Do you know that partner you don’t believe you could find in life? I found it! My husband is a horny man, together we are life partners and whoring, because we like it very much lol
We are swingers and love the experiences.
As we always talk about everything without fear of judgment. In one of these conversations I spoke of my desire to fuck him in a whorehouse, in the bed of a real prostitute. And he, of course, agreed on the spot. He keeps saying how much I am his little bitch and nothing is more fair than him eating me in the bitch. After many conversations to decide how and where it would be, the day finally came.
We took a trip to Belo Horizonte to visit a place called SOBE E DESCE, an area in the center of BH where there are some buildings that rent rooms for prostitutes to work. First we went there to recognize the environment. And what an environment !!! Several men going up and down stairs, women half naked at the doors of the rooms offering their services and very horny in the air. We loved it all and decided it would be our adventure there. My husband went to work out the details with the person in charge of the establishment. We paid more for the room to have the right to do a few more things.
The next day we left the hotel in the direction of SOBE E DESCENT with everything outlined. Me with tight pants breaking my pussy in half and a discreet blouse, after all the bitching is only inside lol.
When we arrived my husband went to get the room key from the person in charge, I was already sick at the thought of everything we would do in that room. What my husband didn’t know is that I would be a little bitch for a day, but for a single client, him. When we entered the building I was already knotting the blouse and lowering the neckline to leave my big breasts and stiff ass well exposed when going up the stairs towards our room. On the way up, I was eaten by the eyes of the most diverse men who were already eager to pick me up for a program and I only replied that I was already with a client.
My husband, who loves to show off her little bitch, was already hard to see the situation.
When we entered the room, I went crazy, I couldn’t believe I was there to fulfill my fantasy and best of all, I was with my husband.
With the door really open, we made some good snogging but no undressing because I really wanted to make my man crazy
I asked him to leave and closed the door.
Then came the real transformation of an ordinary woman from day to day to a sex worker, for whom I have a lot of respect. First I put a short that was only a thread on the bottom that goes from ass to pussy. My tail was very tasty in those shorts. I put on a white T-shirt to show my huge breasts with a pout all pointed with so much lust. I put a ring in my ear, a red lipstick in my mouth and last but not least a stiletto heel to highlight my legs.
Fuck!!! I was feeling wonderful and I confirmed it in my husband’s horny look when he saw me that way, in that place.
He couldn’t take it, he took me by the hair and chipped a kiss that left me out of orbit. Then we laughed at the situation and started playing. He stayed at the door talking to me and taking the stick, when a man approached him he took me and made me take a walk to show all my attributes. I let the guys run my hand over my ass and I lowered the shirt so they could enjoy my breasts. The guys went crazy and my naughty husband just said he had paid a lot for that dirty little bitch that was there.
In that, I kept asking at the door of the room, drawing the attention of whoever was passing by.
Everyone realized that I was not from that place, because I was doing things that other girls would never do. There are rules and I broke all of them.
I was thinking the bitch of whores lol. To improve, we left the door open and went to bed. I sat on the edge, pulled my man around the waist, pulled his pants down and put my mouth on that huge cock with the broth coming out. Mamei tasty and willing, which is nothing new, because he knows how much I am horny in him.
And in this feeding I was more and more excited by the moans coming from the rooms next door. What a delight, what a wonderful feeling, me sucking my man to the sound of moans of other whores.
At that door of our room, men passing by stopped to see that scene. We had some surprises, a couple of guys stopped and jerked off right there, just watching. Then I helped them to enjoy it. I got up and turned my tail for them I was slowly lowering my shorts to show my ass little by little. I laid my husband on the bed and went with my pussy right to his face, making back and forth movements, making his tongue slide from pussy to ass and vice versa.
The guys howled with lust. Seeing that the fuck was going to come out of those guys, I sat on the edge of the bed and opened all my pussy for them, beating a very hot siririca. There ready !!!! The guys came at the time lol.
But our game always has much more. After he showed me all the way to several guys, we closed the door, then yes it caught fire. He gave my pussy a tongue bath that made me come right away. I think I was the only whore who was moaning and really enjoying it lol.
After sucking all my broth he put that cock all at once in my pussy. I squirmed with lust in a frantic back and forth. I asked to stop, I got on all fours and asked for a stick. He promptly answered me. I tossed him hot and he kept talking to me: uta, man. ordinary little bitch, take a stick, isn’t that what you want? I just answered yes, it gets tasty naughty.
We couldn’t take anything else, we enjoyed it tasty. Now there were two bodies, sweaty and enjoyed, thrown on a zone bed.
We love our experience and are ready for many others.

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