My daughter was one of those chubby girls who has a big ass and a hairy camel toe and my son is one of those boys who spend the whole day jacking off.
Jessica used to wear these glued soft fabric trousers that made the cut of her xereca very visible. Her titties were pointed and pointed upwards, almost piercing her blouse. At the time this episode occurred, he was 12 and she was 16. She used to ask to see her pornographic magazines while stuffing a Perdigão bologna sausage in the xereca. He knew this because he had already seen her taking one to the bedroom. I also always missed one in the fridge and then came back washed.
At the time, there was no internet and no VCR. Whoever wanted to see whoring that went to the cinema. There were so many slutty things in the bathrooms that you can’t even imagine. Whenever someone went there, there was a big fag carrying a butt in the ass, another sucking on a dick and five more of his pants down and on his back, waiting for someone to appear in the ass. And I didn’t need to say anything, it was to put the fag against the wall, tell him to open his ass, and put it in the pussy.
Anyway, she locked herself in the room and kept beating siririca and stuffing the sausage, while she looked at those thick-headed, thick-headed logs sperm on the faces of the whores …
I used to sunbathe with dental floss all stuck in my backyard. Ricardinho used to go all the time in the kitchen, which gave access to the backyard with only art to spy on his little sister’s ass, all smeared with oil and shining in the sun. When it was put in front, there was that fleshy pussy with the thong just covering the tear of that big pussy.
In a certain way, when she got out of the bath, after a while, Ricardo, my son and brother of Jessica went to her room thinking that she had already dressed, and to her surprise she was still wearing panties and without bra. She looked at him with a frown as if she didn’t like it, lifted her leg and put her on the bed purposefully so that he could see the volume of her pussy drawn and divided into the panties that divided their juicy bands. The little boy was hallucinated.
Jessica did not shave the pussy, and the hairs were already coming out from the sides, in addition to giving that volume to fill the eyes.
After that day her handjobs on her intention intensified and on purpose she always knocked on the bathroom door and said: “I know what you are doing there. Is that what you were looking for in the bedroom? ” This excited him even more and he was soapy that he purposely made that noise on the thaco thaco roll that we all know and that he knew she liked to hear.
Now I couldn’t imagine just the size of her ass. That sight of your hairy pussy has never left your mind until today …
They lived with my grandmother, my mother. The crown had hearing problems so they fought without caring.
Ricardo became obsessed with incest and knowing that his grandmother had already been a prostitute in a brega here in Salvador, it was there that she met my father and father of my brother, their uncle, who is also a character in this story. My mother was one of those crazy people who live talking about putarias, and besides being already 60 years old, she still preserved that size of tail that made so many men delight and enjoy abundantly. He always said, still with that face of a dirty and brusque whore of someone who has already sucked a lot, that sex is the best thing in life, while shamelessly smoothing it. the bucetão maliciously leaving Ricardinho excited and with the hard cock.
One day when she took a strong medicine to sleep, Ricardo went to the bedroom, lifted the nightgown, spread his legs, and licked her pussy.

Which, by the way, was quite enlarged with so much rôla that it was in the brega. Then he rubbed his baby dove on her full lips, forced a little in and managed to get her to open her mouth. He put only the little head and slowly introduced it. After a few come and go, take it off and put it on, went back to the sprout and penetrated it deep until it hit the egg berries. He realized that she was pretending to be asleep because she could feel her vaginal lips suck on his penis and that tightened his cock and held him like glue, in addition to the vagina broth running and her breathing to be breathing. She tried to control herself, but he noticed slight faces that she made on her face and a little smirk in the corner of her mouth. The “old woman” was enjoying it. But she pretended to be sleeping soundly so that he could continue to fuck her. But she couldn’t help herself, and she moaned loudly, spreading her legs wide. My son was happy to be making my dear mother, his grandmother, enjoy tasty.
She began to rummage in the bed, her hips went up and down, as she did inside the houses of prostitution in which she made a lot of money and lived a life of plenty today. That was when Ricardinho did not control himself and dropped the candy on my mother’s mouthpiece. A spectacular and abundant cumshot that my boy gave in the grandmother’s xerecão.
Then she gave him a tender kiss on the tongue. She had a slight angelic smile on her lips.
We all realized miraculously in the days that followed his rapid recovery. Being fucked with love by the grandchild did him a great good.
Returning to my little bitch, after she learned that Ricardinho saw her in her panties and that she was jerking off at her intention, when she was going to cut her hair, she started rubbing herself with her thighs on her arm, standing in front of her with the xereca so close to her. his face with that splinter divided in his cool pants that just needed to be rubbed in his face. He could even smell it coming from his mouth. I know that she was very excited to see that he was enjoying it and knew that soon, he would soon end up in trouble. His xoxotão was luscious and greasy, so he gave off that smell of raw fish. He was crazy for her to lower her shorts, hold her head tightly and “force” her to suck it.
Her 13 cm chopstick (that was the size at the time) was stiff, but he disguised it by covering it with his arm (as he was ashamed to know that she saw in his magazines those thick, big-headed, horny chips.
Today his source of pleasure measures 16 centimeters by 12. It is within the average of Brazilians and does not cause any discomfort, nor does his wife complain. It always gives her three consecutive cum shots … That’s why it’s fine, even though I wanted to take my brother, his uncle and have a bigger and thicker cock.
Once my brother, one of them, and who was born in a brothel, had arrived from Ceará as always. He was very playful and knew that Ricardo was jerking himself straight, because my daughter’s naughty told him everything. While Jessica was washing clothes in front of the bathroom door, he masturbated. With her there so close, he sat on the floor right in front of the door and could see her butt with her shorts jammed through the cracks with her hard cock and full of “badness”. But on this day suddenly my bastard brother forced the handle and opened it. He was caught by both of them in the act with the hard rock in his hand. Due to the unexpected and because he was about to come, a wave of uncontrolled pleasure took over his body, the picca began to undermine the gala and flow like a waterfall … He closed and squeezed his eyes, his face made a face and his body contorted . He came compulsively and the spur jumped and spouted almost a meter away, the Gulfs of gala were five in a row. They burst out laughing. Needless to say, my little boy was very upset and ashamed …

