Slutty with my little brother at the cinema

This story occurred between me and my brother when we were younger. It was an indescribable day, but I will try to contain my temptations to tell about. Whenever I think about this story, I get wet and start to touch myself. Today I am married and close to my 40s, in addition to having a child. I had never told anyone this story about my brother and me.
I had, Luísa (this is my real name), about thirteen to fourteen years old, she was a girl half overweight, half “chubby”, as they said, but with small breasts and a very proportional ass. That provoked glances from my brother, as I had noticed several times, although I didn’t show it. Carlos, my little brother, as I affectionately called him, was about two years older than me. He was a thin boy, of medium height, a little shy – I thought so – compared to schoolmates. Sometimes, when we sat on the floor to listen to music on the old record player (remember I’m talking about more than twenty years ago), Carlos stood with his legs kind of ajar, so that I, from my corner, could see the stick, appearing between the folds of the “short”. I don’t know if he did it on purpose or not. Besides, other times, when I was going to put a painting on the wall, for example, Carlos would approach from behind, and touch his member, kind of numb (I felt …) on my ass. Everything very delicately, very “by chance”, if you know what I mean… I used to sneak a peek out of the corner of my eye, and let him lean over a little, then step back, without saying anything.
Well (and the reader must already be kind of impatient, wanting to know what motivated this report). One day, Carlos invited me to go to a movie in a cinema in a neighboring neighborhood, because where we lived there was neither a cinema nor a bar. I found the invitation somewhat unusual, as we had rarely gone to the cinema together, and even then with mutual friends. Ah, if I knew what to expect!
I accept the invitation – it was a Sunday, four o’clock session – we took a bus and went there, talking about amenities, family things, nothing very important. If I’m not mistaken, we arrived a little late, the session had already started. We sat down towards the end of the projection room, in two seats, in which there was no one around, as the cinema was not full, there were many empty seats.
Well, after about fifteen minutes, without why or why, Carlos put his arm over the back of my chair, lightly touching his right shoulder. I didn’t think anything was too much, and I continued to pay attention to the tape, which was about a bunch of teenagers lost in a forest, with good looking guys and hot girls, like cheerleaders, characters typical of these American films made for the “teen” audience. . As the film went on, my brother began to slowly lower his hand over my breast, very “unintentionally, wanting”. I found it strange, but a feeling of mistrust and fear, but very pleasant, took hold of me. I dared not make a move. Carlos was still staring at the screen, as if nothing was happening. He settled himself a little in the chair and, as if by chance, his hand slid to the nipple of my breast. And slowly began to caress him. I was invaded by a delicious sensation, and half nipples (both, of course!) Swelled. None of us said anything, we pretended that we were paying close attention to what was going on on the screen, and yet… what was going to happen was much better than any slutty movie!
Noting my silence – whoever is silent agrees, don’t they say? – Carlos (did I mention that I thought he was shy?) He went a little further and started to massage my nipple, gently rotating the nipple back and forth. (When I think about it, I start to feel horny …). I was already beginning to feel myself wetting my panties. I made a slight movement with the body, pretending that I was getting better in the chair, to disguise it. Taking advantage of this, Carlos spread his hand over my chest, now without any subtlety. I sighed, it was inevitable.
Noticing my barely concealed embarrassment, my brother guided my left hand over his pants, next to his member, which – I could feel it with a mixture of satisfaction and surprise – was hard. He slid my hand over his dick, over his pants, and I could tell that he was not very long, but thick. At the time of the events, I was already all wet, and I felt my brother’s member pulse between my fingers. He started to move my hand in slow back and forth movements, as if touching a hand. But, I was wanking him! And I was enjoying it, and a lot!
I did not make any movement that was not led by Carlos. He, already more daring (at first, I noticed a certain nervousness), did not hesitate to stick his hand under my shirt, and began to caress my breasts – now both – and I was not always wearing a bra (I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I have not too big breasts). He squeezed my breasts with his right hand, squeezed them, while with his left he unbuttoned his “jeans” fly and tucked my left hand under his underwear. I noticed that he was already a little luscious, and when he made me hold his cock and move it in a series of back and forth movements, from the root to the glans, swollen, throbbing, I could feel that he was about to come!
Then, the inevitable happened. We couldn’t pretend anymore that nothing was happening. Carlos left me wanking him – of course I didn’t take my hand away! – and with his free left hand he tucked it under my skirt, slowly running down my thigh and forcing my way into my pussy, which, by now, I could already feel swollen, and if I know myself well, a little reddish!
Needless to say, at thirteen, I was still a virgin! Well, Carlos started to insert his index finger at the entrance to my crack, without sticking it too deep, otherwise he would untangle me right there (this would happen some time later, but it is another story). Then she also stuck her middle finger in, but always carefully, and began to massage my small lips… I was already completely wet, and I made an involuntary move forward so that it would penetrate my fingers more. What a delight, I can remember, when, one or two minutes after that massage, I came two or three times (it must have been such multiple orgasms), as I never had before when I masturbated in the bathroom.
My brother, with his cock out of his pants, and with my hand caressing him, would come to enjoy it abundantly a few seconds later. I felt that slimy fuck run through my fingers, and wet the cinema carpet…
A few minutes later, already satisfied, and without saying a word, he kissed me with his tongue, tenderly, as if to thank the gift I had given him. But I was delirious, wanting to give myself to him right there, give him everything, lose my gourd with him!
Finally, we left the cinema, coincidentally with the end of the film (to which I had not paid any attention), together with the other spectators, as if nothing had happened.
We don’t exchange a word until we get home, and everyone goes to do something in their room. Nobody knew anything, of course.
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