I’ll tell you how the father of a little friend of mine made me a real whore.
First I’m going to introduce myself, my name is Amanda, I live in Santa Catarina, I am blonde, short, I have big, very firm breasts, a flat stomach due to my years in the gym, a beautiful, round, well-rounded and stiff butt, that butt to stop the trade, and today I am 29 years old.
Now let’s get to it, it all started when I was 11 years old, at that time I was still a virgin, but I wasn’t silly, I already knew a lot. And there was a little friend called Bruna, she lived in a very beautiful house, with a swimming pool, several rooms, a hot tub. And as here in the state, summer is a real hell, I went to Bruna’s house every weekend, even slept there, she lived with her parents and an older brother who at the time should have been about 13, as he always was her mother who was going to pick me up at home, I had never seen her father, until one day we were playing hide and seek, and I accidentally went into one of the rooms in the house and came across a scene that would never come out from my mind, I saw a gentleman, who later discovered he was Bruna’s father, playing a nice hand job, I couldn’t get out of there at the time, I was mesmerized by the scene, and soon I felt something different in my pussy, of course he He saw me there, and even then he didn’t stop, and he continued masturbating and looking at me, until I heard Bruna calling me and ran out and I didn’t tell anyone what I saw.
Soon the night when I went to sleep in one of the guest rooms of the house, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw, and in that, again my pussy was wet, it was a good feeling that I felt, I was wearing only a sweater and panties , and after a while I heard the door open, closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, and felt a big hand passing over my legs and thigh, even at the age of 11 I already had a well developed body, with breasts and very big ass, I soon felt the hand on my ass lifting my nightgown up to my waist, and that hand was caressing me and my pussy getting more and more wet, which I could already see through my panties, and I saw that that hand belonged to Bruna, Uncle Otávio, that’s when he saw that I was sleeping, that’s what he thought, and decided to take my panties off, and started to stick his finger in my pussy revealing that I was loving that situation, I heard him saying quietly, that I was a little bitch, and deserved it that, after strumming a lot, I started to feel something very strange and wonderful happening to my body, I started to shake and moan, I felt very strange chills, and soon after my whole body went limp, he made me have an orgasm for the first time, he made me cum in his hand, he started to play a wank and came in the pussy entrance, put my panties back on and left the room. and I was amazed at all that and ended up sleeping.
On the other morning I saw that he was there having coffee, I also noticed that Bruna’s mother was not there, so they said she had to go to work, that as she was a doctor, that Sunday she was on duty, Bruna’s brother, went to pass Sunday at the house of some cousins, so there was only me, Bruna and her father Otávio at home. As we woke up late and had a nice coffee, we soon went to the pool and her father went with us, and whenever he could he grabbed me, took my breasts, rubbed my pussy and ass, rubbed my dick, it even made me take your dick, that I could feel how hard it was, and I didn’t even avoid it, my pussy was already showing signs that I wanted more.
We spent the afternoon at the pool, and when we left he decided to give us a bath, took us to the bathtub, and gave Bruna a bath and I sat there looking, then when Bruna was ready, she went to his room got dressed and ended up sleeping, then it would be my turn, that was when it all started, he picked me up and put me inside the bathtub, and he was saying, now get ready, bitch, because you are mine, at the time it scared me , but the lust was much greater, and I let it go, because I was loving that situation, and he kissed me, saying you think I believed you were sleeping yesterday, I didn’t say anything just let out a few moans, he took off the top of my bikini and started to suck on my teats, I just closed my eyes and I wanted it to never end, and as he was good at sucking, he bit my pussies, sucked willingly, and he stayed for a while, until he went down , and kiss, my tummy, and reach my pussy, he didn’t even want to put his fingers the ones in it, as much as I asked, he just answered me, calm my bitch, I have something much better, he put me on top of the marble in the bathtub, spread my legs wide, leaving my pussy fully exposed, he released my bikini by the strings, leaving me naked, that’s when he started the best blowjob

that I had until today, he sucked, bit my clitoris, and again I felt that sensation that I had last night, and I was there trying one enjoyment after the other, there were several, I just know that in the end I couldn’t even stand, and in that he took it out without a stick, and I could see it up close, and it was love at first sight, since that moment I fell in love with sticks, Uncle Otávio’s stick was not very big, it must have been about 16cm, but it was beautiful, perfect and fragrant, at the moment in an impulse that I don’t know where it came from, I picked it up, started jerking and put my little mouth on it, then it made him moan, I did what he asked, licked everything, sucked it to the bottom, even on the balls, and also sucked the bag, and we stayed there for about 10 minutes until he said, now little bitch is going to take my milk, and she can’t drop anything out, and so I did, like a real whore, I swallowed everything. then he told me that it was not over yet, as I was already given to pleasure, I left everything, in that as I was already lying down, he just put my legs up, as his dick was already hard again and he stuck it all in in my pussy, all at once, I who until then was a virgin, at the time I gave a very loud cry, because at that moment I had lost my gourd, but it didn’t stop, and I started pumping faster and stronger, then the pain passed and I started to moan loudly, that hot male was delivered, and I came again, and he told me he was going to come and I felt that cock inside me, getting thicker, and throbbing and in that I felt a jet of cum invading my uterus , he took the stick and I sucked it again until it was hard, leaving it very clean, when it was already hard again, I continue that wonderful blowjob and my male said that I was born to be a blow job, that my pussy was very hot, and I wanted know how my ass was, then he put me on all fours, and brush the stick in my ass always praises, saying that I had a delicious ass, a tail that asked for a stick, in that he put some conditioner on the stick and in the entrance of my ass, and did as he had done with the pussy, and stuffed everything at once, at that moment I started to cry, and scream a lot, but he didn’t stop, he punched hard in the ass, my pleats didn’t even exist anymore, my ass burned, he my male wouldn’t stop, after about 5 minutes , of him fucking me, the pain passed, and I started to feel pleasure, and again I came, and he also filling my ass with cum. My male took the withered stick, told me to clean it again, with a blowjob, and so I did. in that he took a shower and me too, that’s when I could see the damage to my pussy and my ass, both were bleeding and burning, then we got out of the shower, and went to lie together in bed, where he fucked me one more time time, with more love, he came in my pussy, and in that Bruna woke up, ended up getting us lying together, but she was silly did not notice anything, I put my clothes on and he sent me home like that, with his fucking running between my legs, he and Bruna took me home, coming home almost could not even sit, I took a shower, and from that day on, a siririca played always remembering everything we lived. Of course, we had other meetings, but these are other stories.
More thanks to my male Uncle Otávio, I just like sex hard, I don’t like that melation, I like a good fuck, I don’t make love, I fuck.

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