Hello Friends, we are a normal couple, or almost lol, but freaked out by sex and exhibitionism, we have some adventures already published here and this one happened on a Train.
We have always heard reports of people on trains and buses who were harassed by men hitting them and rubbing hands with people, we know that this practically occurs, because we can see how they are always full, and I have always had the lust to feel it personally.
It was a hot afternoon and I already had in mind to do a little exercise on my little horn, I called him that we were going out that night, he told me where we were going and I said surprise, it was already 17 o’clock I went to take a delicious shower and get ready with lots of sensuality, but without being vulgar, I put on a very loose blouse and no bra, I put on a very loose skirt like those of transparent gypsies a little over the knees with a very small thong, and a high-heeled sandal.
When my horn came and saw me like this he said;
Where are we going all hot like that, I said surprise baby, today you’re going to be my bodyguard, he insisted on knowing where we were going and I said take a quick shower and let’s go, because this time is ideal.
He went and in 5 minutes he was ready, we took the car and said let’s go to Luz station, he kind of didn’t know how to get there until we arrived around 6:30 pm, I told him to put the car in a parking lot, because we would go for a walk by train;
He said that this is crazy, you know how the trains are now, they are overcrowded, and I said that’s what I want, he said he won’t do what I’m thinking, right, then I said yes and you will love it, he shook his head and said you’re crazy.
Well, we parked and went to the station, in fact it was packed I ordered the ticket and we went to the platform, we got on the train in the last car, kind of pushed there were some places to sit because we were at the beginning of the stretch, so I said in his ear sit that I’m going to stand by his side, he said okay, when I sat down I got my xaninha right at his shoulder, well it started to get in more and more people and it didn’t take long I saw three men behind me, the train started walking and according to his swing I already felt a little squeezed on my back, I surreptitiously leaned well on the shoulder of my corninho and as it was a little dark due to some lights that didn’t turn on and crowded, no one noticed much that was going to happen.
One of the men who was behind me, shaking me, put his hand under my skirt and started to smooth my legs, the guy behind me, a tall, strong and friendly brunette stepped forward and I felt his member already half hard on my ass, then I gave a little push and he realized that I released the crunch and he came forward, I could feel that pause growing in my ass and he was already in a way that I almost lay on my back, that delight to feel that rolona in the bootie and suddenly he began to pass my hand with my bootie with mastery he put it right in the middle of my chaninha that was already wet, seeing that I didn’t react he went crazy and started to fingering it, suddenly he took it his hand and I felt his member that was big and thick in the middle of my legs, I thought he was daring and then I realized that what they said was true, he was slutty and big on the train.
I slightly interlaced my legs and felt him knock on the door of my pussy, I reared the bootie to facilitate the game thinking that he would be alone in that he lowered and pulled my panties aside, as he was very hard and she was wet and with the swing of the train he started to get in I tried to avoid it but as it was crowded I couldn’t even move, I felt him entering gradually and I became more and more immobile and horny and with the movements of the train it was facilitating the entrance, I didn’t even need to move just with the swing of the train did everything I was crazy with lust and felt all that in my pussy he pushed more and more.
My little horn sometimes looked at me and put his hand on my legs, and little by little he went up and felt that roll inside me, looked at me in amazement and then he realized that the guy was cumming inside me, he felt his sperm run down the troughs and that dick coming out of me, at that time I had already enjoyed it 2 times, and controlling myself not to let out screams of lust, when I took it out, I asked my corninho to get up because we would go next season , we kind of pushed off and told him how horny I need to go to the bathroom, I cleaned myself and returned;
He told me you are crazy, right, you hot bitch, I said you don’t want different emotions, so I’m giving you, now let’s go back, we went to another platform that was not very full, I sat on the bench and noticed a boy with his 24 years cute looking at me, noticing his looks I opened his legs a little and the position he was in could see looking at me, noticing his looks, I opened my legs a little and from the position in which he was able to see my panties, when the train arrived we entered and as it was full we stood up and I was facing my little corn and it didn’t take long for that kitten came after me and I felt him crouching I winked at my little horn he shook his head and I realized that he said everything okay.
With the swing of the train he approached even more and a few seconds was already glued to me, I noticed his member grew and the volume was also well served, as there was no room for anything he started to rub my ass, I felt my skirt get up and he put his hand on my ass going towards the pussy, seeing that he didn’t react he touched more and whispered in my ear;
His hot little slut wants a roll, right, so there will be, when he took his cock out I felt it was really thick but not so big but really thick, I whispered to my little horn, it was going to break me in, he went down and I reared my ass, wow it was thick it looked like a 600 ml bottle of soda, he pulled my panties aside and I felt that thick roll tearing me and forcing him in, I opened my legs a little more and he buried everything, wow, he pumped delicately as the train’s swing he put his hand on my waist and pulled it back, as the train was too crowded no one noticed the movements just my little horn that saw my horny face and my eyes half open, then I took my little corn’s hand and I put it in the middle of my legs, then he can feel the thickness of the dick that was breaking me, he was pumping for about 15 minutes, when I was close to the station I felt him accelerate the movement more and that spurt inside me warm and dripping between my legs, after taking it off he gave me a little pinch on my ass and we said, my legs were limp, we went back to the parking lot and said I killed my will to train bitch lol, let’s go my little horn.
We got home and he was very horny, passing his hand over my pussy, all wet with milk and broken into it, as I always threw him on the bed, I knelt on his face and made him suck her with milk in the cup.

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