Slutty with My Neighbor

I was on vacation and woke up early. I decided to take a run. I put on a micro short and a top. I took the elevator. And when he was on the fifth floor, the elevator stopped. And the most beautiful man I have ever seen came in. He was wearing a suit and a folder in his hand, and a cell phone over his ear. He didn’t even notice me in the elevator. When the elevator stopped I went out and he bumped me and I fell on all fours on the floor. I have already felt two strong and agile hands holding my waist…
-Sorry I didn’t see her …
I stood up and looked at him. He gave a perfect smile.
-Did you get hurt? (He said worriedly…)
-Just a scratch on the leg …
When I looked at my leg that trickling blood. And I felt dizzy and passed out.
-Hey, girl wake up!
I opened my eyes slowly and was in an unknown place. I was startled and soon the boy appeared in front of me.
-I brought you to my apartment to make a dressing.
-Okay … I have to go running …
When I got up from the couch, my leg burned.
-Wow how it hurts …
-It’s normal because I used an antiseptic … It will be fine soon, not that you are not.
-KKKK was that a teaser?
-Who knows, pleasure Lucas …

  • It’s all mine, Danne. And did you have a meeting or something like that in a suit?
    -I had more canceled when I dropped you.
    -Hmm, do you live in this building?
    -Moro, but I hardly stay at home … Busy life you know?
    -I don’t know, I’m only 16, I don’t have a busy life …
    -I thought I was about 18 … For the big body healed …
    -I love exercises … mallet.
    -Hum, if you want to know I’m 29 years old.
    -Hmm interesting.
    That beautiful man in front of me in just his sweatpants with a cup of hot chocolate. Looking at me like I’m a tasty fruit.
    -I made it for you … I hope you like hot chocolate is my specialty.
    We started to talk. He told me that he was the manager of a large multinational, that lived in meetings and cocktails …
    And I said I was in the second year of high school, that I lived with my father who is always working, and that my life had no adventure.
    -Do you want a Danne adventure?
    -It depends on what it is….
    He came closer to my face and kissed my lips. And went for the neck that was my weak point. I wasn’t too strong to resist … So I let him take care of me.
    -Danne… I had seen you before, when you left for school early in the morning in that uniform… that miniskirt with the long boots, the hair in a loose knot and the blouse showing the navel piercing, I wish you very girl …
    -Wow …
    He took off my top and picked me up. I felt my breasts touching his skin, and my body shivered. He pulled my shorts down and threw me on the couch. Fell mouth biting and sucking my pussy. It was already delivered. He made me delirious like never before. We did a perfect 69, I sucked it so much that it came in my mouth. Then he put me on the kitchen counter and stuck that huge stick in me. I screamed at the fire I felt. And blood ran down my legs …
    -Danne, were you still a virgin?
    -Yes, but I was ashamed to speak …
    He looked into my eyes and kissed me passionately.
    -Danne, I’m sorry …
    I pulled him on top of me… and said:
    -Teach me everything, I want to learn from you… Come on, you won’t let me suck you right Lucas?
    He winked at me and started to slow down… And I liked the feeling. I soon felt myself in the clouds and came for the first time. He started getting stronger and I was enjoying it. Soon I was asking for more and more …
    Fuck me, fuck, this is very good … FUCK ME!
    -Are you losing your shame? Naughty…
    He gave me every stick that tears tears from my eyes. When he felt like he was going to come, he put me on his knee and came on my titties. And we went to the hydro there, yes it was awesome, with the wet stick he got in a lot more I cried in pain. Even being cautious, he tore me up inside… We had sex all morning. And it was wonderful. We took some pictures and had a lot of fun. He made lunch and after that we took a nap. When we wake up we have sex again… Now it’s like this every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday I go to his apartment… For him to teach me everything… Beard, Hair and Mustache and he is very good at what he does.

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