You know, I was engaged and I loved myself, I was crazy about football, often leaving me to watch ships, while I went to have fun watching football games in the stadiums. He liked to watch games in general, he said it was more exciting, despite the discomfort. I was curious to see what a game was like in general, but I still didn’t have the courage, except that I was very needy, climbing the walls and I managed to invite my fiancé to go with him to the stadium to watch a classic our football, even though I’m not rooting for the same club as him. And so it happened. In a classic I prepared myself psychologically to go with my fiancé to the field, to see the long awaited soccer match. I prepared myself as if I were going to a gala. I woke up excited and masturbated a lot in hopes of putting out the fire, but I got even more lit. I shaved my pink pussy, with a protruding, stiff grelinha, then I went to get a bronze from the pool, I wanted to be very horny, drawing attention even when I went to the stadium. I wore one of my smaller bikinis, like a curtain thong, leaving that small mark of my bronze on my breasts, pussy and butt. Then I took a long shower and put a lot of moisturizing cream on my body to refresh and smell good. I put on a tight top with a neckline and a pink lace bra that highlighted my breasts and a loose envelope type skirt, with a strategic opening at the back and a tiny lace panties, like a thong, all buried in the butt, I looked in the mirror and I got goosebumps, so horny I felt. I knew I was going to provoke a lot of men in the stadium and that excited me a lot. I was waiting for my fiancé who was coming to pay me to have lunch together and then go to the stadium to see the much talked about game.
When he arrived and saw me he said that I was beautiful, it looked like he wasn’t even going to a stadium and I disguised him as saying that it was produced for him, it was a tribute for him to take me to the stadium to see the game. We were going to have lunch at his house and on the way I tried to tease him, smoothing his thighs and I went up to his dick, I squeezed, waiting for him to smooth my thighs and my wet pussy, but he said be careful , because he was driving and could cause an accident. Me dying of lust and he thinking of an accident, what a fiance this !!! He stopped at a gas station to refuel and calibrate the tire and while he went to pass the card I took the opportunity to provoke the gas station attendant who filled the car and then calibrated the tires, I opened the door and took the opportunity to also open my legs and let him see my thighs and my panties, I noticed that he had a hard cock and even came to throw a water on the windshield just to get a closer look and I took advantage and opened my legs more for him and showed my white lace panties, tucked in my smooth pussy and my fiance’s horn, watching newspapers and magazines in the gas station convenience store. When he came towards the car I pulled myself together and waited, the attendant still smiled and winked at me, who responded.
We arrived at his house and went to lunch, they were already waiting for us. I received compliments from people present, how beautiful I was. And he was full of legs and said he was going to take me to the stadium to see the game. At lunch we have a few beers. He was already getting a little excited, not much to drink. After lunch we lay down for a while and I was crazy to give him the pussy, to feel a dick filling me and he swims, I couldn’t take it anymore. We lay down for a while and the dreamed moment of going to the stadium arrives, I went to the bathroom, touched up my makeup, perfumed myself and before I went I still had two little bottles of ice type drink, which made me very excited. On the way I still smoothed his thighs and his dick and he only smoothed my legs and thighs a little, they were all goose bumps from being so horny. The crowd was already gathering in the vicinity of the stadium, I noticed some looks that undressed me, ate me with my eyes and that made me all wet and he didn’t even care about anything.
We entered the stadium and went towards the general, which was already very crowded, we looked for a place, which in a short time was very tight, people were very close to each other. The game starts and he is all excited, watching the game and listening on a radio with a headset, he didn’t even look at me anymore. When it started, I felt a hot breath on the back of my neck and ear, which made me shiver. Suddenly I start to feel something more, something hard against my ass. But it didn’t last long that I thought it was my imagination. But my heart was racing. Suddenly I feel an athletic body clinging to my body, much bigger than mine. He leaned against me and I could feel a hard cock leaning against my butt. He stuck and then walked away.

I looked to the side and my fiance was not there with anything, nor did I suspect that his little fiancée was starting to be very tasty. I confess that I was very excited about everything, with the fact that it is there in a stadium full of people, with my fiancé on the side, being trapped, all this only made my pussy soaked. He touched it again and I took the opportunity to rub myself, I rolled my butt, feeling that club pulse against my butt, I was on tiptoe and then went down, fitting the club in my butt, it was very tasty. I felt a hand running over my butt over the skirt, until he dared more insinuated himself through the opening of my skirt and stuck his hand that seemed to be very experienced and went up and down caressing my legs and thighs and then my butt, running my panties buried in my butt. My heart felt like it was going to come out of my mouth, it was a lot of adrenaline. I felt his hand pulling away my panties, I opened my legs and stood on my tiptoes and felt his fingers running through my little ridge, which blinked and touched my luscious pussy, soaked by my honey, it was so horny. The nipples of my breasts looked like I was going to pierce my boyfriend’s blouse and horn even with me. He massaged my little grelinha, and stuck a finger in my pussy, I tossed it tasty, pranced my butt, up and down, bit my lips and felt all those magic fingers filling me. He took advantage and stuck a finger in my ass, I saw stars, and I almost moaned loudly, so horny. And so feeling his cock trembling with joy in my ass and fingers in my ass, pussy and grelinha, I reached a delicious orgasm, where I flooded his fingers with my honey and had one of the best orgasms of my life, next to of my little fiancé who watched his team from the heart and didn’t even suspect that his bitchy little fiancée was being polished and encoxado by a stranger. The stranger moved away a little, I was ashamed to look back to see who it was, but when I looked I couldn’t tell who the stranger was who made me come.
I pulled myself together a little, but I was still trapped during the game by a horny teenager, who was rubbing himself on my butt. What a delight to play football.
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