Ksal menage
I’m back to tell you a surprise I made for Cintia on her birthday, last year (March, Cintia’s birthday fell on a Wednesday. On that day she left the company early, I kept the normal schedule That morning I asked her to get ready that we were going to have dinner to celebrate her birthday.
I got home around 7:30 pm, she was “almost ready”, gave that basic rush (if not dinner would turn into breakfast). I finished my bath and started to get ready (Shirt, underwear, pants and shoes, on average 20 min.). Anyway, she was ready, she was beautiful as always, she had bought a new dress, very beautiful (without knowing anything, she ended up hitting the outfit). We went to a canteen she loves, in the Bexiga neighborhood. As always, wonderful food.
We left the canteen around 11 pm. When we got in the car, I said to her, “I have a surprise for you, I hope you like it.” She laughed and replied: – Coming from you, my love, it can only be a good thing.

  • I called Marcio (a guy we met at the Club swing we go to, stripper, very good people) – I told her.
  • Oh really?! Do you mean that after a dinner like this, I’m still going to win two dicks ?! What else do I want from life ?! You are wonderful! – She said with her eyes shining.
    I went to Marcio’s apartment, which is close to where we were (for those who know Sampa, from Bexiga to Consolação – Praça Roosevelt – it’s a short walk). I parked the car in a parking lot in front of the building and we went to the concierge. When I said my name to the doorman, I was already allowed to go up. The apartment door was open, Marcio was waiting for us at the door.
  • There she is!! Congratulations!! Beautiful as always!! Beautiful and delicious !!
    Turning to me he said: – And you my dear, how are you ?! Princess birthday !! I’m the lucky one, she has a birthday and I’m the one who gets the gift. Being with you is always very pleasant! Come in, you already know the house.
    Marcio wore a black robe, we could smell the soap, his short hair was still wet.
  • Do you want to drink something? He asked us. We refuse.
    Cintia didn’t waste a minute if she wants to: – I want to!
    What do you want princess? Asked Marcio.
  • I want my gift! This delicious roll that is still hidden! – She said, stretching her arms towards Marcio’s rolls.
    He approached her, who was sitting on the sofa. She opened the bottom of the robe, which was tied at the waist, leaving his cock to the sample.
  • Look how delicious rolls! – She said, holding the club and leading it towards her little mouth.
    Marcio’s cock was still soft, she put the whole cock in her mouth, sucking the whole dick. In a few seconds his dick would no longer fit in her mouth. She sucked hard, sucked like a hungry puppy. He sucked and jerked off the cock in his mouth. He took the roll out of his mouth and squeezed it, making the milk at the tip undermine, licked and swallowed again. He released the cock and held it by the ass, sucked the cock holding it with his mouth only (which aside modesty, it does wonderfully well).
  • Princess, the surprise isn’t over yet. – He said, holding her by the hands and making her get up. Holding Cintia by the hands and walking backwards, he went towards the room. He opened the door, the room was dark. – Close your eyes. He said. She didn’t question, she did what he asked. We entered the room and he closed the door. – Calm. It doesn’t open yet. Wait. – He said.
    Suddenly she hears: – congratulations to you … She opened her eyes and came across 3 more friends of ours (all strippers in the house and we already played around) Marcos, Renato and Alex.
  • I do not believe!! You are here too !! – She said smiling like a child who gets her first puppy. He came towards me, hugged me and kissed me (I know that some will say: – Look … sucked dick on a fuck table, it’s part of the bitching).
  • Love you are amazing. You surprise me when I think you can’t surprise me anymore. – She said, still clinging to my neck.
  • Princess, go play with your gifts, go. Enjoy. – I told her, giving her a very wet kiss.
    Everyone was naked and with a hard cock. She had 4 turtledoves to have fun and handle. I would play in libero, giving support to anyone who needed to leave for technical time.
    Cintia squatted, the boys made a circle around her. She suckled everyone, taking turns roll by roll. Laughing and having fun. The conversation was running rampant along with laughter. Alex was the darkest.
  • Cintia; won’t bite my dick! – Said Marcos.
  • If she bites and cuts, we cut off a piece of Alex’s roll and tweak it. – Marcio said. (Alex was the biggest dick in the class.
  • It will be beautiful. Rajadinho! – Renato replied.
    The jokes ran amok between them and her. Lots of freedom. Cintia took a little bite here and there.

Alex lay on the floor and snuggled under her and started sucking on her pussy. She was still wearing clothes. Her little dress was raised to the waist, her panties had been put aside. Marcio bent and pulled the dress up. Marcos unbuttoned his bra and let it fall to the floor. She sucked hard and hard, the 3 bludgers around her. Alex sucked on her pussy, his hands reached for her titties and massaged them. Marcio pulled Cintia to his feet. Alex took advantage and held her panties down, down to her little feet. Cintia, now, was just wearing her heels, she was beautiful, high heels and completely naked, her butt was high, her waist was even thinner.
Marcio went towards the mattress (there was no bed, the mattress was on the floor), reached out and grabbed a condom and put on the turtleneck. He gently brought Cintia on top of the mattress and maneuvered her little body, leaving her at 4. The boys knelt in front of her (one beside the other). Marcio entered her.

