Maria Fernanda

I am brunette, with brown eyes and hair, I am tall, with 1.77 m, I have wide hips, big ass, my breasts are big and bulky. My thighs are thick and my pussy forms a camel’s paw that
draws a lot of attention.
I am a professional nurse with a university degree, I work in a large private hospital in the west of São Paulo. I live in my own apartment. I am 49 years old, I am divorced, no children.
On the weekend of the Capital’s Birthday Holiday, I took time off for Saturday and Sunday, a rare thing in my profession. As I always do I went to a Resort on the Riviera de São Lourenço in Bertioga, on Friday night.
Saturday dawned beautiful and sunny, I put on a yellow bikini and after breakfast I went straight to the beach. The Resort provides guests with an umbrella, chairs, sun loungers, table etc.
On the umbrella next to mine was a couple. She was about 50 and he was about 60 years old. Just listening to their conversation, I learned that her name was Elza and he was Orlando.
The Orlando guy didn’t take his eyes off my breasts and especially my big camel’s paw. The bastard, very discreetly, ran his hand over the roll under the swimming trunks looking at my legs.
At one point when I came back from a dip in the sea for the parasol, Orlando hardly blinked looking at my camel’s paw under his wet bikini. The son of a bitch kept looking and put his hand on the dick.
When that Elza went to cool off in the sea, Orlando stood up and, turning to my side, showed that he was hard under his shorts.
I pretended I didn’t see it and it lasted until I went to lunch.
On Sunday, I put on a white swimsuit, almost transparent, and went to the beach. Again the couple was in the same place. Orlando almost drooled when he saw me in the swimsuit. The pervert didn’t leave his chair all morning just
look at me.
After lunch, I decided to scare the Orlando guy. I called the concierge and asked for someone to call in his suite, asking him to come to my suite.
Minutes later the doorbell rang. I was just wearing a T-shirt, no bra and white panties. Knowing it was Orlando, I opened the door and sent him in. He opened his eyes wide when he saw me.
I looked like a few friends and said: Orlando, my name is Maria Fernanda and I didn’t like your behavior on the beach. Have you ever wondered if I tell your wife that you get excited seeing another woman on the beach. Or even worse, if I call security to report their bad behavior? Maybe I should call the police to do a Bulletin.
He was very scared. I just said that I thought I was very beautiful. But I want to apologize to you for my bad behavior.
I can excuse you. But you have to do what I say. do you agree? I do agree, ma’am, he replied. Very well.
I want to see your dick, take off your shorts, your T-shirt and get naked in front of me. He complied and showed him a big, thick cock. Hit me up to see. He began to smooth that roll that soon became very hard. I sat on the bed and spread my legs and started to smooth my pussy under the white panties. The scene moved him. The cock soon became huge and with a delicious head. I took off my panties and told him to suck my pussy.
The pervert knew how to suck a pussy and a hard clit very well. I got all wet.
That’s it, you son of a bitch, suck that camel’s paw,
you kid. put that tongue in that pussy, fuck tasty,
lick tasty put your finger in my pussy lick my ass,
fuck with that hard tongue suck more i’ll cum on
your mouth you want to feel my enjoyment, I’m going to come, damn it, damn it I’m enjoying it, I’m enjoying it, fuck what a hot cumshot.

Here you bastard, I want to suck this thick cock.
I started jerking off on that thick, hard, heady cock.
he moaned with lust. I put that head in my mouth and sucked
with pleasure. The cock went rock hard. Went crazy
horny and climbed on that hard mast. With the soaked pussy the cock came in whole, even the balls.
Sitting on that roll, I was in charge of the actions.
It went up until almost the roll leaves the pussy and then it went down until
feel it whole inside me. You didn’t want to eat me,
you son of a bitch, you weren’t horny you kid,
now get in, fuck like a man, you pervert.
Upon hearing my words he immediately reacted and started
fucking me crazy to come and fill me with hot cum.
Fuck it, fuck it more, I want your hot cum in my pussy.
He went crazy and started to fuck harder and harder
fast. I will cum in your pussy, your whore, your bitch,
fucking pussy, I’m going to cum in that pussy.
He moaned and came tasty. I felt like four jets of cum
in the pussy. I don’t think he fucked a pussy in a long time.
As soon as he came I told him to leave and not behave badly
again. He quickly left my suite.

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