and my ass was all exposed. Renata leaned forward a little, until she was able to rest her hands on the bed and she saw me, eating me, stuffing her cock out of me, even faster. Now, in addition to the pleasure I felt in being eaten, I felt my ass getting warmer, as she ate me. His cock was straight and hard, it entered my tail opening my insides inside and this gave me a lot of pleasure.
After a while eating me like this, I think Renata got tired and asked me to change my position again. We got out of bed, I stood with my legs spread, resting my hands against the wall and at her request, prancing my ass. She brushed her stick in my groove looking for the entrance to my tail and as soon as she found it, tried to direct it in there and with two or three strokes, her dick had already disappeared deliciously in my bowels.
Renata started to hold me firmly around the waist and to forcefully stick her dick in me, as we were almost the same size, the height of both facilitated penetration, in addition to the position in which I found myself. The pleasure that her cock gave me when entering and leaving me was wonderful. My ass was totally relaxed and open to receive that picona on me. I was thrilled and delighted with the pleasure it gave me. To my delight, I was actually being eaten very well.
She ate me like this for a while, until she stopped and asked me to stay on all fours, on the edge of the bed, because it was the position she liked the most, she said she was very excited seeing her dick disappear inside a man’s ass and wanted to do it this with me. I complied with her request, she asked me to fully lower the front of my body, until I leaned my chest against the bed. This left me with my butt fully upright and exposed to her on the edge of the bed. She gave me 2 or 3 smacks on my buttocks and told me: what a beautiful thing to see you like that, all submissive and exposed, with your ass wide open, waiting and wishing for my cock entering you.
Then, she brushed her stick on my lap, pointed it at the entrance to my ass, held me tight by the waist and started to put it in me. She took slow strokes, one after the other, and got in and out. I felt his hands pulling me by the waist against him, in addition to his hard iron opening and entering my ass. She continued like this until her pelvis touched my ass. That done, she kept up the pressure of the pad, keeping her entire cock buried inside me.

And he said to me: I’m going to start getting in lightly and gradually, for you to get used to it, as my dick is big, many complain that when I push hard like that, sometimes it bothers or hurts, if it happens to you, let me know that I stop. Then she started a very slow back-and-forth of your cock into my ass. I was on all fours, with my butt up, fully exposed and submissive to her. As she put her cock in me, I felt the full length of her cock invade me, until her body touched mine again and her bag hit mine.
Then she came back and took her dick out of my ass until it came out almost all, and then immediately put it back slowly, until the end, again inside me. I was loving that sensation, it was eating me lovingly, but firmly, slowly, but even the stalk stings me, always with great affection, because I made slow movements, to put it all in me, without me feel pain.
I loved giving it to her on all fours, when her cock entered me all over, it made a little noise from her body beating against mine. When this happened, I felt his dick hard, poking me inside and my ass totally open and relaxed around his dick. She ate me like this for a while and told me that the sight she had seeing me on all fours and watching her whole dick disappear inside my ass, was wonderful, that I had a very beautiful, round and upright ass, according to her, that my ass was warm, tight and very soft. And she stressed saying that I was the best she had eaten in a long time, that she was loving it, but if I continued like that I would not resist and would enjoy it.
In this she stopped putting me on all fours, pulled her cock out of my ass, pulled me by the hand, taking me to the living room again, sat on the sofa and asked me to sit with her back to her, in her lap , wrapping his cock in my tail again. I sat down as she asked, directing his cock to the entrance of my tail and in one stroke, I released the weight of my body and made that cock disappear all at once inside my tail.
It was a delight to be able to feel it entering me, knowing that I was the one who was controlling its entrance, it was I who accepted that iron inside me and lowered the body so that it would enter until the end. When everything came in, I rocked back and forth and ran my hand just under my ass, making sure there was nothing left out.
Renata was thrilled with that and teased me: wow, how greedy you are! He came in all at once and without complaining. What a dirty little bitch you’re leaving me. He even ran his hand over to make sure everything was inside. You are enjoying giving it to me, right? He said that and slapped me on the side of my ass. Then she asked me to command the movements a little, sitting up and lifting my body on her dick. I didn’t beg, I held on to my knees for support and started a back-and-forth, up and down, getting his cock in and out of me, as I was in charge, I was going very slowly, because I loved the sensation that the slow entrance of that hard iron caused in my tail, I went up until I felt that I was going to escape and I went down until I had no more to put inside me.
What a great fuck, I was very pleased, I was totally used to that hard picona, which was not small with its 23 centimeters. It looked like it was made to order for my tail, as it was big enough to clog me, without however hurting or bothering me. When I sat there until the end, I could feel it all inside me, like a hard iron, pricking me in a pleasant way inside, I think the sensation is as close as possible to impaled alive.
The pleasure I felt was increasing until I told Renata that if I continued like this, I would enjoy it. She quickly asked me to get off the top. He lay down on a rug in the living room and called me: if you are about to come, come here, sit on it facing me and ride very nice. I positioned myself, kneeling on top of her, placing one leg on each side, holding her prick, directing her towards my ass, which received her with pleasure, without ceremony, very easily, until I sat down again in it, shoving it up to the stalk inside my ass. I loved being able to feel it all inside me, besides the pleasure it caused, I felt powerful for being able to swallow it all.

