Giving a delicious quickie in the elevator

I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend. He was my age (18) and was not very experienced. And that had a spectacular side, we were determined to do everything and everywhere together.
One time we went to my cousins’ building, where we would later go to the beach. This building is old, from the 1970s. Among the characteristics of its time, there was the elevator, which stopped between floors and had an emergency button on the panel.
Sex in the elevator was something that was at the beginning of our “check list”, because it is difficult to do without being interrupted and because of the adrenaline for the possibility of being surprised.
We went to the beach with my cousins, we enjoyed the sun, the sea, the food and the chat. The day passed and I was already devising an excuse to return earlier than the others.
As I wanted to surprise him, I didn’t agree with him, which made the lie much more complex.
I said that the sun was leaving me with a migraine and that I needed to get out of there (in fact I have very strong migraines), which convinced everyone.
He was very careful with me, gave me his sunglasses and we were walking to the building. Until we got into the elevator, he had his hand on his temple, making a face of pain.
I pressed the button on the fifth floor and waited in agony for that door to close just before someone else came.
The elevator started to rise and when I saw that it was between two floors, I pressed the emergency button.
He looked at me with a frightened face, because he didn’t understand why I had done that and how my expression had changed so quickly.
Instead of a look of pain, she looked at him with malice. I think he only understood what I was up to when I approached him and gave him an intense kiss.
In that he already started to take off my bikini, while I lowered his swim trunks. I kissed his entire body, from top to bottom, until I was on my knees.
I wanked that dick in my mouth and heard him moan with lust. It always excited me to feel a stick growing, hardening and pulsing in my mouth.
When I felt it the way I wanted it, I got up and bent toward the elevator door.
He got the message right away. I immediately felt the head of his cock in my pussy.
I was dying to feel it all inside me and the bastard was teasing me. He leaned his head against my clitoris and kept wanking.
It made me more and more crazy with desire. I hit him and the provocation didn’t end.
I didn’t control myself and with an impulse in my arms, I pushed my body against his.
I felt him enter me all at once.
In retaliation for my initiative, he grabbed me by the hip and was getting stronger and stronger.
He moaned madly. If anyone was waiting for the elevator on any floor, they knew exactly why it was stopped.
With each lunge he gave me, I felt him deeper and arched my body more and more. When he saw me all reared up, he kept on getting strong and now he played with my ass.
I felt his finger, luscious from his saliva, go around and squeeze my ass. It drove them both crazy. We can’t take much and enjoy together.
This quickie was so intense that my legs were shaking. I got up, got dressed and he did the same.
I took a deep breath and hit the emergency button again. When we saw the elevator go up, we looked at each other and laughed in satisfaction.
We entered the apartment and immediately went to take a shower. In less than 5 minutes my cousins ​​arrived and asked for me.

  • she’s in the bath.
  • Still?
  • You know when she has a migraine, she takes a bath for an hour, right?
    I got out of the shower with a happy face and nobody understood anything. I had completely forgotten about the lie!
  • Wow, that bath did you good huh?
  • It was, all I needed was to be under water.
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