Intern was a brother-in-law from the past

I am 33 years old, 90 kg, 1.72 tall, white skinned, a normal guy married to 8 years, who does not have the same sex with his wife, I always missed the adventures he did with my wife, but with time she got cold and I kept my desires saved, but all that changed when I work in an office alone, I participated in a program here in my city where each MEI would hire a helper or a secretary, it would be a 3-month rotation program , the costs would be paid by the city hall and every 3 months there would be an exchange for a total of 2 years so we could try out different types of profiles and we could hire if it was the case at any time.
The CVs came, however, as most of the MEIs in my city are motorbike taxis and mechanics, most of them took boys and left me with some boys and girls, as my job is to answer the phone, take notes, send and receive -mail, I didn’t have a lot of restrictions on who to hire, I immediately took the CV of a girl with less qualifications, because I soon thought that she would be a person who wouldn’t have many opportunities with other employers.
Milene was a girl with 17 springs, different from the photo on the curriculum, she had straight black hair, white skin, light brown eyes, 1.50 in height and should have, must have, about 45kg, shapely, she was familiar but as in a city of 40,000, everyone looks familiar.
The Girl was very helpful and very curious and attentive, she learned to do the basic things, I like to teach as long as the person is willing to learn, in a week she would do her chores alone, I was very satisfied, to spend two weeks and we started talking, i found out she was the sister of a girl i dated for about 4 months, at the time she was 8 years old, i was happy and as i already knew where she lived i started picking her up and taking a ride, we talked about her sister who went abroad and that was the reason we broke up, she said that Mariane (her sister) cried a lot when their mother sent her to Australia, that she always said she liked me, that for my ego was very good.
Inevitably she saw my conversations with my wife and saw that the relationship was not an affectionate thing, she was a very observant girl, one day she commented that she was going to a party and giving me a big scoop I asked where her boyfriend worked, she said that no, I still joked that she would be wasting time because her youth passes quickly, she countered by saying that boys are silly, I said that I was an age when I was a boy, so she said something that the spine froze.
-As I remember well, it wasn’t silly, the quarter of the sister was glued to mine, I listened to everything and even more when you were going to say goodbye and I could see you on the wall, I always saw the mana laughing from ear to ear, and then I heard her telling Priscila everything (she was her sister’s trusted friend).
I froze right away, it was a mixture of pleasure and shame, but it was more pleasure than shame, I spent the rest of the day just talking necessary, I went home and once again I didn’t have sex and that night I was about to be shot.
The other day in the morning Milene immediately got in the car, looked at me, said good morning and said:
-No need to be embarrassed with what I said yesterday, you should be happy after all it was a compliment.
I said it was okay, I invited her over for coffee and we went to the office, I started to notice her in more detail, what a beautiful, shapely, well-behaved girl but the style of a woman who goes crazy in bed, I started to remember the let her sister, by the way, do an oral with a deep throat and swallow all the milk, not to mention that she loved anal sex, as much as vaginal and as at the time she did not take medicine and we were always looking for a place to have sex , you know how we are perverted in adolescence, we ended up doing more anal and oral, and she never complained.
I already had the devil on my shoulder and imagining nonsense, I brought up a subject that believe me, I was at my desk on one pc and she was at the front desk on the other, we talked on WhatsApp.
Me: So you saw and heard and then listened to everything that happened between me and your sister?
Milene: Ahem,
Milene: It won’t be embarrassed.
Me: No, now it’s over but the scare was great, and thinking that you said the boys are silly and I was not a fool, I think that was a good thing!
Milene: Of course you are a fool, I think you would be my brother-in-law if the mother had not forced her sister to move in with her father.
Me: Well, I miss you, good times, it’s been 8 years, and after she left I became a father and got married.
Milene: Don’t talk like that, you are married and you seem to be happy.
Me: I just seem, I am in most aspects.
Milene: What do you mean?