From that day on, whenever they fought, she said that he had a small peck and that he shouldn’t even tickle and that my brother and their uncle’s was much bigger than yours. That was when he learned that Astolfo, (40 years old), when he went there, put the wheel in it.
And it was true, my brother had the volume of a very thick cock in his shorts. It must have been because he was black and of African descent. My mother told me that he looked like his father, a Negão who went there in the brega to make her scream in his thick, big head. He was quite tall, he must have been six feet tall and his skin was so black that it glowed bluish because it was so black.
He wore a lot of those lycra shorts that were in fashion at the time and when it was white, you could even see the design of the veins that were stuffed and altered, and he just sat with his legs open to show his package and the volume of his balls. This naughty mommy who talks to you has already fucked my brother. But that’s another story. That was why when he went home my daughter was happier and started to wear smaller shorts to further highlight her butt and her beetle hood.
Ricardo soon suspected that this was the cause of him always asking him to go there and buy something on the street. When he came back they both had the cleanest face in the world and she was all disheveled and sweaty. That was also why when she knew he was going there, he tanned that ass. If my brother ever put that big cock in my little girl’s fury, his niece, as he already did with me, I don’t know. I believe so. He would need to sperm inside that asshole, because in the mouth he could get her pregnant. So it had to be right in the ass and with a big ass like those who would resist not taking her on all fours and getting bogged down in the face of that bitch? The first time her pleats must have hurt, bled, stung, molten and smeared that nigger’s dick all of her fury’s blood. As it happened to me. I was pretty chipped and fucked. I believe that I should wash it in the rectum to make it taste better and maybe she will also receive some licks and flips inside that delicious cave, which, because it is very white, should have a pinkish furious.
In revenge for what they did to them, Ricardo waited for him to ask him to go buy something. As I knew it was for them to climb, he said it would take him on the street, but he didn’t go and stayed at home hidden in the ceiling (there was a ladder in the yard that gave access). Wow! That was when he saw everything. He had difficulty, due to his angle of vision, to see at first the size of Astolfo’s black stick. Every man has this curiosity and Ricardo was one of those. It looked like a horse’s wheel. The guy was a donkey. The red color of the big head contrasted with the rest of the black club. My daughter took after the mother. For those who like cock, the longer, thicker and the better the better. He was sitting naked and she was kneeling at his feet in front of him. He even drooled in front of that stiff pole. The bikini mark, being thong, started from inside the groove and the line went to the middle of her back. She wore those bikinis well cavaded leaving the ass scandalously out of envy Watermelon Woman.
Too bad at that time there were no cell phones with cameras. I would post here for you to see what a blowjob is. Then he held her head and she fell killing that cock and the back and forth and also because she was choking, the log splinter should go down to the depths of her throat.

