The account I am going to tell you about happened two months after my daughter Sofia had become unruly.
All names are fictitious so that people’s intimate lives are preserved. Luiza was a classmate from Sofia who, after classes started, started to visit our apartment almost daily. It had a little body that already outlined how much it would make men sigh. Blonde, 1.58 cm, green eyes, round and upturned ass, thin waist, small breasts, a pair of beautiful thighs and a beautiful little foot. Anyway, a nymphet that made my mouth water. She was the early daughter of a couple from Paraná. Because she was an only child, she had all her wishes taken care of by her parents. Still, she was very shy about the opposite sex. Well, let’s go to the point. One day I received a call from Alceu, Luiza’s father, asking if she could spend a week in our company, justifying her request by saying that he and his wife would have to travel to their home city to sign some documents regarding the sale of his lands and as Luiza could not travel due to classes, he saw no alternative but to count on our collaboration. That request was like a gift, since I had planned to taste Luiza for a long time. I replied that I had no problem, since Sofia would keep her friend company for as long as she was at our home. That said, Alceu said that that same night he would leave Luiza with us. During lunch, I told the news to my wife Lídia, who after having participated in several messages with our daughter, already anticipating what could happen, looked with a mischievous smile and asked how long it would take to start Luiza in sexual pleasures. I replied that it depended on her degree of interest, but maybe being alone with me for a couple of days … Lídia just gave me a smile and said she was going to come up with something. Around seven o’clock, Alceu arrived with his daughter and Cláudia his wife, who by the way was very beautiful, despite the age that I later learned was 42 years old. Alceu made the usual recommendations to his daughter and said goodbye, left our apartment. Sofia very happy, took Luiza’s suitcase and called her to her room, where I had already placed a camp bed. During dinner, we talked about several things, but always Luiza answering questions in monosyllables. Then I invited everyone to watch a movie, only Luiza saying she was a little tired, excused herself and went to the bedroom to take a shower before going to sleep. Sofia, watching my eyes for her little friend, said that she was a virgin, but that she had already asked him some questions about sex. I winked at her, got up and headed for her room. When I got there, I heard the shower and not resisting, I looked over the stall. Luiza was washing her hair and with that she had closed her eyes, so she couldn’t see me. She was facing me and I could see her almost hairless pussy, with the protruding clitoris. My cock by now was about to burst into my shorts. I left the room and upon arriving in the living room, both Lydia and Sofia realized how excited I was. Lídia, giving me a big smile, said she would take a shower and wait for me in bed. Sofia with a sly look, said: Daddy eat mommy very tasty, because I’m going to take Luiza to see them fucking. Those words made me even more horny. Arriving at the room, Lídia was already lying on her stomach and only with a thong buried in her ass. I opened the closet door that has a mirror and positioned it so that I could see who was looking out the door. I took off my clothes and immediately licked those soft meats. I pushed the tanguinha aside and started to lick her wet pussy. I went up to the ass and put my tongue in that delicious and blinking little hole. Lídia moaned and asked: go, my male licks, puts his tongue in my ass, lubricates well because I want to take rolls until I can’t take it anymore. At this moment, I saw Sofia through the door. He winked at me and pulled Luiza to his side so she could watch us. Lídia also saw it and arching her ass, she asked: love comes, get me tasty, break me in with this tasty cock. I did not pretend and lubricate the stick with its vaginal juice, I slowly stuck my dick in it, looking at Luiza, who with her mouth open, saw a naked man for the first time. Sofia very smart, started to rub her friend’s back, who was perplexed by the scene, did not show the opposite reaction. After having stuffed all my cock in Lídia’s ass, I started making rhythmic back-and-forth movements, while squeezing her nipples and touching a siririca in her pussy. It tastes good, it breaks me down, it fucks me, it tears me up that I’m enjoying it, it fills me with cum and I accelerate the thrusts, hitting my bag in her pussy and finally I poured a good amount of cum in Lídia.

