My boyfriend’s best friend, did what he doesn’t do, fucked me up a lot

Hello, I’m from Pelotas, I’m blonde, 28 years old, my eyes are light green, 1.68 me at the time of this suit I should be weighing my 58/59 kg, I put on silicone and I love my ass, I think it’s good for me describe right.
I was 23 years old and had been dating for a year, it was a relationship of many fights, and those come and go all the time, my boyfriend because of work sometimes spent the weekend working and in others we were always with friends his.
On a weekend, I remember it was already December, we were gathered at a barbecue with friends, with a woman just me and the wife of one of them, me all beautiful, in a black twill mini skirt, white shirt, full of love for give it and he didn’t give me much attention for a change, and always with stupid jokes that were annoying me, until we fought and asked him to take me, he said that I take a taxi. Crying a lot I went to the front of the house already trying to call a taxi, which is not easy on a Saturday night at around 10 pm, and there a truck stopped in front of the house, I looked up and got scared, but I relaxed when I saw that he was one of the friends, about 10 years older than my boyfriend, he should have been in his 40s, then he came to ask me what was going on, said what happened and was leaving, asked if I had gotten a taxi, I said no and proposed to take me home, I said it would disturb his Saturday, but he said he had no problems, that barbecue with friends he had every day, and that he would not leave me alone at that hour, I hugged him crying and thanking , opened the van door and I got in.
We went out towards my house, I was wondering everything that had happened and when we passed Av. Bento Gonçalves asked me if I didn’t want to drink something to relax, calm down before going home, I took over and stopped in a trailer snacks and drinks. He signaled with the car alert and soon someone came to answer us, I asked for a caipirinha of double vodka living, he laughed and asked for a beer and asked me to tell him, said he needed to drink a little to talk about it, and when drink arrived, I ended up taking half the caipa at once, and when I started talking about it again I started to cry, he came and hugged me and I ended up feeling safe, and I was facing him in the passenger seat leaning against the panel, so I could look him in the eye, I took the rest of the caipa and asked if I could take another one, he said that without problems, but that I was not going to be drunk, and falls into the nonsense of asking why couldn’t I be drunk?
-They say that drunk people have no owner lol;
I burst out laughing, it seems that it cheered me up a bit, because I replied:
-In this little body here, neither drunk nor healthy;
and then I started talking about my relationship again, that my boyfriend didn’t look for me so much for sex as I would like to, that he preferred to work or the company of friends, that I loved sex, and that I was sorry, because I knew they were good friends, and that I was counting to vent, and because I was older, maybe I understood what was going on, and I was having a conversation about my relationship, and I don’t know when I started thinking nonsense, imagining myself with him, an older guy, gray-haired, handsome, green eyes and that I knew, from what my boyfriend told me, quite shamelessly, and it was when he took a sip of beer and got a white mustache, I was overcome by an impulse I was on my knees on the bench and laughing a lot (he already wanting to know what I was laughing about so much) I went to pass the hand to remove the white mustache that he pulled me, made me sit side by side on his lap and we started to kiss, what a mouth … what a mouth, a soft kiss in the beginning and that was intensifying by the minute, second and I don’t disgrace It came from that mouth, and that’s when I felt his hand resting on my thigh, and I increased the rhythm of the kisses and I felt a shiver when the hand came under my skirt, smoothing me, my xaninha started to catch fire, and instead of avoiding I kissed that man more and more until I felt that a finger touched my panties and slid over the panties along the entire length of the crack, I stopped kissing, I looked at him, and even with me staring at the naughty guy, he put the panties aside , and still in my lap, I leaned against the steering wheel, closed my eyes and felt my fingers penetrating inside me, nothing grotesque, just invading me that dripped with desire, and “nestled” in his lap, I hugged him with affection and I felt the volume that was forming, feeling his dick poking my ass made me crazy and without realizing it I opened my legs wide allowing his hand to work more freely and pulled my panties down, causing the small piece to come out of the inside. my tail, and settle in in the middle of my legs, I was just enjoying myself, and that’s when I started to really screw myself up, stick my fingers in the xaninha, then massage my little ham and it was when I said softly that I wanted to take the cock, I don’t know how I managed to lift my body, I don’t remember well, but with his help I released the zipper and felt the prick in my thighs, I adjusted myself until the stick appeared between