I am married and very happy with my wife. But I never stopped enjoying a nice ass. When my wife met me, she already knew my tare but she never liked anal and I always respected it. She knows that when a big ass goes by I look.

At first she tried to correct me but ended up giving up. Where I work there is a colleague who is delicious. I always paid dick for your ass. Her name is Márcia. I have an uncontrollable curb for her. I’ve hit several handjobs thinking about her ass. She is married, has a husband and children. In relaxed conversations, nonsense always came out of your mouth, like: sucking dick, cunt, my business is crazy … Maybe that’s why my tare for her. I like a woman who talks nonsense about sex.
We have worked together for 16 years and have never tried anything with her. Only now that my lust has surfaced. She usually wears tight pants that mark her beautiful ass and pussy. I try to disguise it but when she gets close my eyes roam over her delicious body. She tells me several times that I’m naughty. I never tried anything because I feared a negative reaction and it could hurt me.
I just preferred to contemplate and pay homage to her on handjobs and sex with my wife. One day in January I was in the room where I work and Márcia arrived. It was just the two of us. She arrived, we talked about some common things and little by little she got loose and suddenly she intimidated me.

  • Toninho I noticed something!
  • What?
  • You never stop looking at my ass, man!
    I froze. I was embarrassed.
  • Where did you get that from, Marcia?
  • You think I don’t understand it. In the reflection of the window glass I see you looking at my ass. When I’m close to you I see you looking at my cunt …
  • What’s up, Marcia !?
  • I’m married, you bastard!
    Since she started I amended the subject.
  • I’m also married. Looking doesn’t take a chunk right!
  • Try to disguise at least!
  • Like Marcia? Sorry, but you have a really hot ass!
    There was a silence. I continued.
  • I like my ass and yours is my number.
    Our conversation stopped there because a few more people had entered. Our friendship continued normally. She laughed at the situation when she disguised it to look at her ass and pussy. In the first week of February the class decided to book a barbecue in a place within the neighborhood where we work. I was crazy when I saw that Marcia did not bring her husband and children. My wife also didn’t come with me because she works all day. Drink, barbecue, rolling sound and pool. Well, few people came into the pool and I wanted to see Márcia in a bikini.
    After drinking beer, caipirinha and wine, Márcia was looser. I got close to her and we mend to talk. Some other colleagues also went into the subject until they stopped having sex. Marcia asked one of the girls, laughing, if she ever sucked a dick. She said no. Márcia then added that she loves to suck a cock, that she sucks on her husband and so on. It was just a laugh. She then asks me if I have ever been sucked.
  • Clear. When I was single I always had a mouth sucking my cock!
  • Doesn’t your wife have a blowjob?
  • Yes, it does. And very well by the way.
    After the hot chat we dispersed. I saw that Marcia was heading for the pool, which was a little far away and not visible. I waited for a while and followed. When I arrived she was in the pool. I didn’t see if I was wearing a bikini. I took off my shorts and swim trunks. She was a little drunk and I was a little better than she was.
  • How are you, Márcia?
  • All. I came to refresh myself a little. When I mix drinks I get so fucking bad!
  • If I need to, I’ll take you away!
  • Know. Just to try to eat me, you bastard!
  • I didn’t think about it but if you let me eat it!
  • Stop being naughty Toninho!
  • You started it!
  • Settle down!
  • Quiet if you let something do!
  • What?
  • Let me rub my cock on your ass just a little!
  • What?!
  • Please, I can’t take Marcia anymore! It’s just the two of us here. Nobody will see!
  • Respect me. I never cheated on my husband. This is wrong!
  • I’m also married. It will be our secret. What’s more, it will be a one-time deal!
  • Let go let …
    While pleading with her I smoothed my dick over my swim trunks. She noticed and said:
  • Stop being on the stick someone can see!
  • The staff is up there. I just want to touch that beautiful ass. Please!
    As I spoke I took his hand and took it on my dick. Márcia tried to back off but her desire betrayed her. She ran her hand over, squeezed a little, and stuck her hand inside her swim trunks.
  • See how you leave me!
  • He is rude!
  • And he’s crazy about you!
  • Can anyone see and …
  • Relax, people don’t care about anything else lol
  • I’m afraid to regret it later!
  • I promise I won’t be on your toes. Only if you want it again!
  • Okay, I will let you curl up but without penetration and without taking your dick out of your swim trunks!
    We went to a corner of the edge of the pool and Marcia then turned her back on me. What a beautiful image of that tail. She was in a bikini making her ass even hotter. I was touching her ass.

