Lately, I have avoided staying at home on weekends and looking for an event that catches my attention in São Paulo. The variety of things here, paid or not, is very large and I always choose something that doesn’t have a lot of noise or is very agitated (I think I’m getting old!). I recently discovered something to distract myself and have used it as a therapy: cooking. Cooking has done me a lot of good and I have tried to improve and do things that are more and more complex and that need more attention, that way, I can disconnect from some of the many problems that take my energy!
In an Internet search, I saw a gastronomy event that would take place in the Barra Funda region that caught my attention and the best … FREE! I would have the participation of some chefs who would teach some techniques and even though I thought I was a reasonable cook, I decided to go and maybe learn something new. I marked that I was interested in the event and after a while I received a private message on Facebook with just a “Hi”! The profile photo was familiar, of someone I hadn’t seen in a long time and from what I remembered, the last time I saw it, I was living outside the country!
I studied with her in high school and we had already stayed a few times, whoever reads my short stories must know that in that period I was quite different from what I am today in several aspects. I answered the message and we started a normal and unpretentious conversation that even I found strange, because I always try to take it to the whoring side and get a good fuck, however, we stayed for hours talking and remembering the school period and the crazy stories of the time ! At one point, she said that she had called me because she was also going to the event and that she had opened a restaurant, so seeing that I was interested, she asked me not to go alone!
We met at Barra Funda Metro station and I only recognized her when she came to me and I realized how good the weather is for some people … she had become a delicious woman, a little shorter than me, with a thin waist and an ass well reared which was in evidence because of the black dress she wore up to the middle of her thighs. At that very moment, my lack of interest in her disappeared and I was already thinking somehow of a way to squeeze that delicious ass! We greet each other with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, we walk together talking about the event and watch the work and tips from some chefs. At that time I could no longer concentrate on what was being said and just looked at that delicious tail in front of me, looked as if I wanted to devour it and certainly she noticed (I can’t hide it … it’s horrible!). We stopped to eat something after the event in the early evening and the tone of the conversation was already quite different, even more after a few beers:
– And that look there, huh? What are you thinking about? – She told me with a smile sitting in front of me!
– What look?

– This one, all naughty! I don’t remember you had it!
– Some things change! And the way of looking was just one of the things!
– Really? Show me… – He spoke, bringing his face close to mine, as if in defiance!
Before she even took off her teasing smile and pulled her face away from me, I grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her, biting and pulling her lips with my teeth! At first, I felt that it was a surprise, but then I was carried away by the kiss and I don’t even know how long we stayed that way. We left the cafeteria where we were and practically stopped at each dark and empty corner or on the poles to hold on to each other and things were getting hotter and hotter! I beat and squeezed her ass, going down to the thigh and lifting it at my hip, my cock brushed her pussy behind that short thin dress and made her sigh and moan with her eyes closed, she lifted her neck to me and I bit her , kissed and whispered in his ear that he was crazy to show everything he had!
We decided to go to his apartment in the Republic region using a taxi to get there faster, in the back seat, we kept devouring ourselves and marking our bodies with scratches and squeezes (the taxi driver must have loved the scene!), We ran into the building and while she tried to open the door, I would snuggle her up by lifting her dress and let the delicious tail that was lusting all day long expose me! He squeezed and pounded making her moan and sigh with lust!
We went in and we were already pulling out our clothes leaving a trail to her room, I laid her face down on the bed opening her legs and holding her thighs tightly, digging my fingers into her mouth, I sucked with pleasure! The moans were sometimes muffled when he bit the pillow and his hands gripped the sheet.

I swirled and threw her ass against my face and I went deeper and deeper, I lifted my tongue up to her ass and with my fingers I started to penetrate her little cave that dripped a surprising amount of honey, opened and closed inside it, rotated, hit your pussy and I can’t say for sure how many times I felt that delicious broth smear my hand!
In that same position, I put a pillow under her abdomen, straddled her thighs and brushed my dick at the entrance to her pussy, opened her ass with both hands and slowly pushed it in while massaging her little ring! She put her hands back, squeezing my wrists as she moaned with her face on the mattress, each time she squeezed I fucked harder to make her moan and scream even louder. My thumb was already in and out of your ass easily and she would hold and squeeze it inside it! I took off her pussy already completely lubricated by her honey and fitted it on her tail:
– Go slow, I haven’t let you play there for a long time!
– Does that mean he’s mine now? – I said smiling naughty and pushing his head to enter at once!
– Son of a bitch! – He spoke after a cry of pain and lust!
She squeezed my cock in her ass as she entered, wiggling and moaning, screaming, cursing and barely she knew that all of this is what drives me the most! I was increasing the speed and going deeper when I felt I was getting more relaxed, now I only heard her moans and she rolled and pressed my cock even harder in her tail, threw her body against mine and asked her to fuck her harder and so I did. Without taking my dick out of it, I turned on the bed and made her ride. She held and dug her nails into my thighs and sat at a crazy pace leaving only her head inside and then swallowing it whole again! I was maddened by the scene and with his moans growing louder and the movements of his hips faster and I ended up cumming inside her! When I felt the first jet of cum she sat down at once and squeezed it inside her, making an incredible pressure that almost made me lose my senses, she lay down placing her back on my chest and gradually relaxing her ass and leaving my dick slip out along with all the cum that had poured into it! He turned and straddled me and kissed me slowly:
– What a change huh? Do you have more to show me?
– I have a few more things! – I replied breathless and exhausted as I rarely get.
It was already late and unfortunately I had to go home, we said goodbye and I was already inside the subway when I put my hands in my pocket and felt something different! A business card from a restaurant and the message on the back:
“I wait for you for a special dinner, Vi! The next class will be with me! ”
Well… I think I already have an upcoming gastronomy event….

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