We were interrupted by calls and I had even regretted having brought up the subject, but soon she called me on the App and what turned me on the most was that she came to my room and talked about the call, sent the email and we worked for some 30 minutes and we didn’t talk about it, it felt like a secret.
Milene: What part are you not happy with?
I did not answer for 7 minutes
Milene: Do not want to talk, okay
Me: Let’s say that what you heard, it doesn’t happen anymore.
Milene: What do you mean? that’s what I understood.
Me: Calm down, let’s say that with your sister I had an entire menu to enjoy on a free steak and today I only have rice and beans and when I want a straw potato to improve the dish, I am accused of strangling, you know.
She laughed and followed.
Milene: What man can handle eating only rice and beans and which woman only cooks a poor rice and beans for her husband?
Me: Well this is my world.
That day we just stayed there and started talking in the same way where we didn’t touch the subject in person, only on the virtual one, I’m not going to count the little conversations we had over the week. I’m going to skip to the part where the ringing started, go wearing tight and daring clothes as much as possible without seeming vulgar.
She was standing in front of me and I was reviewing some papers for her to scan, then she kind of sat on the table in front of me, leaving her legs still thicker, she had tight pants and a blouse, I kept looking, and I stopped for a few seconds.
Milene: What happened? (but knowing that I was looking at her)
Me: (already decided that I wanted to taste that body but I didn’t want to ruin everything) I’m a guy who lives on a diet and I’m looking at a buffet of delicious sweets and snacks.
Milene: But if it’s a buffet, just serve it even more, it should be free.
Me: (I knew she was going to give me a positive answer, but not that aggressive) Free, is it? Hehehe
Milene: I think the owner of the buffet knows this well because she knows the customer’s hunger well and what he likes to eat.
When she spoke those words, I heard her say that she knew that I would want anal, and oral always beyond vaginal, after all she knew everything that happened between her sister and me.
Without wasting time, I went after her, she said that we had to close the door.

I closed it and as our service was virtual and telephone, I didn’t even bother to leave the door locked. we went to the kitchen and started and undressed her and left her only in her panties, she is a little girl, you know, what a delight, she looked at me and said she wanted me naked, when she went down to take off my pants and sucked me so good and so long ago that I came in less than 2 minutes, she didn’t take it out of her mouth and continued sucking, what a suck of delight, and she sucked until I came for the second time, of course it was interspersed between a blowjob and a handjob but I was enjoying it for the second time in half an hour, my dick is still hard, but of course it has softened a little.
I then put her lying on the sink and sucked her, my lust was the heights because her pussy was and still is scented today, I was so horny that I already had a hard cock, I couldn’t believe I already had the cock at 100% but I knew that this could be the only time I would have that woman for me and I made sure she screamed with so much lust she came 4 times that she even sobbed:
Milene: I had never come in someone’s mouth, how good and strong it is.
She turned from the shore and leaned against the sink and said.
Milene: Go on but go slowly, I only let you in once, but I always come with my finger on my ass.
Me: (giving a good guy and open mouth) what do you mean, really?
Milene: Of course, or do you think I have a condom here, I’m in the (fertile) period so to not come baby, you’ll have to do as I did with my little sister, you bastard, I know all that too.
Look at her very tight and I felt that she came in very tight, but she had a fire, because I touched the prick’s head in the ass and gave a little pressure and I was hitting a handjob and she went crazy and started to roll and push her ass back, but with each push she gave a sob and said it over and over.
Milene: Pain, there, but the pain is good, there is pain, good, push, there, pain, it is good, it is good.
What a wonderful fuck, God for about 3 minutes I came but I kept him inside her, she took a while but came hard, she gave a little scream and rolled like a tchã dance.
I left there and went to wash myself in the sink, but it wasn’t dirty (you know what I’m talking about) on the way back she said she wanted to suck him some more, she pulled me into the bathroom and sucked him for about 20 minutes I didn’t come but she had a hard time, she still said it was a pity that she didn’t have a condom.
After we left there, we talked about the service and we didn’t talk about it, it made me more horny, the other day before I got her I bought a condom, and when we arrived at the service I said that she had brought a condom, she talked about it, I didn’t I understood, until she called me:
Milene: There is a condom, I brought it too …

I Go to a Motel:
Milene: I want here, as it was with my sister, she would give anywhere and I am no longer a virgin, we left the motel for another day, I’m going to the bathroom and close the door.
I locked the door and there she was in the bathroom wearing panties and nothing else, still looking at me and said:
Milene: I know you like to fuck women like that.
She put me sitting on the toilet, and rolled it in a way that each rolled her ass chewed my balls, after she came twice she still got up took off her condom and put it on her ass and rode in front of me, saying that my milk would never it would go away, it would always be in the ass, in the mouth that at most in her face, but that would never go down the drain.
What a delight, I can’t believe what I was hearing.
My days are summed up in this, she is perverted just like me, sometimes I think she reads my thoughts, in the morning she gets in the car and sucks me without me asking, other times she disappears and just sends me a message saying she wants milk ass in the bathroom and there she is.

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