I’m Lucas, I’m 18 years old and I’m going to tell you how I lost my virginity at the end of last year. I had finished the third year of high school, particularly I was an excluded student who suffered a lot of bullying and was persecuted, the end of school for me meant leaving hell. I had finished school and was on vacation, but there was a farewell party at the country house of one of the students, I did not intend to go but the most beautiful girl in the room called me and I liked her, so I accepted. After all I was a loser, a loser and helpless, but I was a handsome, thin guy with green eyes and short hair, maybe I would have a chance with her. The party would start in the afternoon and go until dawn, I noticed only two women who were not in the class and did not remember them at school, appeared to be in their 20s. When it was about 4 pm, a guy who always screwed and made me miserable at school, called Douglas, arrived with a group of friends and took me to the middle of everyone, they asked me to fold my arms and put it inside my shirt sleeve . I didn’t want to, but they started to pin my arm by the sleeve of my shirt, and when they did, they put me standing in the middle of a coffee table. It was all very fast, Douglas called everyone and said I had something to show, so he pulled my pants down with his underwear in front of everyone.
I was unresponsive, I just felt my clothes running down my legs and when I looked down I saw my berries, it was a second of silence until the world burst out laughing and screaming. I looked everywhere and saw the girls who studied with me laughing until they couldn’t stand it, cell phones pointed at me and everyone’s mocking look. It fits here a description of my genitals, I have a big, thick and heady penis, it is one of those that even big is soft and grows little when it hardens (erect measures 18cm) and my bag is big, withered and hanging, that explains the wow some when they saw it. But having good genitals did not relieve me of the shame of showing them to my school class, it was shameful, embarrassing and humiliating. Before I left, I had shaved the entire intimate area completely, as I usually do, but I missed the pubic hair to cover at least a little. With my arms stuck, the only thing I could do is stand still showing, but it all got worse when my virility and masculinity ended: they turned me on my back and opened my ass buttocks to expose my ass. They got me out of there, took my shirt and pants and underwear off my feet, I didn’t think to use my hand to cover my parts, I went to fight with Douglas but they held me: one held an arm, another came and held the other arm, the same legs, and so I was lying in the air held by them, and they spread my legs as wide as possible.
After the nude show, they went up with me to a room and locked the door, those two unknown girls were there, a blonde and a brunette. Douglas just said I should thank him and told them to start, and then they started to undress, my dick involuntarily started to harden when the brunette’s breasts were left out, when they finished my dick was hard as a mast. They were both beautiful and very tasty, they had big tits, thick thighs and big, spotted and perky asses, except that I couldn’t stop looking at their pussy. I lost my shame, they let me go and I went to them, I ran my hand over them all and they took my dick and my bag, the brunette got on her knees and paid for a quick blowjob while I sucked or the blonde’s big tits.
And I was a virgin, it was the first time that I felt a mouth sucking my cock, her tongue passing … and she rolled, sometimes licked my balls and sometimes sucked my dick. Blowjob is the best thing there is. I lay on the bed, and the blonde sat with her xerecona in my mouth, I could smell the pussy on my nose, I sucked her with everything while the brunette jerked me in a much better way than myself and licked her head. my dick. Well, a virgin guy experiencing all of this at once and without waiting it didn’t happen again, I let go of a cum shot and kept coming, until today I dream about that cum. It was so fucking hot that it came out that the guys were impressed, I subjected the face of the hot brunette. There was that good feeling of relief while the stick softened, and on the other hand I heard jokes about having come without getting in, but one thing they made very clear to me: they were paid whores and it was all for me to have sex, and I would only have my clothes back and I could only leave after I put them on and came inside. They filmed everything and put it on TV for everyone to see.

Only now I was different, I went to where everyone was, naked and at ease, as if I were alone at home. The hole in the cock’s head was still dripping semen, I heard some teasing but everything was fine, as they had already seen everything, there was no more shouting and laughter, just giggles every now and then, I even made a pirocopter for women. Two hours later I decided I was going to have sex with the whores, but not in the bedroom and behind closed doors, but in the middle of the room and in front of everyone. They took off their clothes and I asked the blonde to masturbate while I fingered her pussy and sucked the brunette’s pussy, and when we got properly excited we went for sex. Now everyone looked surprised and curious, they seemed to be excited by the scene, the room was silent. I left the brunette in the roast chicken position, with her legs spread and put the head of the stick. I was slowly entering and feeling that warm vagina swallowing my cock, what a delicious feeling … while I put it in I sucked the crack of the blonde who was standing almost sitting in my mouth. I started getting in really slowly and it took a little while for the bitch to start moaning softly, then the speed increased, until when I finished eating her I was at full power, riding on her. But I didn’t come, I still had it for blonde too. I sat down and put her on my lap and made her bounce, with her I started a little faster, and my mouth stuck to her nipple in the meantime, I sucked on those big tits with ease. So I put her on all fours and continued to punish her big pussy, getting in hard, and out of curiosity I opened her ass to see her pink ass. As I had come and long before, it took me to come this time, considering both I was about forty minutes just getting in, but anyway I could feel the jets of cum coming out, and I came inside, as they had asked.
After sex I was handed the clothes but it didn’t make any difference to me or anyone there, so I sat there enjoying post-sex relaxation before getting dressed. After this fuck I had earned respect where there was no dignity anymore, many guys congratulated me and I didn’t know if I was going to go inside Douglas and his gang or thank him. I ended up doing nothing, I went to sleep to leave the next morning, I still got a goodbye blowjob.

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