My daughter kneeling at her feet between her open thighs, grabbed his cock, sucked, drooled, licked and bit her balls. Then he asked her saying: “niece stops or I make fun”. She answered nothing because she had a full mouth and was so thirsty and maddened that she didn’t want to stop and started to suck him even more eagerly. Because of this he pulled her head back by the hair in fury and asked her if she wanted him to come in her mouth or fill her face with cum… That was when she took one hand off her xibata and with the other took the bucêta and began to siriricar with force and he gushed like a waterfall what appeared to be a liter of thick and white sperm resembling cremogema porridge. While she received the sperm gushes in her face, she hit the siririca with brutality, creaking like a demon from the depths of darkness. His bucêta made a noise similar to that when people wave their hands in the water, the size of the juice that poured from their cave was so big. As she tilted her face up because he pulled her hair hard, my son could see her face melting all over, opening her mouth, licking her lips and making a devilish face. His eyes were rolled up and there was only the white of the eyeball in his eyes, while he also came and I could hear the sound of the broth spreading on the floor of the room and forming almost a lake. He could also see the red head of the hard pike gushing freely through that huge crack like that of an echú at the Satanic crossroads.
Then she lost her angle of vision again, but she could tell by the sound that came out of my little girl’s mouth that she was licking all the cum that ran down her black uncle’s balls while her bag rocked from side to side and hit her breasts. For you to have an idea of ​​how heavy and low his bag was. The strong smell of greasy rôla together with the scents of my Jessica’s honeyed mouthwash rose up to my son’s nostrils, who were spying on everything fascinated by the stick pissing in gzo. She ran her tongue over her balls, sucked on her head and went down again to the egg sac. That noise of suck, suck, lick, lick, drool, never left your ears and still echo in your imagination today. His dick was softening as she licked, licked and licked. She stopped for a few moments and stood there motionless with her face all smeared and with her soft uncle’s cock in her mouth, which was still swollen and still pulsed with gusto.
Then he pretended that he came back from the street and didn’t let them suspect anything so he could have other opportunities.
They tried to disguise it but could not hide the tired face of that cumshot. His eyes were red as embers and the smell of cum mixed with the broth of that cum plagued the whole environment.
I was proud to have a daughter who, like her mother, knew how to suck a chunk like that and with mastery.
Too bad he couldn’t help himself and came right there. I wanted Ricardinho to witness her on all fours, wiggling, fidgeting and moaning on that black horse whip, to then tell me and I could tell you about it. My son told me about this event while I jerked him with him sitting on my lap and forcing him to tell the whole truth under pain of squeezing their eggs. After concluding, as a reward, I let him come inside my mouth.

Later he also told her that he had seen everything and to her surprise she said that he also ate with me, who was their mother and sister of his uncle.
From there they became more intimate and because they knew that our family was incestuous, the two started to be without clothes at home and Ricardo no longer needed to lock himself in the bathroom to masturbate. The two of them did this in the middle of the room in front of each other without any modesty. Sometimes he would hit her with a siririca while she poked him, sometimes with his hands, sometimes with his mouth. Also, at his request, he put on that dental floss and rolled it in front of him. She started to enjoy that ass daily and she became addicted to taking it in the ass by her little brother. The erotic love of depraved, indecent and immoral brothers has increased dramatically.
My black brother found out through me and now he came to our house every weekend. Jessica told him how horny she was for her little brother’s dove, which, despite being small, fascinated him and he confessed that he felt the desire to eat it together with his nephew and her brother and that I had also ripped myself, that mommy here, on his extraordinary log of nerves.
And the fudelança started in the morning and changed into dawn. They spent the afternoons in a 69 of pure and ecstatic sucking. He really enjoyed the mouth of his sister who drank all the milk from her little brother while her big uncle buried him in her ass. And Ricardinho was very satisfied with that broth. The erotic love of depraved brothers increased dramatically. And so the family remained together.
Those were days of orgies and surubas and I don’t need to tell you the bagasse that left Astolfo’s thick log of nerves and how many hot spurs Jessica took on her ass and face…
What a happy ending. But it doesn’t end there.
Jessica not long after she was converted and became a believer and decided to be baptized. She married a pastor of the Baptist Church here in Salvador, which she had already been attending.
Those people who go to church when they decide to fuck do it desperately like it’s the last time. Put a rôla in an evangelical believer so you can see what a demonic and satanic fuck is, and she will scream at the womb calling for God. Lock yourself in a room with a fervent evangelical that he will make you kneel in front of him and accept Jesus on the log.
Today my daughter and her pastor husband live happily with their six children, three boys and three young girls, who were even born one after the other. My daughter must fuck a lot with her priest husband.
Amazingly, she gives this testimony every Sunday in the church and adds everything they did for the enjoyment of the brothers in Christ. And they say to them: “The precious blood of Christ covers all the sins of the flesh, brothers. May each of you live your truth and it will set you free and you will truly be free ”.
His Congregation is called: The Holy Enjoyed of the Last Days.
Every Sunday when she finishes witnessing what they were doing, at the time of prayer the men refuse to stand up to hide the hard dick under their pants and the young people run almost enjoying themselves to the church bathroom and inside it rolls type of whoring and slutty. Women wear long petticoat skirts to disguise the broth that runs down their thighs and hide the mini thongs tucked under their tails underneath, while imagining that they are receiving Astolfo’s log …
From then on, the church was filled to capacity with believers every Sunday. This is an exciting testimony.
My daughter Jessica just can’t explain to her husband why five of her children are black and only one is white like the pastor …
Do you suspect anything?

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