At the college where I studied, Physical Education classes were on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and each quarter had a different modality: basketball in the first, followed by handball, volleyball and futsal. He already had a little boyfriend, Leo, and played a lot of sports with him in bed. He wasn’t very good on the court, but he liked to sweat with the other boys. Once, everyone was seated in the center of the court and Professor Jonas was teaching dribbling and pitching. I couldn’t take my eyes off his black shorts, especially from the front. The white tank top also fit him well. His light brown arms were strong and long, and his legs were the same. I was sitting in the front row and watching everything carefully: the hips of the hip, the muscular explosion, the tank top taking off during the jumps and showing the well-defined abdomen … That was when he called me and another student for a demonstration of positioning in the bottle. I had to contain my imagination at that moment. In the exercise, I had to try to feign the colleague and make the basket, but I wasn’t sure what to do.
– In order not to be disarmed, you have to offer your back to the marker.
Everyone started laughing when a classmate shouted, “He’s good at that, teacher.” Most of the time, I accepted the games. Whenever some bullshit guy wanted to intimidate me, Diogo and César would defend me saying that I was a nice guy and that if they wanted to hit me, they would have to fight with them first. I helped them in the subjects in which I mastered, mainly Mathematics, but there was never any trouble between us. Only in my fantasies, in which the two always saved me and then snatched my white ass in anal sex, one at a time. My boyfriend, on the other hand, always managed to disappear at that time when he hated it so much. From time to time, I would also cut it out just to keep him company, even though I didn’t like to miss it.
At the end of that class, Professor Jonas came to talk to me.
– The guy! What is your name again?
– Marcelo.
– Come on, Marcelo. I didn’t want to put you in that boring situation. I didn’t know you were …
– Gay?
– This.
– No problem, professor. I don’t care what they say.
– You are brave, Marcelo. Much more than they think it is.
– Thank you.
– If you need anything, anything, you can count on me.
– Wow, professor. Thank you very much.
One day, when I was waiting for Léo to eat sfihas in a cafeteria, I accidentally ran into the professor on the avenue next to the school. We would have a relaxed chat until a slim and charming guy approached discreetly. The handsome man gently slid his fingers on Jonas’s arm, who hadn’t noticed his presence. I pretended I didn’t see anything, but Jonas noticed the small smile on my face. That was your boyfriend, who ignored me like I wasn’t there.
I found out that the teacher played on the same team as me, and those two formed a beautiful team. Startled, Jonas started to unravel and said goodbye to me quickly. I started fantasizing about the four of us in my bed, loving each other and sweating each other, with the bastards coming together on my face at the end. As not all dreams are possible, I immediately returned to reality and looked at my wristwatch, impatient for Léo’s delay. The hot couple had already left and had a little argument when Jonas returned with an air of concern, leaving his handsome partner waiting around the corner for a serious conversation with me. He revealed that he was also gay and asked me to keep it a secret. I even suspected and would never think of harming him, but I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t try to bait.
– Stay calm. I swear I don’t speak to anyone.
– It would be bad for me if …
– O.K. teacher. Nobody will know, not even Leo. I swear.
– Can I trust you?
– Yes, professor. I have always admired you as a person, and now even more.
– What a relief!
– Too bad I already had a boyfriend.
– Well … Yeah … You came back, then.
– Bye teacher.
Jonas was all embarrassed, poor guy, and I apologized for that the very next day. I didn’t miss any Physical Education classes anymore, and I motivated Léo to attend more often as well. In games, I didn’t even hit a basket, not even a pass, but I worked hard on the court. In football it gave me better. I scored a goal that made the gang’s bullies get brave and quiet, and celebrated in a very gay way just to provoke them.
– Ka, ka, ka, ka, ka…
Even the professor burst out laughing. He and I became good friends. Years later, when I went to college, his distance saddened me a little. I studied on the other side of the city, and I missed our conversations, the laughter that I always got out of him with my crazy stories, and especially his polite and attentive way of treating people.