I took the stick and purposely turned towards the door with my eyes closed and asked Lídia to complete it with a blow job in my cock. When I opened my eyes I didn’t see the girls at the door anymore and lying next to Lídia, she said it had been a wonderful fuck, which Lídia agreed. We slept both naked. I woke up an hour later to a shout from Sofia’s room. I got up and tiptoed to see what it was. The light was on. I looked through the lock and saw Sofia sucking Luiza’s pussy. Beautiful bastard my daughter, was faster than me. Luiza was faint, certainly due to Sofia’s orgasm. As if she knew, my daughter looked at the lock and gave me a beautiful smile. I returned to the bedroom and went back to sleep. The next day during breakfast, Lídia said she would visit her aunt who was recovering from the surgery she had done and would only return the next day at night and as the girls had class they could not accompany her, asking me to take care of things until your return. I agreed and said I would call the office, saying that I would not be working that day. Sofia occasionally looked at Luiza and blinked, causing her to blush, but responded to the signal. Luiza left the table and went to the bedroom, while I asked Sofia if she had said anything about us. Sofia laughed and said that Luiza had asked if it was common for her to watch me and her hand fuck. He said yes and that he had no problem and that he had already participated in the transactions. I asked what was the reaction? Luiza said that she got so excited that she started to masturbate and it was at this moment that she asked to suck her, making her come and scream. I smiled at my daughter and asked the afternoon to find a way to make Luiza sleep and then leave. Sofia sapeca as it is, she agreed only with the first part, because she wanted to see me tear off her friend’s gourd. As there was no other way I agreed. In the afternoon, around three o’clock, I was in my room sleeping, when I feel Sofia lying on me and kissing me on the mouth. He got up and said it was time and pulled me into his room. Upon entering, I almost collapsed, Luiza is sleeping naked in Sofia’s bed, her tiny pussy, with a few blond hairs, left me with a hard-on. Sofia went into the closet and was hidden there. I approached Luiza, took off my shorts, sat on the bed and slowly started to run my hands over her ass, started to kiss her back and neck. Luiza was a heavy sleeper. Open your buttocks and I admired that pink, virgin and perfumed ass. I flicked my tongue, pausing at the entrance, and stuck out the tip of my tongue. At this moment Luiza moaned and woke up, turned around and was amazed by my presence. He asked about Sofia and I replied that she had gone out to buy some things for our dinner and it would take about an hour. Luiza kept looking at my dick. She asked me not to do anything with her, as she was a virgin. I replied that I would not do anything that she did not want or hurt, but I would like to be able to touch her pussy and give her the same pleasure that Sofia had given her and even more. Realizing that I had seen everything, she lowered her head and spread her legs, in silent consent. I started kissing her on the neck, on the cheek, on the forehead and gave her a kiss on the mouth with a lot of affection, and she responded by sticking her tongue in my mouth. I squeezed the bristling peaks of her titties, licked, nibbled and put all the right in my mouth, sucking; one hour lightly another hard, which took disconnected words and groans of pain and pleasure from his mouth. I went down my tongue to his flat belly, passing through the navel and reaching his crack completely wet. I opened her legs wide and started to lick her small and big lips, licked the swollen grelinha and made her reach her first orgasm and making circular movements with her pelvis, she melted my whole face with her delicious, virgin woman’s pleasure. In his ear, I told him that I would now show him another form of pleasure. It would hurt only in the beginning but soon it would taste good. She looked at me and just asked me to do it fondly. I lifted her legs, putting her in the position of roasted chicken, lubricated my cock with her juice and placed my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I kept going until I felt the resistance of the man and I lashed out, pulling out a cry from Luiza and feeling that the gourd had broken. Luiza cried and said it hurt. I told him that the worst was over and now it would be just pleasure and kissing his mouth, I kept stuffing the rest of my cock in that tight little grotto, which contracted to the point of having the feeling that at any moment I was going to twist my dick. When I felt my bag touch your ass, I stopped for a few minutes, removed my mouth from yours and started sucking your tits. Luiza began to sigh heavily and once again came by contracting the xaninha’s muscles. I started to make slow movements, taking and putting the stick in her pussy. Luiza said: how good it is, how good it is, if I knew it would be like this, I would have fucked you longer, eat me, eat me like you ate Sofia. Listening to those words, I started to fuck her harder and faster, and when I was about to come, I took the dick out of her pussy watching the blood from her gourd leave, and, pulling her head said, now, fluffy, you will swallow my milk todinho and put my dick in her little mouth, enjoying a huge amount and she swallowing what she gave, finally I took it out of her mouth and gave the last ejaculations in her titties. Tired, Luiza collapsed on the bed. At this moment, Sofia came out of the closet and smiling, approached Luiza and licked all the cum that was on her breasts, going to end up kissing the girl and sucking the fucking Luiza’s mouth. Then he lay down on the bed and spread his legs saying: Daddy thinks he is finished, he is badly mistaken, he sucks me tasty, he makes me enjoy that I am very horny. As I do everything my little girl wants, I started to suck her. I put a finger in her wet pussy and then I stuck it in her ass, taking it out and putting it on, until she came. By this time my cock was already hard again and Sofia seeing him like that, called Luiza close and started sucking him together. When my dick was all sloppy, he said: now Luiza is on all fours just like me. Luiza without understanding right obeyed. Knowing what Sofia wanted, I went behind the two and positioned myself to eat Sofia’s ass. I stuck it all in and started a crazy ride, looking at Luiza’s little hole. Sofia with the strong thrusts and the siririca in her pussy, came and dropped in bed. I took the stick, which was already lubricated, and placed my log at Luiza’s entrance, held it by the waist and the desire was so great, that I didn’t hold it and stuck it in her tail. Luiza shouted and asked me to take it out. I did not listen and went on getting more and more and watching his ass being broken into. Luiza cried and moaned at the same time. Sofia started doing siririca on her and she started to relax. I started to move faster in that tight little ass, now and then the thrusts were so strong that they literally lifted Luiza out of bed. Sofia said: fuck daddy, eat this little bitch’s ass, break it with her pleats, fill that ass gala she is enjoying. Not taking it anymore, I came inside Luiza, as I never had in a woman. I took out the stick and could see the hole that was gradually closing. I asked: Luiza everything was fine, did you like it? Yes, I liked it now I can say that I am a woman, but just let me recover that I want more. I smiled at Sofia and remembered Lídia, and in my thoughts, I imagined eating all three soon.
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