Black hair, full breasts, wide hips, thin waist, a fleshy mouth, 22 years old and desire for a good fuck, a lot of pleasure, my name is Soraia.
Leaving college, at the bus stop, I always come across the figure of a mysterious guy, who always lived with a cigarette between his fingers. Oh really. Enigmatic. Bearded. Exciting. It was like seeing manhood personified.
Just by looking, Rubens, that perversion pit, got me excited. And to improve the situation, when he passed me, he stopped in front of me and looked at me with a deep look. I returned the look, with an air of provocation. The bus of the line that I took arrived, it went up after me.
I sat down and immediately after that body full of warmth settled down next to me. My name is Rubens, all right? I have always watched you while traveling and would like to make a request. Can? – Said Rubens, reproducing the same look of the bus stop. – Okay. Of course you can – I replied, smiling.
Will you agree to go out with me tomorrow? – Asked Of course I accept- I replied. I couldn’t believe it, he asked me out – Can you tell me where we’re going? – I asked, intrigued. Only if you tell me your name, ”he replied. Soraia – I said, when he got up and went to the bus door. See you tomorrow, Soraia – he said goodbye smiling.
Open-mouthed with the whole scene, I just smiled. When I got home, I concluded that Rubens made me more excited than I could have imagined. That was when I started to believe that the mystery about this meeting would bring me strong feelings.
Not knowing how to proceed to the meeting, I just did the usual. I followed the path that made me find Rubens: The bus stop. Rubens was there, and he surprised me with a package in his hand. Hello, Soraia. From your presence, I suppose that our meeting is up. So, believing you would come, I brought you this – He handed me the package and asked that it only open when he indicated the moment. Yes, it’s still standing. Where are we going? – I asked. The bus is coming, shall we? – he said, referring to the bus we always took.
Intrigued, I just shook my head and got on the bus with him. I was tense, the bus, the package, everything made me anxious in the same intensity as the figure of Rubens. He put his hand on my leg, where the skirt did not cover my thighs, and asked me to relax, at that moment I just thought about going to bed with him.
At the same stop as always, Rubens got up and called me. We went down and he took me down one or two streets. In one, a stop. Kisses and silly hands. That’s when Rubens fired – I’ll be very direct. I’ve been watching you for a while now and I came to the following conclusion: You are just a little bitch who likes to take a stick, who likes to give her pussy – he said whispering in my ear, leaning his mouth on my ear and making my clitoris increase the size of so much lust.
In response I took his stick hard, we walked for another 100m and we arrived at a building, it was his apartment. We passed the doorman and waited for the elevator. The lift arrived and we got on it. That was when he pushed me hard on the elevator wall, kissed me and squeezed my neck almost leaving me breathless. He held my hands, leaving me as prey. I gave in to all the stimuli, giving myself to him.
The elevator reached the floor and we left without unhooking. Once inside the apartment, he turned me on his back and held my arms, leaving me once again vulnerable to his attacks, pulling my hair and licking the back of my neck, he said quietly – the bitch loves coitus, right? Loves to take a hard one, in that pussy! So come here, let me see that chest – in a quick movement, he turned me around and tore off my shirt, tore off my bra and grabbed my chest and with my hand held the other tight. At that moment I was all wet, I felt like I was going to explode with desire.
The more he sucked the more I pulled his head to my chest, he sucked tasty and stimulated my nipple making my whole body shiver. He threw me on the sofa in the living room and continued with kisses to my navel, he kissed my belly and squeezed my arms leaving me immobile, I moaned wanting more.
The package opens, delicious! – reigned, Rubens. I took the package from the bag, quickly opened it, inside was a thong. Red. Lace in the front and just a thread in the back. – put it on! Said Rubens. It didn’t take long, I changed my panties without taking off my skirt.
He took off his clothes and just kept his underwear in front of me, I sat on the couch and started to massage that cock, the underwear was already wet like the red dental floss he bought in the certainty that I would be there with him.
I couldn’t take it and put that stick all over my mouth. – suck, go! Suck, delicious! – he said while holding my chest and pulling my head.

He pushed me back on the couch and sat on top of me placing the stick between my chest, we made a delicious Spanish. He squeezed my neck and brushed the stick between my breasts – Your little Santa face never deceived me. Little bitch type Santa, my favorite type. He loves a stick, ”he said, squeezing me harder and harder until I was almost breathless.

  • Hit me in the face! – I said with hidden eyes and eager for a roll. He patted me on the face and called me a dog. I smiled and asked to be fucked – Fuck me now, go. Fucks me well. Punch this stick all over my pussy! He put me on my back, took me by the neck, and led me into the kitchen.
    There he lifted my skirt. He leaned me on the table, gave me two slaps on the ass and with my torso and one of the legs on the table, he held my arms, knelt, pulled my panties aside and started licking my smooth pussy. I moaned loudly, moaned through the pores, I wanted to explode with so much excitement. He put his fingers on my pussy and when I threatened to come, he punched that stick and stopped for about 10 seconds.
    Feeling all of Rubens’ cock in my pussy was fantastic. He was so hot when the carnal atmosphere of that apartment – Fuck me! – I said, I can’t bear to wait another second. I was climbing up the walls when he started with the entry and exit movements. Very slowly, making me delirious.
    One of Rubens’ hands held my arms behind my back, and the other hand alternated between slaps on my ass and tight around my waist. – Fuck me, fuck. Fucks me really hot. So, very tasty, go! – I said looking into your eyes. Rubens’ sweat was running down his abdomen, seeing that was delicious.
    Releasing my arms, he turned me around and started to suck me. My hand held yours, asking him to squeeze my chest – Oh, it’s delicious. It’s tasty, like this. Very tasty – I said, involuntarily. Once again Rubens changed his tongue for his unyielding member. – Punch it all up, it’ll taste good. Soca Tudinho in this pussy. Finish her whore, go.
  • The little bitch likes cock, right, so come here. Mama here, go- said Rubens, taking the stick out of my pussy, pulling me by the neck and punching the stick in my mouth. I sucked that stick, very tasty until Rubens announced the enjoyment. He pulled my head through his hair and spilled the whole gala on me. He smeared me all over and hit me in the face with the club.
    Being fucked by Rubens was the best that could have happened that night. And that was the first of many meetings I had with him.

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