the middle of my legs, I squeezed, wow, how much bigger than I was used to, in fact much bigger, I touched the head of the dick that was all wet, and he continued to masturbate, I said in the ear that I would come, and it was when he increased his movements making me end up having a good time, and stayed like that playing with my grelinho, until I asked him to stop, asked if I didn’t like it, I replied that in time I didn’t enjoy it, but that I wanted to return so much affection, I went back to the passenger seat, took the stick in my hand and started a handjob, pushed my mouth towards that lintel and opened my mouth, letting my head go, and sucked … I sucked that cock like an ice cream, it had a huge head and rosadinha, my eyes open sucked I was enchanted in that monument of flesh, and I felt that he touched me again, pulled my skirt up to my waist, my panties still in the middle of my legs and placing my hand behind me, again caressing my vaginal lips, wetting my fingers at the bottom of my that made me suck even harder, and I felt wet fingers leave my pussy and wet the door of my virgin ass, I shivered and when I felt the cum invading my throat, I received jets of cum in my mouth and throat, and at that moment he stuck his damp finger in my ass, I felt a strange sensation, but I confess to you that I enjoyed feeling the little finger on my tail. I swallowed everything like a good girl, I took the rest of the caipa and asked for a kiss, which he immediately gave me, we ordered another beer and another caipa and we were silent until I don’t know why I decided to talk about what happened, I said that it had been wonderful what had happened, but that we couldn’t have done, that I had a boyfriend and that he was even friends with him.
-I know it’s wrong, but I confess to you that since he introduced you I have a desire to stay with you, and today I didn’t have that intention, I just wanted to help and protect you.
I was speechless hearing that he wanted me, and I pulled the panties that were still in the middle of my legs up, lowered my skirt and said that we should leave, that it was late and that I loved to know that he was wanted by him. He signaled the car, asked for 6 cans and the bill.
We took the way home, we went to Fernando Osório and after the college hinge when we passed in front of the Arizona motel he invited me in, I got excited about the possibility of feeling all that meat inside me, but I said better not, and then I regretted saying no, and we continued until 3 blocks before turning on my street I asked where and with whom he lived, coincidentally he pointed to the entrance to a condominium and said:
– I live here, alone!
– Then come in and let’s go to your house, talk and help you have these beers.

He entered the condominium, opened the garage of the house, went down and went around opening the car door, I left and soon put me still in the garage against the wall with my back to him, kissed my neck, said I was wonderful, and lifted my skirt and stood looking at my ass, put her hand in the middle of my legs and touched the wet panties, then pulled the panties and crouched down to take them off, and after taking them off, she surprised me by opening my ass and running her tongue over my ass, I turned to face him and I opened my pants and took off with my underwear, leaving the naked from the waist up, I even opened my skirt and he took off my shirt and my bra, when he saw my breasts fell hungry sucking, licking around the areola, then sucking, nibbling on his pout, and I tore off his shirt, we were naked in the garage and started kissing, wow I felt that hard THING on my belly, took me by the hand and went to the sofa, sat down and told me to sit facing him on his lap, su I was on the couch, I leaned on my knees and I felt the dick settling in the entrance of my pussy, we kissed a lot, and I opened my vaginal lips to facilitate the passage of the big head and now I felt the lips give in to the head, it seems to tear me up and I asked for calm, told me to command the actions, and I let my body fall and the cock enters, I enjoyed cm by cm of that guy, until he touched my uterus and I saw that nothing else would enter, and I started to move, to roll with ease in the cock, wow how wonderful to feel all that inside and still look and see that some 3 or 4 cm didn’t fit, and asked me to go up and down on the dick, wow, I’d remove almost everything, when I felt I could escape I would sit with pleasure until I feel my dick lock, I said I wanted to come, and I started having spasms, contractions and it came, my joy came beautiful and I screamed:
-What a dick, what a hot dick, put it … put an end to your bitch
-So come, come on YOUR dick
As soon as I calmed down, he asked me to get up, put me on the couch on 4, and pushed everything at once, I saw little stars and started pumping cock into my pussy, said I was hot, told me to move (obviously obeyed ), said that I had a beautiful and pinkish ass, until I felt the first jet of cum inside my pussy, in a rest of lucidity I asked him to come outside, but he held me tight by the hip and asked if it was what I wanted, and it was very good to receive cum in my pussy that I didn’t try to leave and just asked:
– Fill my pussy with cum!
