The Mexican

I met Mexicano on a dating site, he was dark, 54 years old, 1.80 tall, stocky and with a thick black 18 cm dove, those balls of respect, I was always wondering if I could take it. I am 35 years old, 1.80 alt, dark, with an ass to drive the males crazy!

We exchanged contacts and talked for a long time, at the time I had just married, maybe that’s why we ended up just talking.

After a while we got back to talking, always sending photos and telling me about his fucks that made me very horny, always beat one, thinking about that male eating me, but I was very afraid because of the wedding.

Until one day I was on vacation without my wife, and dying to give, I started to book with a male on a website, but it ended up not working, when I was already discouraged, behold, the Mexican again sending me a message speaking I was still really in the mood for my ass.

Surely that was a sign, I didn’t even waste a lot of time talking, I just asked him if he was alone at home and if he could go there, he immediately replied that he was and was waiting for me, at the time my ass was flashing, I just went for a drink bath and stay clean for the male.

I took the car and went to his house with a hard-on, driving hard, wondering what it would be like. When I arrived he was waiting for me at the gate in shorts without underwear that showed the volume and T-shirt.

I greeted and we went home, we went to the living room and he sat next to me, we started talking, he had a Spanish accent, he said he came from Mexico, he soon noticed that I had a hard-on and asked if he wanted to, I then I said yes and I went to get his dick that was already a little out of the shorts, even soft, and that rolls of those black, thick and heavy.

Soon I started to squeeze and put it in my mouth, even though I still couldn’t swallow it all and it was getting bigger and bigger, until I got scared, but I couldn’t go back lol.

Suddenly he pulls me up and go to bed, we continue with a very tasty 69, me sucking his cock and he tongue and sticking his fingers in my ass, how horny he was.

I really wanted that male’s cock in me, I got up and escaped that cigar, he sat on the end of the bed, and I went to sit on him, the lust was so much that after being able to swallow that cock with my ass and give two seats I ended up enjoying a lot on the floor, without even touching my dick, my male asked if he wanted to stop, but I said no, because he wanted much more. I wasn’t going to stop until I got milk from that tasty one I always imagined !!

We got back to fucking and I was 4 to feel him all over me, but in that position his cock looked like he was tearing me up, he moaned a lot, he looked like he couldn’t take it, but my male laid me down, put the weight on me and kissed my neck and my mouth, forcing my ass and driving me crazy, put me on the side and continued until he let me know he was almost coming.

I wanted to see that fucking male, so I turned him on and started wanking until I got milk from the male, I ended up enjoying it again too, what a fucking delight.

I had my ass burning for 1 week, but the memory of the fuck made me forget the pain. We still talk and maybe we’ll have another one soon!