I am not experienced in stories, I will tell you a real fact, maybe you like it. My name is João, I am dark and tall, I am married 7 years old, with no children, my wife has an older sister, tall white marta with long black hair, beautiful in body and face, fake skinny, married to Erick white, they have two children, a couple.
I had a doubt that I was charging my brother-in-law Erick a long time ago, and he always made excuses for me, that he would settle the debt, that he was tight because he crashed the car and was at a loss, he always agreed on a date and nothing came on time.
So I was upset because my name was already dirty because of him, I went to talk to his wife, my sister-in-law Marta on the subject, she worked in an office and earned even more than he did.
She was surprised because she didn’t know he hadn’t paid:
– Wow João Erick hasn’t paid that debt yet ?!
– Me: No Marta, that sucks because it got my name dirty.
– Her: I’ll fix it, you can leave it …
– I said, okay.
After a while, I again receive several billing calls. Again I went to talk to my sister-in-law, as I had already charged my brother-in-law many times, without success.
– Marta still haven’t managed to pay the debt, right?
– She: Then, João, I’m sorry, we couldn’t do it, you know what it is, we have some doubts too late, so we stopped paying the agreement again, but I’ll resolve it, a thousand apologies, I’m very ashamed!
– Me: I understand, so I will see if I pay, because I need a clean name to finance my work and finish my house.
– Her: There, brother-in-law, I’m sorry !, if I could help you with something. I replied, on instinct, seeing my sister-in-law in front of me, with a face in the morning and with a short shorts enjoying this one at home.
– I replied: I will make an indecent proposal for you rss.
– She: It’s crazy boy, look!
– Me: Calm sister-in-law joke, joke.
– My sister-in-law: um, I know. He replied a little suspiciously.
– I replied: But if you want to talk about it, you can call me on the phone, it is just between us.
I thought ready, now I get slapped in the face, or she will tell my wife everything, it didn’t even pass a needle !, but oddly enough it was different, she replied:
– João you are very naughty, but I don’t have the courage to do any of this, go away, Erick will arrive with the children.
I was really relieved, I left.
About a month and a half passed more or less, one fine day my sister-in-law sends me a message:
– Are you at home João ?, I answered – – yes.
I work at night so I stay at home all day.
She sent another: – – I’ll go over there with Elaine, get a pot. Elaine is my niece, 11, her face.
– I said, okay, just let me take a shower, I’ll call you.
– Her: Okay.
I took a shower, put on a samba song only, without a shirt, I usually stay well at home, and I answer them.
My sister-in-law had ponytail hair, she looks like a cat, and she wore legging pants glued to kill, she has a nice body, without much perfection because she has children, but what an ass she has! My niece was wearing a skirt.
– Hi João, I came to get a tapewere here that stayed with my sister.
– My niece: Hi uncle! Mine gave me a kiss on the cheek, can I use the bathroom?
– Me: Okay, okay Marta, I think this is it.
– My sister-in-law: Wow, don’t you have clothes ?! Chuckling.
– Me: mol heat man.
That was about 15:00
I felt her looking this way and that and seeing where my niece was, and spoke softly:
– Remember that subject?
– Me: What ?! For a while.
– Her: That proposal, was it serious ?! Talking low.
Me: – yes.
Marta: – I want to, but with one condition, it is totally secret between us! I’ve never done that before.
– I shivered a little at the time, held the table, I thought: man I’m going to eat my hot sister-in-law !! Soon I answered seriously, – Okay, of course, just stay between us, total secrecy, talking quietly.
She looking into my eyes said:
– Okay, I’ll send you a message later, I’m with Elaine today, tomorrow I’ll be free in the afternoon, we’ll talk. And he went out beating his hair and rolling around a little. Oooo hot sister-in-law.
The other day … My sister-in-law sent me a message: Hi brother-in-law, how are you? Me: Everything.
Her: Is that agreement still on?
Me: Yes, of course, with one condition!
Her: Condition? What condition boy ?!
Me: I would like you to come here at home, with hair tied like a ponytail that you wear, in a loose skirt, short and with nothing underneath and, in high heels, how are you?
Her: Hmm, everything, let me see …
Her: I have a skirt like João when I used to go to church, but it’s short on me, if I bend down a bit to see almost everything!
Me: No problem, this is it!
Her: Look at that bastard! Okay, I’ll put it, I’ll be there in a little while… we lived close by.
I was anxious waiting for her, it had been half an hour and nothing from my sister-in-law, when the doorbell rings …
And I open the door …
– Hi João, how are you? Is that good?

And I see the vision of paradise, that delightful woman in front of me, long black hair tied, black blouse with low neckline, short skirt, thin fabric, half red, flowery, high-heeled sandals.
Me: Give me a walk …
She turned … and turned quickly, holding the skirt on the part of her legs, showing that butt volume, marking the entire butt, she was without panties, what a view …
I closed the door and could not stand it, I immediately grabbed her, giving her the biggest kiss on the tongue, pushing her against the sink, squeezing her tasty breasts, she: – Calm down, cry out brother, go tear my clothes! Me: Deuculpa, is that you drive me crazy, then I squeezed that big ass of her without panties and I continued to kiss and suck her breasts.
She: -Oh brother-in-law, there.
I pulled back a little and told her, now suck me!
She looked at me, then knelt in the kitchen and said: I never put my mouth on another man and took my dick.
It started a wonderful blowjob, what a hot mouth !, me holding her ponytail hair and she sucking me very slowly, a little embarrassed.
After a while I told her: – Get up now, stay on your back, lean on the sink and lift your ass, I’ll eat you all now! She looked at me, then stood up, leaned against the kitchen sink and asked: – Like this ?! Me: -That!
I lifted that thin skirt, leaned on with those thighs and a nice white ass, I fit in and penetrated that beautiful pussy of my sister-in-law and pushed it slowly, she already moaned: There João
I was pumping and pumping after her and looking at her with that face of pleasure and morning with a closed eye … She just moaned:
– There, there, there, there brother-in-law
– Oh, there, there
– I said in my ear: I’m going to fuck you all very tasty cunhadinha.
She: There, there, there, eat me brother-in-law, there, there, there, there, eat me like a bitch, there, there, brother-in-law, there, there.
I was already crazy with lust: I will eat you dog, you are my female, you are my wife now! and punched deeper and deeper.
She: – There, there, I am, there, there, there, brother-in-law, what a hard dick, there, there, there… I’m going to come, there, there…
Me: I will fill you up, I will come inside you!
She: -Oh, no, there, there, there, there.
I held her by the arms, prancing up to me with that hot ass with a little sun mark and I punched deep, roaring like a bear: Take a dog, take it !!! And I enjoyed it very much, very tasty, until the end …
What a hot woman.
She sighed and pulled away a little, pulling up her skirt.
Then he said: – It was just this time, okay, João, I needed it.
After that we look at each other, and we kiss.
She went to the bathroom, then came back and said: -If you tell someone I will kill you!
I said: Just stay between us, slapping that hot ass.
Her: There !! Naughty.
And he left, giving only a discreet goodbye with a smile and shaking his ass.

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