I think he enjoyed liters inside me, when he stopped he sat down and sat me down next to him, I asked for a lap and gave it to me, I ran my hand over my burnt pussy and I felt it was bleeding, he laughed, apologized I said I loved it, but who needed to take a shower. We went to the bathroom, I went into the shower and soon he came in, and he started to lather me up, he started washing my whole body, and I was already getting excited, I asked to wash my xaninha, and I turned my back on him, he took another soap and he started to wash my back, when he went to wash my ass, he used a lot of soap and stuck two fingers in it, screamed, asked for calm and then punched two fingers in the ass with pleasure, until I was bent over and fell down on that dick that already it was hard, hard … hard as iron and I sucked it tasty, and he just saying he wanted to remove the pleats from my ass, I was already scared, because the damage to the pussy was done, I stopped breastfeeding and started to masturbate until it started to come and put my mouth to not lose any cum in my mouth. We finished our bath quietly, as our clothes were in the kitchen I asked for a t-shirt, he put on a pair of underwear and I went to the living room, when he returned from the garage with our clothes on, he brought beer.
We sat on the living room floor facing each other, toasted our date and our fuck, and agreed not to tell my boyfriend anything, and I went to get another beer, when I came back I sat on his lap in kneading and grinding again. that I didn’t realize that he had removed his underwear, and surprised me with the hard cock again wanting to get in my pussy, I had no doubts, I got up, I took him by the hand, and I took him to the bedroom, I asked him to lie on the bed and I went up, got on my dick, when I felt it lock I already felt blood running down the xaninha and said that I couldn’t stand it was burning too much, he told me to leave, got up, asked if I would let him down, I said it hurt a lot, so I positioned myself on the bed of 4 and said that I would just put my head and enjoy, if it ends, I ended up leaving it and when he punched his head he put a little finger on my tail, then another and I said that even the head was not working, took the cock, fingers and sucked my ass and, when I started to enjoy the flounder, he pointed the stick towards the entrance of my tail, I said no, I tried to leave and he held me tightly by the hips and the stick broke through the resistance of my little nails and the head went in, I felt pain, a lot of pain, I felt burning, burning a lot,

I asked to take it off, but it didn’t take it, told me to relax it would stop hurting, I relaxed and the bastard was shoving the whole dick in, said that if I rolled the pain, it would pass and rolled, when it hurt the most I rolled and the pain ended passed and I started to enjoy it, until I said to blow hard, that it was my male and that it broke all my ass and it was punching, punching, taking off, punching and I received cum, a lot of cum in the ass and falls forward in the bed, me I turned around, he lay beside me, and I saw a lot of blood mixed with cum on the mattress, he freaked out and apologized to me, but he was not going to miss the chance to fuck my ass, I kissed him for a long time and said he didn’t apologize. , who had loved to give the ass, although it was all sore, I told him to go take a bath alone and then I would go. I lay there rubbing my ass in wonder, I didn’t even remember the blood anymore, I just felt hot and rolled up. I took my shower, and when I came back to the room where I was waiting, I asked to leave, asked me to sleep there, I said it was better not to, because the mother might be surprised, my boyfriend would call the other day and the mother would say that she thought I was with him. He left me at home, we said goodbye quickly and when I enter my room I get a watts:
-I loved it, I hope it’s not just this fuck;
-You can be sure it won’t be, I’m already dying to fuck you.

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