On one of the weekends of the Alcântara * family, Sonia *, Eduardo *’s wife, announced that the following weekend the family would go on a trip and as they would take their 6-year-old son Arthur *, I would have to go along. I couldn’t say no, after all I was recently hired and needed to show that I was available at any time.
We left on Friday night, the destination was the neighboring city. According to Sonia, they were traveling to do business – the family owns a Resort on a beach – but we would take advantage of the trip to enjoy the region. We arrived at the destination at dawn on Saturday. Sonia asked her to take care of Arthur, that she and Eduardo needed to leave. With the help of Mario *, the driver, I went up and accommodated Arthur and left the bags to unpack when I woke up.
I woke up shortly after 6 am. I unpacked and got the boy ready. We went down to the pool, stayed for about 2 hours, when Sonia arrived without Eduardo. He asked Arthur to arrange that his mother was coming to pick him up. Sonia warned that the boy would go to a party with his grandmother and that I don’t worry and enjoy the hours off I would have until Arthur’s return.
Staying at the family resort in the room next to the couple, I started making plans for the night, when the phone rings. It was Eduardo, until then he had not appeared. He warned that we would have dinner later in the evening:
-Juliana, it’s me, Eduardo. Tonight we go out. A dinner. Nothing formal, casual. Please get ready and be in the hall at 20:00, Mario will stop by to pick you up. All right?
Without thinking much, I replied: Okay, I’ll be there at 20:00. – I had dinner and didn’t know what to wear. To make matters worse, I started to think who would be at that dinner and what I could expect from such a dinner. Eduardo did not give me details and was so direct that I could not suppose anything, other than a simple dinner. And Sonia, will you be there? I need to get dressed. What to wear?
I ran to the suitcase and started to take everything out of it, when I was already without hope, behold, a black, well-behaved and sensual dress appears. It was already 18:00, I needed to run. Eduardo would be there at 20:00. Dress, heels, discreet makeup, perfume and a sigh followed by “not bad for a nanny”. I went down to the hall and waited. The car appeared, but the driver was not Mario, it was Eduardo. I was surprised, but got into the car without saying anything. We drove on in silence until he stopped the car. At that moment my heart accelerated. Eduardo is a tall man, with gray hair, a deep black look, his voice is firm and leaves any woman hypnotized, at that moment, he didn’t know where to look, noticing my nervousness he said: – Calm down, let’s go now.
Two taps on the car window, the door is opened and Sonia appears behind us.
I thought they wouldn’t come – Sonia said, in an unbelieving tone.
We delayed because of Juliana, she was a little late – Eduardo said, looking at me with a very provocative look.
I heard everything without saying a word, swallowed when Sonia fired: Okay, we’re here. We will?
Eduardo started the car – Where are we going? I asked, suspicious.
Sonia smiled – let’s enjoy the night – he said.
Eduardo suggested a sale, asked if I would accept. I said I would only do this if nothing bad happened to me. He promised that they would do nothing against my will and that if I preferred we would just have dinner, but he guaranteed that if he agreed to put the sale on, we would go to a much better place than a restaurant. I accepted.
Blindfolded, I heard when a man said – Good night Dr., everything is the way you asked. If you need anything else, I’m available. My heart sped up. What was the way he asked?
When I got out of the car, still with the blindfold on, Sonia advised me to take the jump because we were going to walk on the beach. I took them out and put them in the car. Sonia did the same.
We were on the sand when we stopped and Sonia took my blindfold. When I opened my eyes I came across a tent, with rugs and pillows and a table with food and drinks.
Eduardo served me and Sonia wine glasses. We drink and eat. They talked about various things while I just watched and thought about how lucky I was that night. Noticing my Silencio Eduardo sat down next to me and asked if he was enjoying it, I said yes when I felt his warm hand touch my back over the dress. At this moment I looked for Sonia and did not see her. Wanting to get out of that situation before Sonia arrived, Eduardo spoke, before I found a way out – don’t worry, Sonia won’t come back now – Still wanting to leave, but already feeling the effect of the drink, I just walked away and remained seated and incredulous – Like a man like Eduardo, my boss, would be implying to me, a nanny? – I thought.
That was when Eduardo started – You know, Juliana, I always thought you were a woman show – his hands caressed my chin.

I avoided his eyes but he brought my face close to his – You have a delicious body, full of curves, your legs move your ass in a hot rhythm – His hand was on my leg. I wanted to avoid contact, but it was difficult to resist Eduardo’s charms. So I let his hand go up to reach my groin and while he whispered the wishes he felt for me, his other hand opened the dress. When I realized, I had my hand over my pants, caressing his dick. With back and forth movements, I felt Eduardo’s cock wanting to explode with lust. With one hand he held and squeezed my chest and with his tongue caressed the nipple, I shivered from the tailbone to the nape of the neck. My pussy was throbbing with desire. The adrenaline and the fear of being caught by Sonia made me moan softly. Eduardo took off my dress, tore off my panties, spread my legs and crouched in front of me. With kisses, licks and nibbles on my pussy, I held on to keep from coming. At that point I just wanted to be fucked.

On all fours, I cocked my ass and he sucked some more on my pussy and licked my ass. Eduardo lowered his pants and what I saw was a beautiful, tasty and very hard cock wanting to fuck me. Burning with pleasure, I swallowed that cock with my pussy. As I slowly entered and left I heard Eduardo’s moans. And the more I asked, he fucked hard, making me even wetter. At that rate, we continue to explore our bodies. Sucks, bites and excitement. My nipples were stroked while I received that fuck. With my eyes closed I felt all the virility located in Eduardo’s delicious member entering and leaving my pink pussy. Sighs and I opened my eyes. A pair of legs spread out in front of me, it was Sonia masturbating while watching her husband fucking his son’s drool.
Want more, want more? Then ask go! – whispered Eduardo in my ear, while I asked him to skin me and Sonia approached to start sucking my chest. Eduardo pulled my hair while he fucked me hard. In a move, Eduardo pushed my head and I fell on Sonia’s mouth. While I received the stick from Eduardo Sonia, I received my tongue.
We left that position and put Eduardo’s cock all over his mouth, licked his head from the base. Sonia joined me, while one sucked the dick and the other licked the bag. Eduardo couldn’t stand it and came in our face, his enjoyment was delicious. Sonia and I kissed each other in gala. We were kissing until we started to suck, Sonia with her hard clit of so much desire grabbed my wet pussy and it was not enough for us to reach an unforgettable orgasm. Eduardo watched everything caressing the stick, when we fell or his side in a mix of hangover and enjoyment.
I stopped being Arthur’s drool and turned into the main dish of Sonia and Eduardo’s fags.

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