  • Holy shit! What a hot roll! – She said when Marcio pushed the cock in her pussy.
    Marcio started in vain. Her little body followed his movements. The other boys kept the doves for her to nurse. Marcos lay across the mattress and started to suck on her breasts. Her hand went to her pussy and playing with her clitoris. Cintia moaned muffled with a roll in her mouth. Marcio put tasty in the pussy of my wife.
  • Fuck Cintia, how do you let it get hot in your pussy! – Marcio said while fucking Cintia. Renato got up and sat next to me, on a sofa in the corner.
  • Face; it’s very tasty! Holy shit! Look how beautiful! It’s a delight to see her getting into it! She gets very tasty! – He said. He continued – I understand you here, just admiring, she is wonderful! Look at that belt! What a beautiful ass! It looks like a guitar! – Renato was ecstatic to see that little body being possessed by his friends.
    Marcio, held her by the waist and stuck the whole cock in her pussy. Her knees came out of the mattress, Marcio pulled Cintia hard back and exploded inside her.
  • fuck!!!! that delights pussy !!! – He said as his cum poured from his mast.
    Marcio got up and came towards the bathroom, taking the condom off as he passed me, said – Fuck! Hot as hell! Holy shit!
    Marcos got out from under her and grabbed a condom, put on the turtleneck and lay on his back, bringing her to straddle him. She went without hesitation. Marcos lined up the cock at the entrance to Cintia’s pussy, she released the body and made the cock penetrate her.
    My naughty little wife was very slutty, her hips moved back and forth, alternately rising and falling. Alex went to them, pulled her buttocks apart and gave her several Greek kisses. His tongue moved in circles in her little hole. He put on a condom and knelt down to hers, rubbing the cock in her ass. She reached back and stopped the boy. She turned to him and said: – You can’t go in there, there is no lack of desire, but your cock is very thick, only in the pussy. He laughed and understood perfectly, returning to kiss her ass.
    Marcos followed the movements of her little body, getting firmly into Cintia’s pussy.
  • I will come, Cintia! – Marcos gushed in her pussy. She sat willingly, swallowing his cock entirely with her pussy. Marcos got up and headed towards the bathroom (Marcio was sitting next to me, on the arm of the sofa, watching the performance.
    It was Alex’s turn, who turned Cintia with a tummy upwards, bent her knees and rested them on her shoulders, arranged the cock in her pussy and released her hip.
  • Fuck Alex! That rolls thick! Filled my pussy with rolls! – She said hugging him by the neck.
    I got up and went to them. Renato also came with me. We lay beside her, me on the left, he on the right. While Alex fucked her pussy, we took turns with her mouth and titties. We ran our hands over the smooth skin of his legs. I went to her clitoris and started to caress him, I could feel Alex’s cock going in and out of her pussy. Alex fucked, stuffing the entire billet inside her. She moaned hot, inside my mouth or, inside Renato’s mouth. His little hands played with Renato’s cock and mine.
  • Wanna fuck !? Would you like?! Alex asked.
  • Enjoy! Come inside me! Enjoy! – She replied.
    Alex pushed the cock into it and gushed. The ritual was the same; finished, get out and open the vacancy
    I whispered in her ear. She agreed.
    I got up and picked up a condom and put on the dick. I lay on my back on the mattress and pulled her on top of me. She held my cock at the entrance to the pussy and swallowed it, her pussy was hot and wet. We started to fuck. Renato kissed her back and ran a hand over her little body. I grabbed her ass and pulled her buttocks apart.
    Renato, already with the jacketed cock, came quickly behind her, bent down and kissed her beautiful ass. I heard Alex’s voice echoing through the room: – I need to tune my cock, only I don’t eat ass in the surubas. Nobody took it, until the people who were fucking stopped to laugh. But, we didn’t lose focus, mine was eating Cintia’s pussy, Renato focused on eating her ass, she, well, she focused on getting ready to take another roll, this time in the ass.
    Someone moved around the room (afterwards I understood what happened). I felt Renato’s cock slowly entering Cintia’s ass. His cock entering made her pussy tighter. It was difficult for him to penetrate her back, I made his life easier. I took my dick out of the pussy, leaving the ass more free, she moaned and pulled the air between her teeth. His hips moved in a circular, slow, continuous roll.
  • Okay, come in, put it in my pussy! – She asked. I went back to penetrate your pussy.
    Renato was an experienced guy with couples, turtled in and out with synchronized movements (when one enters, the other has to leave). While we were lying on her, her hips continued to move, facilitating the movement of the doves inside her, especially Renato’s, which was in her ass.
  • Holy shit! Delicious! I’m stuffed with rolls! What the fuck is that !? I’ll come! I’ll come! – She said, moaning deliciously.
    We had no doubts, we went deep, Renato with more delicacy. We enjoyed the three together.
    The turtledoves throbbed inside her, her pussy tightened on my spasms, Renato told her: – Yes! Flash that delicious ass with my cock inside! Fuck! Holy shit! What a fucking hot bitch!
    Renato finished cumming, gently took the stick out of Cintia’s ass and, fulfilled the ritual, went to the bathroom. She fell on her side, I didn’t know why, but, following the ritual, I went to the bathroom. She was the last to get up. Marcio asked her: – Do you want to take a shower, princess. She replied that no, she would just clean up (after we finished playing, we didn’t stay long, it’s time to clean up and go on our way).
    We stayed in the room waiting for her to come back. Ah! Yes! The ritual! I asked Marcio: – Why then does everyone go to the bathroom?
  • Dude, this is my mattress, if someone gets soft and falls on it, I’m fucked. – He replied. (Is the ritual explained?).
    Cintia returned dressed and ready to go. He kissed everyone.
  • Boys! You are wonderful. Especially my husband, who gave me a wonderful celebration.
    We headed home. Thursday was difficult, but we were there, firm and strong, serving our customers with all dedication and professionalism.
    Yes, how it all happened. She had mentioned to me that she had a fantasy of participating in a gang bang.

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