I’m Maisa, I’m 1.53 tall, with small breasts, fleshy ass, black and wavy hair. I was invited by 2 friends; Cristiana and Emanuelle, to go to a party, but we didn’t stay because the party was not good. We went out talking when we arrived at the street of the house of one of them, there were 3 boys, Rodolfo, Ricardo, Juvenal talking outside we stayed in front of Cris’s house, they approached us and we invited them to enter the house their. We went to Cris cismada and said he wasn’t going to enter. Manu and I stayed and entered the house. We had wine, beer Rodolfo suggested truth or consequence. We started playing I was the first to answer Ricardo asked if I wanted to kiss any of them and in the first question I ended up taking off the shirt I preferred the consequence, I was ashamed to say that I was interested in Rodolfo. Breasts show it because I was in a blue tank top with thin straps and no bra; another question came if I played siririca? What a shame, I didn’t want to answer. I took off my pants, I was just wearing panties. Meanwhile, Manu had already “gone to bed” with Juvenal falling drunk. I also asked questions that led them to take their clothes off, we were also the 3 in the room. Me, Ricardo and Rodolfo. and the two were asking difficult questions to answer, I took off my panties. With that Ricardo asked who I allowed to suck my breasts, I said it was Rodolfo and the game ended there because he came and touched my breasts and gave me a very nice kiss on the mouth he went down with his mouth I lay down and he sucked my breasts with a lot of affection and desire, i couldn’t stand it, i opened my legs and he penetrated me i made love to him there in the living room lying on a mat on the floor and with his friend looking at us while he jerked off. I was on all fours for Rodolfo emotionally and physically. But he had a girlfriend he had revealed during the game after we came, he got off me and Ricardo came and asked for a blowjob, I sucked his cock so much and with such desire that he couldn’t take it held my head and came in my mouth. After a while talking about our game they wanted again how good it is to be penetrated by 2 and what a delight it is. Ricardo wanted to put me in 4 for him while he put in my pussy I sucked Rodolfo’s cock, they called me a bitch, hot, rabuda, putinha, Ricardão shook a noise and said I came and took the stick out of my pussy sat down and said the whore is all yours Rodolfo and he asked me to lie on my side when I realized he was pressing my anus I said he was a virgin of the ass he said he had no problem he was going to be the first to get my peck out of my ass and I was going love it, he put it in his pussy to get his dick wet, I thought he had given up on putting it in my ass and when I least expected it I got a fright he shoved it at once; I screamed, he held me as if I were a mare, he put me on 4, he punched him, punched his thick cock in my ass until he came, Ricardo didn’t let it go so Rodolfo took his dick out of my ass he came took my arms pulled back and put his cock in my ass we also spent the night like that. I rode in the hands and spikes of the two friends. When morning came, Rodolfo gave me a kiss and left. Manu was still out of the cachaça she took then Juvenal came and asked if I could give him too. That he wanted to put me in too. I was tired with my ass burning but I agreed to win milk from him also in my pussy and in my ass. After being fucked by the 3 I took a shower, woke up Emanuelle passed out and went home happy. We became friends and I went to visit them often, I was their wife for a whole year. After that time Rodolfo got engaged, Ricardo and Juvenal got another rental in a distant city, we ended up losing contact, but the memories of my loving friends and all the times I rotated with them remained.

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