Close to turning 20, I called Jonas and invited him to my birthday party, in my apartment. She said she could even take her boyfriend if she wanted, even though she knew the cool would never go. I didn’t create much expectations. I just asked and heard a disappointing “maybe”. I had also said that I just wanted to talk to him for a longer time, without commitment, although I was aware that this would not be 100% guaranteed. I was wrong, but who never?
I imagined his horny cock making my ass take off in several different positions, and my pleats sweat with pleasure with me moaning like a kitten, enjoying jets and jets of cum inside me, and then repeat the dose several times in the morning. In my love delusions, Leo would come into the room and join us, and he would also let Jonas fuck my little boy mercilessly, so he wouldn’t be upset. Dream does not cost a thing…
On the expected day of the 28th, my parents, some family members, Léo and two other college colleagues were at home. Besides them, came David and Renatinha, my best friends in the building. I got some basic souvenirs that I don’t even remember anymore. I remember the cake, which was chocolate and delicious. My best gift would be to see Jonas that night. At about 10 pm, to my surprise, he arrived.
I greeted him formally, so as not to attract the attention of the staff, but with a smile of joy at seeing him unaccompanied. Keeping his character, Jonas told everyone that he was married and that his wife did not want to come because she was tired. In fact, his jealous guy didn’t even know about that visit. Jonas himself admitted, making me sure he trusted me, or maybe even loved me, who knows?
During the party, my head kept thinking about that tall, strong brunette, with whom even my mother grappled in a bizarre dance to the sound of the lambada, which Renatinha and I had put on to play at almost the last volume. It was hilarious! The man was really irresistible. Only my father who didn’t like the scene very much. At first, my boyfriend even looked at the teacher a little suspiciously, but he also ended up surrendering to Jonas’s captivating personality. He surrendered too much, and made jealousy change sides at a certain time.
As I predicted, Léo had to leave early because of work in the morning. When my little darling left, around 11 pm, I leaned against Jonas. I could no longer resist the idea of ​​trying to seduce him. I held a glass in my hand for several minutes, just for him to see. I already had a ready justification in case of a possible out. I went about emptying the glass in the kitchen sink about three times, because I don’t like beer.
– Do you find me attractive, professor?
– Marcelo …
– Sorry. I think the drink made me a little emotional. He didn’t respond to my initial attack, but he also didn’t say no, so it didn’t hurt to try one last time. My boring aunts, as always, were the last to leave. My mother only heard the chatterers talk nonstop, while my father was already dozing with his mouth open on the sofa. When Jonas said it was too late, I went down with him and went to his car just to say goodbye. I revealed my real intention as I approached the window of the red car.
– Professor, you know I’m crazy about you, right?
– Marcelo, control yourself …
– Let me buy you a blowjob, please! It would be the best birthday of my life. I like you very much!
– I already have an appointment, forgot?
– Just once and I promise I won’t bother you anymore. Trust me!
– Okay, come in.
– Nice!!!
I pretended I was a little drunk, but I had only had a sip of beer and I hated it. My drunkenness was of love, and that really baffled me. It was almost midnight and no one passed on the street. The wall next door prevented anyone from the building from seeing us. I turned around and entered the passenger door, like a little bitch who had just gotten a program.
With Jonas still a little tense in the driver’s seat, I unzipped his blue jeans very carefully, and saw a beautiful relief in his white underwear. I was even more enchanted with what was in it.
– Damn, teacher! What a handsome penis you have!
– You are no longer my student. Now you can just call me Jonas.
– You’re right. I’m going to suck you with a lot of love today, Jonas.
Sitting and with a hand on the steering wheel, the brunette did not look around and in the rearview mirror, watching every corner to see if anyone would appear. When I started giving bitoquinhas and running the lip on his beautiful fleshy dick, he calmed down quickly and started stroking the back of my neck. I made the most of it.
With very feminine groans, he kissed his athlete’s chest under his shirt and, at the same time, beat a handful of his hand over the chick. The member was bigger and thicker than mine and Leo’s. I was second only to David, my black friend on the seventh floor. But at that moment, I was with my teenage idol.

When the big guy was fully erect, Jonas pulled his jeans down to his knees to make us both more comfortable.
On the first real charge, my lips were wide open and my tongue felt the pulse and thickness of his massive cock, and it was wonderful. I fell for about ten or fifteen minutes, I’m not sure, and every second was wonderful. My little mouth expressed all the lust I felt, delighting with that big, massive tower erected in front of me. I swallowed as far as I could, but my throat wanted to feel more of that tasty head.
In the middle of naughtiness, the teacher suddenly stopped. A lady appeared out of nowhere taking the dog for a walk at the beginning of the street. I was going to sit on the bench, but Jonas wouldn’t let me.
– Stay there, Marcelo. If she sees you getting up and it will be worse.
I kept my face pressed to her sexy belly, with my mouth on the bottle. I was already quite used to the taste of his dick stuck in my mouth, and I didn’t stop breastfeeding for a moment, very slowly. Like a real canastão actor, one of those in a Mexican soap opera, Jonas simulated a phone chat and even waved to the old woman, who was walking slowly with her geek across the street, as if nothing unusual was happening. I couldn’t stand being so horny. Once the danger was over, I rose to catch my breath.
– Ufa! Your dick is very, very, very tasty, Jonas!
– I almost died of the heart … How crazy!
– I want more, Jonas!
– Me too.
– You’ll be pushing me down hard, okay? And when you come, let me know. I love drinking milk.
– Wow! So scold you, naughty!
Uninhibited and smiling, Jonas broke free in a way I had never seen before, and gave himself over to my whims. We then continue our shamelessness at a “hot” level. The gay teacher breathed several sighs of man during the rest of the adventure. Holding me by the hair, he stuck my face in his appetizing roll and filled my mouth with pleasure, as if he were preparing a juicy orange. It left his cock bigger and bigger with more saliva with each choking, and everything got more and more tasty with each swallowed. My thirst for him was insatiable.
– Hummm… It’s now, Marcelo!
I drank a lot of milk straight from the brown stick, which throbbed intensely and continuously. Jonas roared softly and moved his muscular buttocks in a frantic rhythm in the driver’s seat. I stayed by his side, holding on to his strong thighs and sucking tasty on the cock amid coughs and gagging. I swallowed everything and left it all drooling, but in the end there was not a drop of sperm left. I almost didn’t come together, but I managed to control myself.
– Wow, Jonas! I had never drank so much milk before. You are also shameless, huh!
– I think I got excited.
I returned home disheveled and radiant with happiness, but before I said goodbye to the hot teacher.
– Return the visit well, didn’t you? What grade do you give me in the blowjob, professor?
– Note 10, no doubt.
My twentieth birthday was simply unforgettable, but it also eroded my guilt for having deceived Leo. Does only a blowjob count as cheating?

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