I rubbed my dick with ease on that ass.
ssssss there Marcia that soft ass sssssss

  • Aaaaaaaa… what a hard dick!
  • We better stop, I’m married Toninho!
    She tried to leave but I stopped. I wouldn’t miss that chance for anything. I kept rubbing my cock. Disguisedly, I took the stick out of my swim trunks and squeezed her butt.
  • Hey, the deal wasn’t that!
  • Relax Marcia. Your ass needs to feel the heat of my dick!
    As she rubbed Marcia, her resistance decreased and she threw her ass back. I already decided that I was going to eat that ass, I pulled her panties aside and went leaning my cock on her pussy. Márcia even tried to stop it but I held on tight to the corner.
  • Not that not without fucking penetration!
  • Let me eat that pussy!
  • Your dick is too thick will widen my piriquita and my husband will notice!
  • Just a little!
    The roll head was already starting to make its way. I felt my cock being wrapped up by that coveted pussy.
  • Aaaaaaiiii noooo this can’t be happening!
  • What a delight Marcinha. There were so many handjobs thinking about this beautiful pussy!
  • aaaaaaaaiiii… put your son of a bitch put….
    The fear of being caught there by the pool made us more horny. I punched deep in that pussy but thinking about her ass.
  • Then I’ll eat the ass ok!
  • No, not the ass. Not even my husband eats you will eat!
  • It was Márcia now, this tail is mine, at least today!
    Márcia swayed on my dick and moaned softly. I was already given to desire. It was very good to hold that beautiful ass and punch the dick. She shivered and came quickly.
  • Aiiiiii I came… what a nice dick… break my pussy, you pervert!
    I was almost coming, it was very nice to fuck that pussy. I took the stick from the pussy and leaned against the ass.
  • Paaaaara… nooooooooooo… aaaaaaaaaiiiiii…
    With difficulty I was putting the head of the cock and I was sliding inside. What an ass. I thought I was dreaming. So long eating that ass in the wank and now I was eating with my dick.
  • Paaaaara Toninho your dick is very thick. I only gave my ass once when I was single and it wasn’t for my husband, paaara!
    -Relax, I’m going to eat that ass!
  • If my husband knows I gave his ass, he kills me … sssss … aaaaaaiii … de-li-cia …
  • It will be our secret …
    The stick had already entered half. I started moving and feeling the warmth of that delicious and tight ass.
  • What an ass, Marcia, what a delight …
    -… ouch ouch… sssssssss… eat that ass then you bastard… since you looked at my ass so much today it’s yours aaaaaiiiiii…
    After punching the stick in that delicious ass I announced that I would come.
  • Oh Marcinha, I’m going to come, I’m going to go..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiii…
  • This is fun, you bad wolf … you ate my ass, you bastard …
    I’ve never cumed so much in the ass. I was stuck in her ass without taking the stick. After standing for a few minutes, I took out my cock. Marcia was silent, a little regretful, perhaps. After all, she never cheated on her husband. We left the pool. She was walking with difficulty, her ass was aching from taking so much cock. Most of the staff were already gone. For those who stayed, we ended up letting them go, letting me and Marcia know, we would arrange things. Since we were alone Márcia had a delicious blowjob and I ate her ass again before we left.
    We remain friends and keep that secret. We don’t have sex anymore to avoid getting involved more between us. But it was worth it. I ate the ass I wanted so much.

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