Then, as she asked me, I started to ride her, with slow and short movements, trying to keep the maximum of that dick inside me. I can’t explain why, but the pleasure I felt in that position was greater than in all others. I don’t know if by the fetish of looking down and seeing a big man, with his big siliconized breasts, at the same time that he felt his hard, big and powerful iron in the bottom of my ass. Or even, if by the size of that cock and the position I was in, it touched me inside in places that aroused my greatest pleasure.
I just know it was delicious, I rode with pleasure and lust on that cock, which had a big woman hitched at its base. I moaned, rocked back and forth, from side to side, bent down a little, leaning my body forward and put my hands on her breasts, caressing and squeezing them, while feeling her big dick inside me .
Sometimes I stopped riding and sat down, swallowing it up to the stalk, to feel it whole inside me again, this gave me unparalleled pleasure. My lust just increased, I sighed and moaned, enjoying every bit of that thing inside me. With each new ride I climbed on her cock, taking it almost entirely out of me and came back, sitting on it, making its entire length disappear again in my tail, which at this point swallowed with gluttony and ease his cock, with this, my pleasure only increased and so did my arousal.
I told Renata that I would enjoy if she continued like this, she asked me to continue and enjoy very tasty with her cock inside my ass and started to encourage me even more, saying: go naughty, roll with my dick in your ass, feel it well hard inside you and enjoy tasty on my dick. I want you to come in the ass, with my cock stuck to the stalk in you.
That only increased my excitement, I sat until the end on that cock and rolled with short movements, in order to feel it whole buried in my ass. His cock touched me inside as I rolled, filling me with pleasure and the desire to come. I was in the clouds, intoxicated with lust with the pleasure I felt, without control over my body, my lust and my sensations. I just knew that it was very tasty, that I was loving it and that it was tastier than anything I had ever done. I was going to explode in a fantastic time in a very short time.
I even felt that I would not be able to contain myself anymore and I would come, I told Renata that I was going to come and gave one last wiggle, sitting down to the stalk in that picona, to bury its 23 cm completely inside me and I was quiet, without moving. My lust was so much that even without any movement the enjoyment came naturally. It was fantastic, a very pleasant feeling! Renata teased me: go naughty, come with my dick buried in your ass, come! Enjoys like a whore should cum on her male’s cock. Come for me go!
First I felt my body stiffen, an explosion of pleasure ran through my senses from top to bottom, I felt his hard cock, with its 23 cm buried in my ass touching me inside. That touch stimulated me even more, because my ass started to blink involuntarily, my cock that was hard, started to lete, my breath became more wheezy and I let out an intense groan of pleasure, at the same time that I searched for my breath, launched the first jets fucking out of my cock.
I was cumming in the ass, without anyone touching me, just that wonderful cock touched me inside. My ass blinked around that cock, as if I was going to bite it, tearing it off the base. My cock throbbed, expelling all the cum that resulted from my lust. It was mind-blowing, very pleasurable and by far, the best cumshot I’ve ever had.
Gradually, the storm of sensations was lessening, my ass stopped blinking and my cock throbbing. I had come in the ass, spilled a generous amount of cum on Renata’s belly and breasts. I still had his dick fully buried in my ass. Renata told me: stay quiet for a while until you pass and enjoy the post-enjoyment sensations. Leave my cock in there for a little while longer. I had a smile on my face, very pleased with what I had done and felt.
I bent down, trying to keep Renata’s cock still in me, I searched his mouth and gave him a long, deep kiss of lust and thanks for what she had given me. Get off her and she wiped herself with paper and asked me with the most painful and pidona face of the lot: kitty, let me eat you some more, I want to cum inside your ass, can I?

I would never resist such a request, but I wanted to return the pleasure I felt. I asked her: what position should I be in? She asked me to kneel on the couch, leaning forward, almost on all fours. He checked if the condom was ok, he brushed my cock in my groove, until he found the entrance to my ass, he held me by the waist and started to put that wonderful hard cock in me again.
As I was used to it, it entered easily and soon it was through to me again. Renata then started to put it faster and more vigorously in my ass. She showed to be very horny, because I felt her strongest grip and her attacks inside me. She ate me and said: wow, what a delicious ass you have, soft and warm. Her ass is beautiful, it makes me very horny to see my dick disappear completely inside her. I’m very excited, I won’t be long to come on you.
Renata ate me in that position for a while, always getting to the end and pulling me against her. Her lust was increasing along with the speed of the stunts, until I one of these, she pulled me harder, burying her prick up my ass and announced her enjoyment. She squeezed my waist, tried to stick her cock even more in me and moaned. As I had my back to her, I couldn’t see her coming, but I know it was intense because of the way she pulled me, put me in and squeezed me, driving her cock deep in my rectum.
After the enjoyment, she remained involved in me, but she pulled me up, so that I lifted my body and leaned my back against her breasts and belly, without taking the dick out of me. She turned my head and gave me a long kiss on the mouth, hugging me and pulling me against her while she kissed me. I could taste his kiss, his silicone breasts of a woman touching and squeezing me from behind, at the same time that I felt his male cock, still hard, inside my ass.
She asked us to stay like that, in that position, hugging and kissing, until her cock softened and came out of me naturally. I don’t know how long that section of exchanging affection and affection lasted, but I loved it. I loved feeling his heat, his lust, his body hugged against mine. Taste your horny kisses. Her prick softened, decreasing the stiffness and consequently her pressure inside my ass, but she still kissed and hugged me, pulling me against her, until her dick softened even more and left me alone.
Renata then pulled me to my feet, turned me to face her, hugged me, making our bodies touch and press each other, our cocks, which were soft and luscious, also touched, she kissed me again and He told me: I loved you, you are very naughty and liberal, your ass is delicious, warm, soft and velvety, your ass is beautiful, come back as many times as you want, I promise to repeat the dose.
She pulled me by the hand, taking me to the bathroom, gave me a nice bath, got dressed, she put on a robe, paid for the arrangement, she accompanied me to the door, gave me one last kiss and left. My ass was with a little burning, which took a couple of days to pass, after all, it had been eaten by a big dick, for a long time.

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